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Grand Californian Hotel

Reviewer's Name:

Rick Sierra

Reviewer's Email Address:


Rate / Night (for your stay):

Not sure... Part of a five night, two bedroom suite Grand Plan package for three people... Total package price: $4800

Date(s) of Stay:

September 13-18, 2001

Accommodation Used:


Accommodations Review:

Unfortunately, our vacation was scheduled only two days after the terrorist attack of September 11. My wife was on a three-day business trip in Montreal with plans to return on September 11 to San Francisco via Newark. Luckily, she was not booked on the flight that crashed, but because she was trapped out east, she was not able to join me in Disneyland. The two-bedroom suite is really a one-bedroom suite plus an adjoining room. The suite room actually had two adjoining rooms for a possible three-bedroom setup. As noted in other reviews, the rooms were nicely decorated. The large living room included a wet bar with a refrigerator, TV with DVD player, living room furniture, closet with safe, and a desk with two chairs. Outside, on the large balcony, was a patio table with four chairs. The bedroom contained a king bed, another TV with VCR, and a second closet with safe. The smaller private balcony off the bedroom included a small table and two chairs. There were two air conditioner controls, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. The bathroom was up to my expectations. The water pressure was STRONG, the drain DRAINED, and the tub/shower was LARGE. If I had to find a disappointment with the bathroom, it would have to be the toilet paper. Would you believe it was only one-ply? I had hoped to leave the adjoining door open to my brother's room so we could all enjoy the living room and use it as a waiting area while the other party was getting ready. Unfortunately, the layout of the suite leaves the bathroom vanity open to the walkways from the adjoining doors. The bedroom has a door, as does the tub/toilet area, but not the vanity. In fact, the second adjoining door opened directly into the vanity area. But if you are looking for a one-bedroom suite with a spectacular view of DCA and the hotel pools, this is the room for you.

Why Did you Select This Resort for your Stay?

When in Disneyland, we always stay at the Disneyland Hotel in the "Sierra" tower, but the last time proved to be too far away from the parks. It wasn't worth the time to take a shuttle because it took about the same to walk. The Grand Californian is the closest resort to just about EVERYTHING!

Room # and Location Description:

Our two-bedroom suite was located on the fourth floor and included rooms 4014 and the adjoining room 4015. Room 4014 is a one bedroom suite with a large living room and large outside balcony accessible from both the living room and the bedroom. Additionally, there is a second smaller private balcony off of the bedroom. Adjoining room 4015 is a room of its own with a private balcony. The view immediately below is of the hotel pools and spas, and beyond is the view of DCA, notably the California Screamin', Sun Wheel, Maliboomer, and Orange Stinger rides. Grizzly Peak is always visible from the suite, both day and night.

Room Location Pros & Cons:

Room location was good, with the lobby visible from the fourth floor only steps from our front door. The elevator was as close as the next corner, which we took to either the ground floor or the sixth floor (concierge lounge). The view from the rooms was spectacular!

Check-In / Check-Out Comments:

Because of the heightened security, we were first greeted by the guards at the entrance to the driveway of the hotel. We were each asked for a picture ID and the guard verified our reservation before allowing us to continue to the hotel entrance. We left our car with the valet and checked in at the concierge lounge on the sixth floor. Our bellman stayed with us during the entire check-in process, making sure all was in order. When we were shown to our suite (if I remember right, rooms 6315 and 6317), we discovered it did not have the view of the theme park that we had reserved. Instead, it overlooked the courtyard where the monorail runs, with Downtown Disney just beyond. I explained to the bellman that this was not what we expected. He took care of everything. He immediately called the concierge lounge and started the process of correcting the mistake. While we waited, he told us of how empty the hotel and theme parks had been since the attacks and what Disney was doing to make their stranded guests as comfortable as possible. Within ten minutes, he received a call with the new room numbers. I received an apology from the concierge for the mix-up. We were reassigned to rooms 4014 and 4015. Checkout was uneventful, meaning it was a smooth process. We checked out at the concierge lounge, and by the time we got down to the valet, he had brought the car up front and loaded our luggage. We were on our way in no time!

WDW Transportation Comments:

The only Disneyland transportation we used was on the monorail from Downtown Disney to Tomorrowland. Just about everything is within walking distance from the hotel.

Restaurant / Lounge Review:

Although we tried to make time to eat at the Storytellers Café and the Napa Rose, with all the food at the concierge lounge and our busy schedule, we just could not find the time.

Pool Description / Comments:

We did not have a chance to take a dip in the pool but it did look inviting.

What Suggestions Would you Give Anyone that is Considering This Resort?

If you can find the budget to do it, this is the place to stay. You deserve to be pampered, and you will not be disappointed. Most of the cast members in the concierge lounge knew us by name (or at least recognized us) and was instrumental in helping my brother with the constant checking of his flights back to Hawaii. This is truly a five star resort.

Other Comments:

I suggest adding the Grand Plan package. Among its many features, it includes Concierge Level accommodations as well as pre-issued FASTPASS tickets. During peak times, these pre-issued FASTPASS tickets are worth its weight in gold. You can use them anytime on any attraction that accepts FASTPASS tickets. During this vacation, the parks were so empty, we never had to use them. But since our tickets don’t expire until January 13, 2002, we’re hoping to return to Disneyland and make good use of them. A worthwhile package to consider.

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