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Disney Restaurant Reviews
An archive of reader-submitted reviews
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New York Sandwiches



Reviewer's Name:

Ian Parkinson

Reviewer's Email Address:


Date of Meal:

17 September 2000 15:00pm

Number of Guests at Your Table:


Approximate Cost:


Priority Seating / Reservations Made:


Priority Seating / Reservations Comments:


Time of Wait:

No waiting, seated immediately

Food Review:

Pastrami on Rye, with American Mustard, included Fries and Coleslaw. Pastrami was lean, hot and very good, but it was not served on 'Rye' bread, just simple brown bread. Fries are not the usual American thin fries, they are fat thick fries, not all that crisp, but OK. Very small portion on Coleslaw is included. Meal served in a basket lined with waxed paper. I had water with the meal, served in a plastic cup. Although the food was OK it was not up to the American style it was trying to emulate

Service Review:

Service was good, quick and friendly. English was spoken.

Atmosphere Review:

Not much atmosphere, no music, could have been cleaner. Could do with a makeover soon, starting to look / feel a little tired

Other Comments:

New York Sandwiches diner at Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

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