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Disney Restaurant Reviews
An archive of reader-submitted reviews
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Plaza Inn



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Approximate Cost:

$26 total

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Not applicable.

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Not applicable.

Food Review:

My wife had the Cobb Salad and I had the Turkey Kettle Pastry (our daughter was having a pastry from the Blue Ribbon bakery). This was our first time to try the Plaza Inn and the food was surprisingly good. My wife found the dressing for the Cobb Salad to have just the right intensity (not too strong or light) and it was a generous helping. The Turkey Kettle Pastry had nice large chunks of turkey. We finished off with a rather good Cherry Pie.

Service Review:

This place is a cafeteria-style self-serve restaurant. However, I should note that one of the cashiers thought that our Cherry Pie wasn't hot and was prepared to go back to the kitchen to get us a fresh one. It wasn't necessary but I very much appreciated the offer.

Atmosphere Review:

This was a light dinner just before the night parade. We chose to sit outside on the patio and it was quite enjoyable being out under the night sky and doing some people-watching. This is not really the place for quiet reflection.

Other Comments:

Overall, we thought the food was good although not of spectacular value. We pretty much expected that any lunch or dinner meal in Disneyland would run our party of 3 anywhere between $25-$60. We probably will keep this place in mind for light dinners.

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