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Offsite Hotel Reviews
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Brian Bennett

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Quality Suites International Drive Area

Reviewer's Name:

Ron Brunnell

Reviewer's Email Address:

Date(s) of Stay:

May 2000


International Drive

Ease of Disney Park Access:

I used the hotel shuttles and MEARS, so I didn't pay much attention to the drive.

Complimentary Park Shuttle Available?


Park Shuttle Comments:

It's nice to have the free shuttle to WDW available if you need it.  However, I found its limited schedule didn't match mine very well and the couple times I tried it I found the trip took way too long because of too many stops at other hotels.

The free shuttle to Universal was a bit better because Universal is much closer and the trip is shorter. However, I wasn't pleased by a driver who skipped my stop.

I decided I'd rather pay to use MEARS shuttles or taxis.


7400 Canada Avenue

Phone Number:

(407) 363-0332

Facility Type:


Accommodation Used:


Accommodations Review:

The layout of the hotel and suite rooms seemed OK. The main negative is that  a person sleeping in the front room has to go through the bedroom to reach the bathroom. My negative opinion of this hotel does not stem from a problem with the accommodations, but from the fact that the walls seemed too thin and other guests were far too noisy here to allow me a good night's rest. I describe this below in more detail.

Rate/Night (for your stay):


# of Restaurants/Lounges:


Restaurant/Lounge Review:


Amenities / Facilities / Activities Available:

Sundries Shop, Pool, Hot-Tub, Hairdryer, Laundry, In-room safe

Pool Description/Comments:

I didn't use it. It looked medium sized and was very popular and crowded with kids.

Other Comments:

Since I was getting a fairly good price I felt I was getting what I paid for so I put up with all the minor bad points. Actually, the walls letting all the nearby noise through and the hard rubber pillows weren't minor because I had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. The neighbors were so noisy with their kids screaming that I left the noisy bathroom fan on all night to muffle their sounds. I'd much rather hear a loud fan clacking all night than kids screaming, toilets flushing, and people clomping around.

This hotel seems to be popular with large families with wild kids.  Perhaps most other Orlando hotels have the same noisy kids problem, but I don't know since this was the only hotel I visited in Orlando. A tour group of about a hundred kids stayed here a couple nights. The pool was impossibly clogged with kids most of the day and evening, and the line for breakfast went out the door which caused me to miss breakfast each day the tour group was there. I was so glad when that tour group was gone.

The rooms are definitely better than a Motel 6 and I'd consider them reasonable quality. However, the unacceptably high noise level that penetrates the walls outweighs everything else, in my opinion, and I would not stay here again unless I brought my own pillows and ear plugs which I don't enjoy wearing. If you have wild noisy uncontrollable kids this may be the place for you.  They will fit right in with the rest of the din.

Bad points:

  • Very thin walls where you can hear kids screaming outside and neighbors using the sink, flushing the toilet, and walking around.
  • Toilet didn't flush very well until it was fixed after several days of complaining.
  • Hard rubber pillows (I was told no soft pillows were available, even for extra money).
  • Noisy bathroom fan.
  • Wobbly refrigerator.
  • Curtains didn't close completely.
  • Rear window didn't open (probably on purpose for safety reasons).
  • Only 1 air conditioning control for 2 rooms.
  • No easy air conditioning vent adjustment (I had to push each slat by hand).
  • Many of the staff weren't helpful and didn't care. Two of them were somewhat rude. In my opinion only 1 person on the staff behaved well. The rest acted like temp workers just biding time there.

Good points:

  • A very good full American breakfast with plenty of choices.
  • The room was decent quality and reasonably clean inside.
  • There is plenty of room in each suite for 2 people.

Summary: If you don't mind hard pillows and lots of noise, stay here if you can get a good price. If you're an adult without kids and you want peace and quiet, you should probably look somewhere else.


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