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Brian Bennett

Growing Families International

Growing Families International is an organization that helps parents to teach good values and instill good character in their children.  My wife and I have used GFI materials in our home since our son, Allan, was born.  The "Preparation for Parenting" program helped us, as first time parents, to understand how to take care of an infant.  Now that Allan is a bit older, we are going through the "Growing Kids" program to learn how to raise him in the best way possible.

You might have noticed that I emphasized the word "how" in the previous paragraph.  I do so because I have read numerous books on parenting, heard many experts on the television and radio, and even heard many speakers at our church explain why it is so important to do a good job of raising our kids, but Barb and I looked and looked and looked for someone to explain how.

Growing Families International tells you how.

If you're looking for the same kind of help, I highly recommend this organization!

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Brian's Archive - Contents

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