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Disney Trip Report Archive
An archive of reader-submitted trip reports
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Alex Stroup, editor

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Style and Content Suggestions

Two general styles of trip reports predominate:
  • First, the play-by-play style tells exactly what happened in chronological sequence throughout the trip. Play-by-play reports tend to provide a "story" atmosphere to the report, usually cover minute detail, and take a long time to write (trust me, I know!).
  • Second, the summary style covers highlights, hints and tips, opinions, impressions, and so on in a list format.

Chose a style that suits you. For on thing, consider your own personality...don't write a Play-by-play report if you tend to be bored with details. Also, if you didn't take copious notes during the trip and tend to be forgetful, writing a Play-by-play report several days or weeks after the fact can be frustrating (I know, I've tried). On the other hand, if you tend to be a detail person...the Play-by-play style might be perfect for you.

As you write your report, include details that are appropriate. It is fun to read about your first impressions of Main Street, but you don't have to regale your readership with a sweeping description of Main Street every time you go to the Magic Kingdom throughout a two-week trip. You should especially include details that readers seem to most appreciate:

  • Travel hints and tips
  • Resort information (including hints and tips about room locations, restaurant and other amenities, transportation details, etc.)
  • Overall WDW transportation lessons-learned
  • Park touring tips (and experiences with crowds, etc.).
  • Restaurant reviews (in the resorts, parks, and offsite) -- and especially character meals
  • Non-Disney side trip information

Other suggestions about your writing are:

  • Make it readable! Typographical errors, misspellings, incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, excessive abbreviations, and other grammatical errors make trip reports tedious and difficult to read. Also avoid the tendency (especially in the play-by-play style) of writing in lengthy paragraphs. Break up the text into appropriate chunks.
  • ACAtmPWNU (Avoid Cryptic Acronyms that many People Will Not Understand). At the minimum, make sure you identify your acronyms when you first use them (in the worst case, you can include a glossary). Some of the ones I've had trouble with in the past include: PoTC (Pirates of the Caribbean...and I don't know why the O is not capitalized while the T is either.) HISTA (Honey I Shrunk the Audience), IASW (It's a Small World), SM and SM (Space Mountain or Splash Mountain...depends on the context...and you have to figure it out as you go), GF, GRBR, YBCR or YCR or BCR, Poly or PR or PBR, CR, WL, OKWR, BWVR or BWR or BVR or BWI or BWIR, CBR, DL, PO, CSR, ASSR, ASMR, FWC. Just for fun, see if you can figure these out (answers are below): SFRT, WS, UoE, FW or FW, EEC, WSL, TZToT, GMR, TLS, LwtL, NLC.

Acronym Answers from Above (AAfA):

  • SFRT -- Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
  • WS - World Showcase
  • UoE - Universe of Energy
  • FW or FW- Future World, Fort Wilderness
  • EEC - Ellen's Energy Crisis
  • WSL - World Showcase Lagoon
  • TZToT - Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (ok, so this was an easy one)
  • GMR - (The) Great Movie Ride
  • TLS - The Living Seas
  • LwtL - Living with the Land
  • NLC - Neverland Club (a childcare facility located at the Polynesian Beach Resort)

Resort Acronyms:

  • GF, GFBR- Grand Floridian, Grand Floridian Beach Resort
  • YBCR or YCR or BCR - Yacht and Beach Club Resort, Yacht Club Resort, Beach Club Resort
  • Poly or PR or PBR - Polynesian Beach Resort, Polynesian Resort, Polynesian Beach Resort
  • CR - Contemporary Resort
  • WL - Wilderness Lodge
  • OKWR - Old Key West Resort
  • BWVR or BWR or BVR or BWI or BWIR - Boardwalk Villas Resort, Boardwalk Resort, Boardwalk Villas Resort, Boardwalk Inn, Boardwalk Inn Resort
  • CBR - Caribbean Beach Resort
  • DL - Dixie Landings Resort
  • PO - Port Orleans Resort
  • CSR - Coronado Springs Resort
  • ASSR - All Star Sports Resort
  • ASMR - All Star Music Resort
  • FWC - Fort Wilderness Campground

Comparisons are valuable. If you've had experiences at one WDW resort in the past, compare it to the ones you had on this most recent trip. If you liked Dixie Landings better than Port Orleans, explain why! Someone else that had previously enjoyed Dixie Landings might read your report and decide to try Port Orleans or not based on your comments. Summary lists are valuable, too, but document your reasons. If you list the "greatest hits" attractions of everyone in the group, explain why Grandma LOVED "Alien Encounter", why junior LOVED "Pirates of the Caribbean", and why most everyone just hated "It's a Small World."

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