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Offsite Hotel Reviews
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Brian Bennett

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Westcoast Anaheim Hotel

Reviewer's Name:


Reviewer's Email Address:

Date(s) of Stay:

Jan 19-21, 2001

Disney Resort:

Disneyland (California)


Anaheim Area

Ease of Disney Park Access:

n/a, we used the park shuttle

Complimentary Park Shuttle Available?


Park Shuttle Comments:

Twice hourly pickup in front of the hotel's Overland Stage restaurant, beginning 30 minutes before "early entry," with drop off in Disneyland shuttle parking area, the blue zone (this isn't far from the main entrance, but is still a bit farther than the drop-off for the Hilton shuttle, for example). The shuttle parking area has been improved since our last visit with the addition of barriers to keep wayward youngsters from running out under the wheels of all those buses coming and going. The Westcoast Anaheim shuttle is one of those red trolley buses with rather uncomfortable bench seating--the seats were way too close together such that my knees pressed up uncomfortably against the seat in front of me. This shuttle stops at two other hotels, the Marriott and the Radisson, before continuing on to the park, and on its return trip, the Westcoast Anaheim is the first return stop. All in all, not nearly as nice as the Hilton's shuttle, which has very comfortable and roomy seating as well as Disney music playing during your trip to get you into the proper mood (unless you hate the theme from "It's A Small World" -- look out).


1855 S. Harbor Blvd.

Phone Number:

(714) 750-1811

Facility Type:


Accommodation Used:

Standard Room / Studio

Accommodations Review:

Our room was a king room on the 12th floor, overlooking Disneyland and DCA. It had a large balcony. The room was larger than the room we had at the next-door Hilton, and the furnishings were very attractive, blond, "California" style, probably the result of a recent renovation. There was a TV with a Sony playstation and pay-per-view movies. No refrigerator or microwave, but there was a coffeemaker.

Rate/Night (for your stay):

$79, inclusive of taxes through TravelNow (Note, TravelNow is MousePlanet's travel partner!)

# of Restaurants/Lounges:


Restaurant/Lounge Review:

There is a coffee shop that is open from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. that also provides the food for room service. Think IHOP in terms of quality and you won't be surprised or order something that is beyond the kitchen staff's comfort level. Unfortunately, at our first meal, I tried the stir fry vegetables with shrimp and was sorely disappointed. The stir fry was doused with a salty, goopy sauce and the shrimp were those tiny, canned ones. Steaks, burgers, fries and the like would be safe to order, as well as simple bacon and egg type breakfasts. The pancakes were like sponges, though, chewy sponges. The prices were a bit high, I felt, for this quality or lack of it. We did order a steak from room service one night that was good and came with excellent homestyle mashed potatoes, together with a $19 price tag. So why did we eat here? We had no car and were completely pooped out from touring the park all day. We were even too tired to walk across the lawn to the next door Hilton and eat at its excellent Cafe Oasis, where they have an excellent menu, wonderful food, huge portions and relatively reasonable prices (you can split entrees here easily because portions are so large). The Westcoast Anaheim also has a more upscale restaurant, the Overland Stage, which we did not try because it opens at 5 p.m.; we kept on Central time and were always eating at odd local times.

Amenities / Facilities / Activities Available:

Sundries Shop, Pool, Hair Dryer, Room Service,  Non-Smoking Rooms Available, Smoke Detectors, Fire Sprinklers.

Pool Description/Comments:

We didn't use the pool but it was a large " L" shaped one set in an attractively landscaped area.

Other Comments:

Funny the form should mention fire sprinklers. On our first night there, someone on another floor reportedly tried to use the sprinkler head in their room as an additional place to hang clothing. This set off the sprinklers on their floor, as well as the fire alarm throughout the whole tower. At 1 a.m. We were on the twelfth floor, and had to evacuate in our PJ's, me clutching my child's hand, down all twelve flights of stairs. It was not until we reached the lobby, finally, that the alarm was shut off and we were told it was safe to go back to our rooms. Not a very auspicious way to start a vacation...

Notwithstanding this flight for safety on our first night, I did like this hotel. Our room was nicer than at the Hilton, and I liked the smaller feel of this place as compared to the Hilton; on the other hand, the Hilton's park shuttle was better, and the room service and restaurant at the Hilton were infinitely superior to what was available at the Westcoast Anaheim.


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