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Offsite Hotel Reviews
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Brian Bennett

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Candy Cane Inn

Reviewer's Name:

Steve's Hotel Guide (Web site no longer exists.  This review came from Steve's site.)

Reviewer's Email Address:


Date(s) of Stay:

circa 1998


Anaheim Area

Ease of Disney Park Access:

The place is within walking distance of Disneyland (be sure to walk all the way down to the foot entrance, and don't try to go into the automobile entrance as you can't get to the front gates that way) however I think after a very long day with cranky kids it may be a bit much.

Complimentary Park Shuttle Available?


Park Shuttle Comments:

On the bright side, they have their own shuttle to the park that runs frequently, and if Disney ever adds seating and cover to their hotel shuttle waiting area, that would probably be almost no inconvenience at all.


1747 S. Harbor Boulevard, 92802

Phone Number:

(714) 774-5284 or (800) 345-7057

Facility Type:


Accommodation Used:

Standard Room

Accommodations Review:

I found the rooms to be spacious, and here's a rarity for the lodging in the area, a full selection of cable channels, not just the traditional 6 or so!

Rate/Night (for your stay):


# of Restaurants/Lounges:

Not Reported

Restaurant/Lounge Review:

Not Reported

Amenities / Facilities / Activities Available:

Not Reported

Pool Description/Comments:

Not Reported

Other Comments:

A favorite of many readers of alt.disney.disneyland, this motel features beautiful landscaping and wonderfully themed architectural pieces such as street lights and balconies. There are points along the walk ways where there are tables so you can enjoy a nice day outside.


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