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Disney Restaurant Reviews
An archive of reader-submitted reviews
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Red Rockett's Pizza Port


Disneyland Park

Reviewer's Name:

Kathleen West

Reviewer's Email Address:


Date of Meal:

May 1999

Number of Guests at Your Table:


Approximate Cost:

$35 total

Priority Seating / Reservations Made:


Priority Seating / Reservations Comments:


Time of Wait:

None--but it was a May weekday

Food Review:

The salads were excellent, not to mention huge! One would have been enough to fill two people. The children's meal pizza was two large slices of pepperoni pizza with a drink, and the kids ate every mouthful!

Service Review:

The manager saw we were having trouble with the trays and the stroller, he took our trays for us, got us our drinks and sat us at a table looking out to the new Tomorrowland Plaza. It was wonderful!<BR>

Atmosphere Review:

The atmosphere was perfect for families. The scenery reminded our children of "Pizza Planet" in Toy Story (as I am sure was the intent) but there were no annoying video games buzzing in the background.<BR>

Other Comments:

Not Reported

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