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Offsite Hotel Reviews
When you don’t have to stay on-property
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Brian Bennett

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Why is this Information Here?

Over the years, I have stayed both on- and off-site during my visits to Walt Disney World. There is a time and place for either Accommodation solution.  Frankly, I much prefer to stay on-site, but I wouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the parks over a dollar crunch if I could make the budget work by staying at a non-Disney owned- and operated-hotel.

Having said that, I've also noted a frequent "discussion thread" on the rec.arts.disney.parks usenet newsgroup.  It may be called any one of several titles, but it boils down to "what off-site resort/hotel/motel do you recommend?"

I've decided to provide a place to archive answers to that question.  Since I have only limited information myself, having stayed at only a small handful of offsite hotels in the area, I am hoping that many folks out there will take the bull by the horns and submit reviews that I can post and make available to everyone.

I hope everyone finds this resource helpful...


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