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Disney Restaurant Reviews
An archive of reader-submitted reviews
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Tiki Juice Bar



Reviewer's Name:

David Scherer

Reviewer's Email Address:


Date of Meal:

every Monday evening for the past couple of months

Number of Guests at Your Table:


Approximate Cost:


Priority Seating / Reservations Made:


Priority Seating / Reservations Comments:

I know that it isn't really a restaurant, but so many people don't even notice it is there, and they have some of the best snacks in the park.  (Note to person in charge of this site, I don't know if you want to post it or not, but here it is, just in case.  Note to reviewer, I'm glad you sent it.  Some of the best kept secrets in the Disney parks are places like the Tiki Juice Bar!)

Time of Wait:

Less than 5min every time.

Food Review:

excellent, 5 star

Service Review:

Well, its a snack bar, there's not much in the way of food service to review, but they do as good as they can in the limited time they talk to you.

Atmosphere Review:

Adventureland is my favorite anyway, so I like the atmosphere.

Other Comments:

Its sad that so many people don't notice this place. For $2.00 you can get either a pineapple juice (which is too small--the ONLY bad thing) that tastes delicious, or a pineapple spear, very fresh and delicious. For $2.50, you can get the best frozen yogurt I've ever tasted, a pineapple whip. All of it is delicious, and much healthier than popcorn or churros. Especially during the summer, it is the perfect snack to give you a little bit of an energy boost. Plus, it is in Adventureland, the coolest (temperature wise, I mean) spot in the park.

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