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Disney Trip Report Archive
An archive of reader-submitted trip reports
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Alex Stroup, editor

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Posting to a Newsgroup

The following are step-by-step instructions on how to post a trip report to a Usenet newsgroup. They are written specifically for those folks that use America OnLine as an internet provider, but can be adapted to other providers (but you're on your own there, since I'm not familiar with other internet software).

These instructions assume that 1) the text of your report has been written offline using your word processor, 2) that you are posting your report to the newsgroup rec.arts.disney.parks, and 3) that your word processor is Microsoft Word. If any of these assumptions are incorrect, simply adjust the instructions accordingly.

  1. Start Word and open your trip report document
  2. Set your page setup to include line numbers (line numbers are a helpful tool in Word, if your word processor doesn't have this feature, you'll have to estimate your total number of lines via some other technique...perhaps the word processor status line shows what line of the document you are on, for example.)
  3. Start AOL and sign on.
  4. Go to RADP newsgroup and select "Send New Message". This will open a message dialog box.
  5. Enter your subject line. I usually write something like "Trip Report, Part 1 of". I don't put in the total number of parts now because I don't know yet. Don't send the message yet!!!!
  6. Starting from the top of the Word document, mark up to about 350 lines or so MAXIMUM of text. I typically break up the document at the end of a day or some such logical break in the text.
  7. Using the cut function in Word, cut all of the selected text.
  8. Go back to AOL and past the text into the New Message dialog box.
  9. Check the text at the top and bottom of the dialog box to ensure that all of the text you cut and pasted is there (I've had some nasty surprises when I tried to cut and paste more text than the internet protocols allow -- about 400 lines). Since you still don't know the total number of parts, you still can't put that in the subject line. Still don't send the message yet!!!!
  10. Select "Send New Message" again. This time the subject line you enter should read something like "Trip Report, Part 2 of". Again, don't put in the total number of parts now because you don't know yet. Don't send the message yet!!!!
  11. Go back to Word, cut the next 350 lines or so, and repeat until the whole Word document has been pasted in pieces to several New Message dialog boxes.
  12. Then count the total number of boxes and go from one to the next editing the subject lines so they now read, "Trip Report, Part 1 of 7", for example.
  13. Send each of the completed New Message dialog boxes.

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