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Alex Stroup, editor

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Kelly McBride -- July 2005 -- Disneyland (Offsite)

My Group:

  • My mom Rosemarie, 60
  • My dad Gary, 63
  • My husband Shane 32
  • Myself (Kelly) 38
  • Stepdaughter Lynn 13
  • daughter Katy 5
  • daughter Shelby 4

Pre-Trip Planning

March 15, 2005

Well once again things have changed LOL. As I said in my last trip report we werenít planning on going back to Disneyland for the 50th until 2006. Well like life, things change! First of all the best news ever was that my husband has FINALLY returned from his tour in Iraq. He was gone 15 months and the girls and I have taken a few trips and he and I took a trip last August during his R&R but he has not been with the girls since May of 2002 when we went to Disneyworld. Therefore this will be the first trip as a family in 3 years!!

We are going to Disneyworld in October for 2 weeks and this is our BIG trip however we felt since we are going to Disneyworld this year we would wait and go to Disneyland in í06. Well my stepdaughter is in Junior High now and my 5 year old will be starting kindergarten this fall. Now with 2 kids in school we decided the days of taking more than one vacation during the school year are probably over.

We were planning on going in the winter or spring of í06 but because of missing 2 weeks in the fall for Disneyworld we felt that we are now forced to go to Disneyland in the summer. EEK!! I had vowed NEVER to go to Disneyland in the summer again because of the crowds and the heat but alas if we want to go to see the 50th we HAVE to go this summer. So that brings us to where we are at now.

Yesterday I purchased our airfare and hotel. We are once again staying at the staybridge suites. We are very pleased with this place and for a large family it is really perfect. There are 2 bedrooms and 2 baths which is perfect and my stepdaughter sleeps on the sofa bed in the living room. We also have a little kitchen. The other nice thing is we get a full breakfast every morning. That right there is worth it for the money we save on food.

At this point our plans are basically to go to Disneyland 2 days and California Adventure 1. We know there will be crowds and heat and we are hoping to get to the park each day as soon as it opens to take advantage of getting there early and go on as many rides as possible before it gets too crowded. We then plan to take a mid-day break and then come back later in the evening, perhaps without the little ones.

Our goal is to see the parade and the movie about the 50th and partake in any other 50th anniversary activities there might be. We are going into this knowing that this is NOT going to be the relaxing trip we usually take in the fall but more of a hectic trip. Therefore we are not expecting a whole lot but just to do what we can and try to enjoy what we DO see and do.

So at this point it is just a waiting game until July!!

May 2, 2005

Well as of last week we had a slight change of plans. My mom noticed that the King Tut exhibit was coming to the LA County Museum this summer and I pointed out that since we were going to be there anyway that we should see if we could go.

So I got to calling and we have now added an extra day to our trip.

Now instead of leaving on Friday we will get up, check out of the Staybridge and mom and Shane will pick up a rental car. We will then drive up to LA and go to the Tut exhibit Friday afternoon. I know that the beach is not far from our hotel so if we have time we may take in the beach for a few hours and then, again if we have time, drive over to City Walk at Universal Studios and have dinner and do a little shopping. We will then leave out of LAX Saturday mid morning.

July 22, 2005

Well here it is the Friday before we leave and a few more things have changed. For one thing my dad decided he would like to see the Tut exhibit and about a month ago we added him on to the trip. He was supposed to go with us last November but chickened out at the last minute. He is not going down with us on Monday but rather joining us on Wednesday. We have also changed our flight plans. Originally Shane was going to try and work a half day but he told me last week that he just took the whole week off. Between that fact and the fact that I realized that by the time we get picked up at the airport, drive in rush hour traffic, check in to our hotel etc we wonít be getting dinner till REALLY late. So I called southwest this morning and for a nominal fee we were able to get on an earlier flight!! BONUS!! Only a few more days and we are OFF!!!

DAY ONE Ė July 25, 2005 (Monday)

Plan: Mom will most likely work till noon this day while the girls and I get packed and get the car ready to go. We have a 2:15 flight to Orange County and this night we will most likely go to Downtown Disney and have dinner and just walk around.

What actually happened:

Well the day finally arrived and we were all VERY anxious. I could barely sleep the night before and felt like a little kid. Eventhough we just went in November I have been planning this trip and our Disneyworld trip for months and so it was FINALLY coming to fruition. I was glad we were leaving on an earlier flight because it was tough sitting around as long as we did waiting to leave.

Finally the time came to leave and we had an uneventful flight down. I had heard conflicting info about Guest services and since the park opened so early we didnít want to waste time waiting in line for our tickets the next morning so we decided to have the shuttle driver drop me off at the park to retrieve our tickets and mom and the rest would check in at the hotel. This worked well and I was able to not only score our tickets but found out we could do early entry the next morning. I was unaware we could do that if not staying on property.

After getting the tickets I journeyed to Rainforest and made reservations and had a drink while waiting for my group to show up.

When they did we had a great dinner as usual and then took the mandatory stop at world of Disney to pick up our 50th stuff. After that we stopped and I grabbed some beneights and mom and the kids got Hagen Daz. We headed to the room and hit the sac.

DAY TWO Ė July 26, 2005 (Tuesday)

Plan: Disneyland all day.

What actually happened:

The day started off early with us getting up to go to early entry. We did this and it was SO worth it cuz we went straight to space mountain. I have to say that after 2 years though it didnít seem THAT different to me. The queue seemed virtually the same to me as did the area where the cars are. Sure the music was new and the lighting was a bit different but the ride itself seemed exactly the same.

We then did Buzz which seemed pretty much like the one in Florida. This is a cute ride for kids but one I would skip if they werenít with me. We worked our way around the park hitting the big stuff and getting fast passes. The park was crowded but with fast pass and good strategy we never waited more than 20 minutes for a ride.

I enjoyed seeing the decorations for the 50th as well as the golden vehicles. I got a few pics of the kids in some but never did get around to getting as many as I had wanted. One thing that did happen is we had to run around a lot and use fastpass and there were several rides and things I wanted to do but never got around to. We had lunch that day at the Hungry Bear and dinner at the River Belle. Both were mediocre at best. We commented that the food in Florida seems to be much better than here.

The one thing we made sure to do that day was the fireworks. We didnít get to the seating area early enough and there was QUITE the crowd but we still managed to get a spot over towards the matterhorn side of the castle. All I can say about the fireworks is WOW. Definitely THE best I have ever seen and worth going for that alone.

As soon as the fireworks was done we headed to the buses and were MORE than ready to hit the sack.

DAY THREE Ė July 27, 2005 (Wednesday)

Plan: DCA all day. Lunch at Arielís grotto and dinner at Storytellers. Mom will pick up Dad this day.

What actually happened:

Well this morning started with me having to get up early to make some of my psís for our Florida trip. After that we had breakfast at our hotel and then headed to DCA. We did Tower first of course and then headed around to get our fastpasses for Screamin and Soarin. After we scored those we decided to just wait for our ps for Arielís. We sat and relaxed and in the meantime my mom had left to go get my dad.

Just before our lunch time they wandered up. The lunch was good but Ariel was much missed by the girls. After lunch we hit screamin while grandpa, grandpa and the little oneís did the sun wheel. At this point it was time to do Tower again which we did and then hit soarin. We had had ps for Storytellers but wanted to see the ELP so I was smart to get a ps at the Trattoria on the patio. We let the little kids do Grizzly rapids and then it was time to eat dinner. We enjoyed our meal and had GREAT seats for the ELP. After ELP we headed back. We didnít do a ton of rides but we enjoyed what we DID do.

DAY FOUR Ė July 28, 2005 (Thursday)

Plan: Disneyland and possibly DCA

What actually happened:

Well today was our last park day. Once again got up early and headed to the parks. Couldnít do EE so of course so we had to get FP for Space Mtn. Once again we strategized our way around the park but made sure to see the 50th movie and then the 3:00 Dreams parade. Ran into a few rude people at the parade after we waited for more than 2 hours and some last minute people decided to walk up in front of us but other than that it was good. Since we didnít make it to storytellerís the day before we decided to try it this night. We did and the food was great.

The grandparents were tired so we convinced them to take the little ones back to the room while Lynn, Shane and I hit DCA for a few hours. We did Screamin and Tower twice and by then it was time to go. We did get stuck in Pardise Pier behind the ELP so it kind of screwed up our time but we still had fun.

We decided against going back to DL and just hit the room.

DAY FIVE Ė July 29, 2005 (Friday)

Plan: Pick up rental car at Avis and check out of Staybridge. Drive to LA and go to King Tut Exhibit. Check into hotel and hit the beach. Evening go to City Walk at Universal.

What actually happened:

Got up this morning and hit the Disney store one last time for some missed items. Hit Avis and got the van. Picked everyone up and headed north to LA. Hit the Tut exhibit and it was very good. Saw the La Brea tar pits and then decided to head to our hotel.

We were too tired to go to the beach OR City Walk. Ended up eating at our hotel and going to bed.

Day Six Ė July 30, 2005 (Saturday)

Plan: Get up, check out, have breakfast and head to LAX. Return car and await our noon flight home.

What actually happened:

Got up early one more time and made some more PSís for Florida. Eat breakfast, took the car back and took a nice flight home.

All in all it was a great trip. Not too many rude people and enjoyed every second. Eventhough I would normally never go in the summer considering it wasnít too bad.

Kelly McBride


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