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Disney Vacation Club Trip Planning Guide
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Brian Bennett
Disney Vacation Club Planning Guide


The Program:
What is the Disney Vacation Club?  |  Is the Vacation Point Purchase Tax Deductible and Deeded?  |  What is the DVC "Use Year?"  |  What is your "Home Resort"?  |  What is the DVC's Record on Maintenance Fees?  |  How do Can You "Spend" Your Vacation Points?

The Great Debate:
What's the Opposing argument?  |  An Internet Debate on the DVC  |  A Financial Analysis of DVC Membership  | 
Comments on A Financial Analysis of DVC Membership  |  Another Financial Analysis Comparing OWKR, BVR, and VWR

The Resort Facilities:
What Are the Resort Accommodations Like?  |  Disney's Old Key West Resort  |  Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resort  |  Disney's Vero Beach Resort  |  Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort  |  Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort  |  Disney's Newest DVC Resort Facilities

Other Options:
The Disney Collection  |  Concierge Collection  |  Adventure Travel  |  Interval International

DVC Point Chart Index:

Disney Vacation Club Summary  |  How to Contact the Disney Vacation Club  |  DVC Resellers

What is the DVC's Record on Maintenance Fees?

Chuck Bomar (abcjjl@yahoo.com) wrote to me asking about the DVC's record on raising (or not) the maintenance fees at the various resorts.  I only have information on the more recent years of OKWR maintenance (and my records are a bit suspect), but I provide it for your information.  If anyone can help fill in the blanks, I'd appreciate it!

All values in $/point/year.

1993 ? ? ? ? n/a
1994 $2.6986 ? ? ? n/a
1995 $2.8393 ? ? ? n/a
1996 $3.1448 ? $3.70xx ? n/a
1997 $3.1448 ? $3.84xx ? n/a
1998 $3.1737 ? $3.94xx ? n/a
1999 $3.1640 ? $4.02xx ? n/a
2000 $3.0540 $4.070 $3.9386 $3.250 $3.620
2001 ? $3.930 ? $3.320 ?
2002 $3.2163 (DVC est.) ? ? ? ?

I received this email message from Tim Covington (tjccac@swbell.net):

I saw on your site that you needed info on other DVC resorts annual dues. I just joined DVC at Boardwalk and was curious about the past dues as well. I was told that the dues have increased 3.7%, 2.7%, 2.0%, and then reduced 2.0%. I then back calculated from the current 2000 dues and came up with the following:

1996 - $3.70
1997 - $3.84
1998 - $3.94
1999 - $4.02
2000 - $3.9386

This is not accurate to 4 decimal places, but I hope its better than nothing.

- Tim Covington

Tim's numbers are now shown above.


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