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Offsite Hotel Reviews
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Brian Bennett

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Balboa Inn

Reviewer's Name:

Steve Hancock

Reviewer's Email Address:

Date(s) of Stay:

9/14/01 - 9/16/01

Disney Resort:

Disneyland (California)


Santa Ana Area

Ease of Disney Park Access:

About 20 minutes up the freeway. 55 to the 5. Easy drive.

Complimentary Park Shuttle Available?


Park Shuttle Comments:



105 Main Street, Balboa, CA 92661

Phone Number:


Facility Type:


Accommodation Used:


Accommodations Review:

Our trips often include going to Balboa area and then also to Disneyland. There is a little Inn wonderfully located in the center of it all that we often said that we need to stay there since it is right at the beach and not far to get up and go to Disneyland for the day. We made reservations which was a little confusing cause we were coming in very late at night so the person I was talking to on the phone wasn't sure on how to handle the reservation with pricing with half rates and such. I made the reservation for a standard room since we weren't going to be in the room much and the standard was $169. When we arrived at 1:30 in the morning we checked in. We were given a room which they thought might be empty but said they have had problems with that before. So we went to the room with the worry that we might walk in on someone else already staying there. We tried to open the door but couldn't. Maybe was someone had it bolted? We don't know. So they gave us another room again with the warning. We carefully peeked into the room to make sure no one was there. The room was very cute. A little small if more then 2 adults. If you have kids then you need to get a family suite. The rooms are very nicely decorated and the fireplace was a wonderful touch especially on a colder night at the beach. Unfortunately trying to enjoy it was tough when the toilet was not working and running all night long every minute and very loud. We tried to turn on the TV to tune the toilet out but the remote for the TV was not working either. So we finally just buried our heads in the pillows and went to sleep. We awoke VERY early to the screaming of kids. The walls are thin. This of course is not the hotel fault but a kid that was screaming crying for two and a half hours took us too our limit. Plus the other kids from the same family running up and down the halls screaming. I took a shower in the tub with a very large crack that sank down and water ran into it when you stepped near it. That was it. I went down to the front desk to talk about all the problems. I was told by the front desk person that she can't do anything to help till a manager came to work which was supposed to be from 11:00-5:00. We decided to get on with our day then and leave the hotel and come back to talk with the manager when he got in... At 4:30 we came back and I went back to the front desk asking to meet with the manager. He never showed up all day and they had no clue why or when or if he would ever be in. This staff member was a little more helpful and at least moved us to another room. She only had suites left so that is where we moved. This was a very large room with couches a fireplace and a Jacuzzi. These rooms normally start at $295 (according to their website) We thought we could definitely enjoy this room much better. We were wrong. There is a bar right underneath most of the rooms that plays VERY loud (and not very good) music till 11:00. At least it was music which was better then the drunk people at the bar yelling and being very obnoxious. When they started yelling you quickly saw all windows to rooms closing trying to get away from the noise. We had no warning of this music which probably catches many by surprise. We then turned on the ceiling fan since it was getting warm in the room with the windows closed. The fan was not balanced so it was making all kinds of horrible loud noises. That was turned off quickly. So we decided to try the Jacuzzi and relax from this frustrating stay. AAaahhh a Jacuzzi in the room... which of course as you can guess does not work at all. On Sunday morning we checked out and I once again complained and asked for a manager but again there was none there or that would be there all weekend. We were told that he has had some other stuff to do so to be patient with getting a hold of him. To sum it up, careful if you stay here. They are supposed to start large renovations which should fix a lot of stuff, so if you do go there look at a room first and try everything and make sure it is ok before you give them your money. Hopefully the renovations will be good, but if you still have problems don't expect too much help as the normal staff say they do not have the authority to fix much and the manager is too busy to be at the hotel to manage it.

Rate/Night (for your stay):

$169.00 (standard room rate. was moved to a suite the second night)

# of Restaurants/Lounges:


Restaurant/Lounge Review:

We did not go into the lounge but you can hear it from every room.  It was definitely the less crowded of the bars and lounges in the area.

Amenities / Facilities / Activities Available:

Pool, Hot Tub, Beach,  Non-Smoking Rooms Available, Smoke Detectors, Fire Sprinklers.

Pool Description/Comments:

Did not use the pool

Other Comments:

There is a pizza place called BJ's pizza right across the street. The pizza here is very good but the main reason to go here is the dessert. It is called a Pizzookie. They make a chocolate chip cookie in a small pizza pan and when it is very hot from the oven the put 2 huge scoops of ice cream on it. This is something for 2 people to share and is so amazingly good!!!!

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