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Disney Restaurant Reviews
An archive of reader-submitted reviews
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Rancho Del Zocalo



Reviewer's Name:

Debbie Roth

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Time of Wait:

Thirty minutes until we sat down to eat, which is ridiculous. The confusion of where to go, what to order, and where to get the food was awful! I could have been on another ride by the time we finally sat down to eat.

Food Review:

Our family was so VERY disappointed this last Wed. April 18, 2001 when we visited Disneyland. For well over a year we have been patiently waiting the re-opening of the Mexican Restaurant in Frontierland. We love Mexican food as do most Southern Californians. When the Casa Mexicana closed we were so very upset since there was not another Mexican Restaurant to enjoy in the Park. When the day came that we saw that the new restaurant was open, we couldn't wait for our next trip. We are annual pass holders and love to frequently visit Disneyland.

WE COULDN'T BELIEVE HOW AWFUL THE FOOD WAS! It is nothing at all like any good Mexican Restaurant we have ever gone to, and certainly not even close to the quality of food of the Casa Mexicana. The Chicken was all bad pieces, full of fat. There were no items with the popular ground beef mixture. The beans and rice tasted like plastic with NO flavor. They hardly gave you any cheese at all, and you had to smother all of it in that Ortega Hot Sauce, which isn't that great either. None of the menus had any sauce and were SO dry. Of course the food was also COLD when we got it. I became very ill that night after eating dinner there and vomited it all up. I had no sign of stomach upset all day previous to that. We were just shocked at the quality of that food. My husband says we will never go there again. But again, we are so disappointed.

Service Review:

They need better designation of lines, and those signs are so confusing!

Atmosphere Review:

The faculty is beautiful and it was so nice to see so much of the original atmosphere was still there. I love the decorations, and how detailed the building inside is. I have gone to Disneyland every ear of my life and many times within each year. I am 46 years old. I have eaten at that restaurant every time I have gone. It was nice not to have all my memories of the facade disappear.

Other Comments:

Hopefully they can change the menu. It is such a shame to waste such a beautiful restaurant with such horrible food.

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