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Disney Restaurant Reviews
An archive of reader-submitted reviews
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Manhattan Restaurant



Reviewer's Name:

Ian Parkinson

Reviewer's Email Address:


Date of Meal:

12 November 2000 - Lunch 2:30pm

Number of Guests at Your Table:


Approximate Cost:

139FF ($18)

Priority Seating / Reservations Made:


Priority Seating / Reservations Comments:

Not applicable, I was a walk in guest, I did not make a reservation

Time of Wait:

I waited about 10 minutes, but the problem was no body acknowledged that I was there until I made a point of attracting the attention of a host. They were very sorry for ignoring me and sat me very quickly.

Food Review:

The food here is supposed to be 'New York' in style and the menu reflected that quite well, although as expected it did not quite deliver the full American experience. I chose the fixed price menu, 3 courses with 3 items to select from per course, quite a good price of 119FF (approx $15). I had "Chicken Soup with Maryland Corn" for starters, a thick creamy soup with large chunks of potato and chicken. The soup was tasty but the chicken was 'cubed' rather than flaked, which makes the soup feel processed rather than fresh. The bread provided was of 2 varieties:- Italian Style Olive and Dark Granary. For main course I had the "West Side Ribs" with fries. The portion size was fine, I would say that in the US the ribs would be a 'half rack' rather than a 'full rack'. The ribs were very meaty but not very tender, nice sauce not too spicy. The fries were the chunky style rather than thin and crispy, quite a large portion, in fact I did not eat half of them. They fries were OK, obviously frozen rather than fresh, a small jar of Ketchup was supplied. There was also a large slice of Tomato topped with coleslaw all topped of with a quarter slice of Dill Pickle. Dessert was a warm dish of Morrello Cherries in Kirsch, with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cream. This was a very good finish to the meal, just the right amount of alcohol to warm me on a cold and wet day in the park.

Service Review:

Service was fine after the poor start, the server spoke English well and quickly took my order.

Atmosphere Review:

The Manhattan restaurant is a beautiful circular room on the ground floor of the hotel, with views out across the lake. It is has a quality feel to the decor and trimmings. It looks as if it has been refurbished since the hotel was first opened as the carpets, etc were in excellent condition. The problem with having a nice meal in a great location is always the same in a Disney restaurant - children. I have no objection to children being there and I really like to see them having a nice time, but it does take away from the experience when they are running around having sword fights. I'm sure that in the evening this will be less of an issue.

Other Comments:

This restaurant also provides an Al-a-carte menu containing a much larger selection of US style food (Burgers, Clubs, etc). The same menu can also be found at the adjacent "Park Side Diner"

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