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Disney Restaurant Reviews
An archive of reader-submitted reviews
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Big Thunder Barbecue



Reviewer's Name:


Reviewer's Email Address:


Date of Meal:

August 21, 2000

Number of Guests at Your Table:


Approximate Cost:

approx. $28 total

Priority Seating / Reservations Made:


Priority Seating / Reservations Comments:


Time of Wait:

Between 30-40 minutes. There was quite a long line.

Food Review:

My boyfriend and I are vegetarians, so we wondered what we'd find at a barbecue. However, we were pleasantly surprised! Our meals consisted of a large Portobello mushroom with grilled green and yellow squash, a baked potato with sour cream (served on the side), a small corn on the cob, coleslaw, and beans. It was a generous meal, and it was very good food. I especially liked the grilled mushroom and vegetables. My boyfriend is a big fan of coleslaw, so he was elated when I gave him mine!

Service Review:

None to speak of, you just stand in a line and get your drink, side dishes, and then main course as you go. This part went much quicker than the line to place your order and pay. The CM who took our order seemed a bit irritated with the girls in front of us in line, but she was okay with us. There were CMs constantly busing tables, which kept it nice--no staring at dirty plates for 10 minutes or anything like that.

Atmosphere Review:

This is a relaxing place to eat. I liked the lighting (candle jars on the tables, and some dim lighting overhead), which was pretty, but since it was dark outside, I had a little trouble seeing my plate clearly! This wasn't a problem, though. The tables were all pretty crowded, so we sat next to other guests (the tables are set up picnic-style). Again, this was no big deal. Also it gave me a chance to see what kind of portions the meat-eaters get...those plates were full, and it reminded me that my mom & stepdad liked eating here on a previous Disneyland trip.

Other Comments:

Overall, we liked Big Thunder Barbecue a lot. Our vegetarian meals were $10.99 each, plus the price of our sodas. We definitely felt well-fed for the money.

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