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Disney Restaurant Reviews
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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show


Disney Village

Reviewer's Name:

Ian Parkinson

Reviewer's Email Address:


Date of Meal:

31 December 2000, 9:30pm

Number of Guests at Your Table:


Approximate Cost:

495FF per person (approx. $70 each)

Priority Seating / Reservations Made:


Priority Seating / Reservations Comments:

We made reservations for the special New Years Eve show the week before. We did not have any problems getting seats, but the show was full on the night. There are 2 shows each night, at 6:30pm and 9:30pm. If you want to see the show I would recommend you make reservations as soon as possible as conventions can often fill many of the seats.

Time of Wait:

We waited in line at the show entrance for 45 minutes, this is the best thing to do if you want to get a good seat as they are handed out on a first come first served basis. If you wait until just before show time you will be sat at the rear, still able to see, but a little further from the action.

Food Review:

The food at the show, is supposed to be from the Wild West, at best it could be considered American. The first course is a small bowl of chili, not very spicy but very good, nice mix of meat / beans / etc. The main course consists of a piece of stuffed Chicken, 2 large ribs, a sausage, half a Corn on the Cob and a portion of garlic flavored new potatoes (still in their skins). This is quite a plate full and is very tasty, the Ribs, Chicken and potatoes stand out as excellent, the rest are OK. The dessert is a simple Apple Cobbler with Ice Cream, very good and very hot. You have been warned. Unlimited Beer and Coke is supposed to be on offer, this did not turn out to be what was delivered. We only had Beer offered once and Coke offered twice. If you need more make sure you ask, you may get it. Otherwise, order wine before you go in, this they did deliver. As this was a special New Years Eve show, we got a glass of Champagne at the end of the show to toast the New Year. A point to note here, all the food is served on 'metal' plates / bowls that have been in service for a long time. They are clean and look very authentic, don't let the beaten look put you off, you are encouraged to give them a good banging throughout the performance. Great Fun !!

Service Review:

Apart from the poor service on delivering the 'unlimited' drinks, the food service was excellent. Everyone in the show (over 600) was served at the same time. It's not exactly 'silver service' in fact it's a very basic quick delivery, but it works. Servers pass along the front of the rows of guests and place the food directly on to the plate, moving quickly from one guest to the next. You each get your 'measured' amount of food, in a very efficient way. I would rate the service as quick and functional !!

Atmosphere Review:

The atmosphere in the Arena is great and the show is outstanding. In the pre-show area you are presented with a Cowboy hat each, this has a coloured band showing which team you are in (Red River, Blue Moon, Yellow Star, Green Mountain) You are then treated to a Wild West Show with over 40 performers, horses, Long Horn Cattle and Buffalos. With a competition held between the four teams and some great interaction with the crowd you are really drawn into the show. Kids will love the Cowboys and Indians and get very excited during the competition, hoping to win the Stagecoach Gold.

Other Comments:

The usual price for Buffalo Bills Wild West Show is 325FF ($45), the extra cost for New Years Eve included entry to the party in Disney Village afterwards. This is a great night out, and for the usual price is good value, you get a decent meal / drinks and an outstanding show. I have been 3 times so far and I'm sure I will be seeing it again before it closes. It has been rumoured that the show will close sometime in 2001 to be replaced with a show based on Zorro. Let's hope the new show can live up to the current one.

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