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Sue Holland -- January 2003 -- Walt Disney World (Offsite, ASMoR)

  • Who
    • Sue (me), DVC member
  • Appearances by
    • Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular
    • Tracy & Tyger, Comedy Warehouse regulars
    • Tom & Leanne, friends before DVC & the internet
    • Patty, friend just relocated from Hawaii
  • Dates: January 10 - 21, 2003 (minus 4 day business trip 1/13-16 in Tallahassee)
  • Travel Method: Personal car
  • Resort: Leesa's condo & All Star Movies
  • Experience: Extremely experienced


I was due to return for a WDW trip starting Friday, January 17th but towards the end of my last trip (over New Year's) I was made aware of a special event this coming weekend concerning a friend in the WDW area. I didn't want to miss it, so I'm making an extra trip - the specific details won't be mentioned until Sunday's report, just in case the person involved happens to stumble across these reports. As it turned out, I had a business trip where I'd be flying out of Tampa on Monday and back in on Friday. After spending the weekend at Leesa's I'll just drive to Tampa from her place on Monday to catch my flight (rather than return to Ft Myers Sunday night & driving back to Tampa Monday). At the last minute, my last day of business got canceled, so now since I'm coming back Thursday instead of Friday I will return to Ft Myers in order to work most of the next day before returning to WDW. It's a lot of moving around, but can't be avoided - and is worth it to not miss this Sunday

One frustrating turn of events came about thanks to the US Postal Service. After having them screw up my mail hold on a recent trip I decided to set it up online this time. On Tuesday or Wednesday I went online and instructed them to hold my mail starting Friday. Wednesday I had no mail delivered. Thursday I had no mail delivered. I never go 2 days in a row with absolutely nothing, plus I had at least 2 items that I needed for this weekend mailed to me and they should have arrived one of those days. Now I have to leave work early (post office is open 9:30 until 4) and drive the 40 minutes back home (south) to get my mail they're not supposed to have held and then turn around and drive north to WDW. Hopefully they have my mail handy and can give it to me - I'll call them right at 9:30 to find out what the heck is going on with them! If I can't get my mail on Friday, I'll have to delay my departure until Saturday if the mail will be available then.

As for plans for the trip - this first weekend will probably be pretty light on the WDW stuff other than Comedy Warehouse. I'm staying with Leesa, who doesn't have park admission at this point. There's really not anything I have to see anyway - besides Comedy Warehouse shows <g>. Most likely on Saturday we'll do some computer stuff in the afternoon (I expect she'll be sleeping most of the morning - I may do some budget stuff for work) and grab dinner somewhere before Comedy Warehouse. Sunday I've got a special event to attend during the day, then we'll be at the Comedy Warehouse that night. When I return the next weekend I'll again spend Friday night at Leesa's (hopefully meeting her at PI after work) and then I move to All Star Movies for 3 nights. Originally I was booked at Old Key West, but when the $49 rate for Florida Residents came out it was a no-brainer for me to save the DVC points &amp; make the switch. My stay at All Star Music at the end of Thanksgiv ing weekend (for Nancy &amp; Clinta's wedding) was actually quite pleasant, and I like Movies the best of the 3 so I'm expecting to enjoy this stay. The All Stars are definitely no-frill, but for a solo trip the rooms are adequate &amp; as long as it's quiet I'll be happy. Who knows, maybe they'll upgrade me to the famous All Stars Concierge level, where paper cups of kool-aid are available at certain hours and the maid scotch tapes a broken piece of hershey bar on your door before bedtime. <g>

The plans (subject to change) so far...

  • Fri 1/10: Work, Comedy Warehouse
  • Sat 1/11: Hang out w/Leesa, Comedy Warehouse
  • Sun 1/12: Special Event, Comedy Warehouse
  • Mon 1/13 - Thu 1/16: Business trip to Tallahassee, FL (no report)
  • Fri 1/17: Work, Comedy Warehouse
  • Sat 1/18: Check in All Star Movies, Park, Comedy Warehouse
  • Sun 1/19: Park w/Tom &amp; Leanne, Comedy Warehouse
  • Mon 1/20: Park w/Tom &amp; Leanne, Comedy Warehouse
  • Tue 1/21: Possible park, Drive home or to work


  • Who: Sue, DVC Member
  • Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular
  • Tracy &amp; Tyger, Comedy Warehouse regulars

Plan: Work, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: I left work at 3pm, went to the post office, had a minor coronary there when they told me they couldn't find my mail, GOT my mail, and arrived on Disney property shortly after 7pm. It should have been a 2.5-3 hour trip, but that post office fiasco cost me an extra hour and a half. The stuff I'd been waiting for was there though, and it was worth the inconvenience!

Luckily it wasn't busy at Pleasure Island at all this early. I parked in a great spot, got right through the turnstile without any wait, and rushed up the hill to Comedy Warehouse. The line was not bad at all - just about the perfect time to join, and Tracy was already in line but moved back to where I would be. We ended up in long row, and were very happy!

The 7:20 cast was Mary, Chris, Krista, Todd &amp; Brian. They opened with a poem called "You took the juice from my life", which was cute. Krista rang the bell in Should Have Said where Todd was a janitor in a high school and Brian was his son. They were both embarrassed of each other, and after Mary came through as the principal calling them the father/son losers Krista ended the scene. It was very short, but it moved quickly and was funny. Next they did This is Your Life, with Mary interviewing a guy who really had nothing interesting to talk about. Nobody raised their hand, and finally this guy's girlfriend volunteered him, but it never really went anywhere. This is the first time I've seen a This is Your Life that wasn't really funny.

Since Jen B was coming in for the next show I went out to the car between shows and got the bag with her CW t-shirt and photo. Once I had the bag I went back up and joined Tracy in line for the next show. This time they seated in a strange order, so we ended up on the barstools on the floor across from Carol Stein. At least we were on the end by the stairs instead of against the wall! The 8:15 cast was Mary, Jen, Krista, Chris &amp; Brian. They opened with the name rhyme game, and the audience buzzed out Brian for using the word eclat. He insisted it was a word and later brought out a dictionary to prove he was right. The audience voted to put him back in the game, and he ended up winning! Krista cautioned him about being smarter than his audience <g>.

Next was Story Telling, with Brian &amp; Chris as a married couple telling "Hot Hammer". She was the really butch wife who he wants to be more feminine and he was the very effiminate husband who she wants to be more masculine. It was actually a pretty funny story - they did a good job with it. Mary came out to create a song called "Special assistant to the executive director". In typical Mary style, she had trouble getting the title right and a lot of the humor was her mangling the words - it was funny. They also did Clichéé this show, torturing Brian with the phrase "My boss is a jewish carpenter". Evidently that's some christian saying but I'd never heard it and still have no idea what it means. Some of the regulars were surprised they took it because it's a fairly common bumper sticker - but perhaps I'm not the only one who's never seen it <g>. Anyway, they gave the clues so that Brian had all of the syllables of the clichéé but not broken down into words. He then had to figure out how to turn it into real words. He did a good job - and it was a good show overall.

After the show I talked to Mary while Tracy was talking to Jen. When Mary left Jen greeted me &amp; after chatting a few minutes I told her I'd had something made for Tracy &amp; some other people, including Mary &amp; Greg and because I know how she WHINES when people get something and she doesn't I got it for her too <g>. She laughed, remembering the fuss she kicked up over Greg getting a mug during Fairy Tales, which was so melodramatic Adie &amp; Lisa ended up printing a mug for her to shut her up (it was all just goofing around). Anyway, she loved the framed photo and also the shirt. She's delayed her leaving from February until probably June, by the way. Soon it was time for the doors to open, so Joe let us stay inside and Jen had to get backstage out of sight. Tracy &amp; I sat next to Bob &amp; Virginia in long row and Tyger joined us once the doors opened.

The 9:15 cast was Mary, Greg, Jen, Todd &amp; Chris. They did Song Cue, where they stop a scene 3 times to create a song from something that was just said. I missed part of it due to a contact lens problem, unfortunately. Jen &amp; Chris were carving items and sang "If I were your boss I'd fire you" as a reggae song. They also sang an Irish song called "Without you this business would never fly" and then "Free breast jobs" as an opera. Next Mary, Greg &amp; Jen came out and created a poem called "Rancid Retrulescence (sp?)". It means really gross stuff, basically, and they did a good job with it. They also did Actor's Nightmare, with it being Todd's nightmare. In this structure 3 actors have a script from some other play and all of their dialogue is read from the script they're holding. The 4th actor has to improvise his lines and make sense out of what the others are saying. It's tough to do --Todd had some funny lines but the longer it goes on the tougher it seems to be to maintain the comedy!

After the show we chatted with Jen some more, and Mary briefly. Greg was talking to Bob &amp; Virginia but when they left he came over for a hug &amp; told me his schedule for tomorrow night (I was leaving for tonight) and that his mom would be here. It'll be nice to finally meet her! On the way out we talked to Todd - he was glad his nightmare was over, lol! He mentioned he'd been reading on MousePlanet - they all seem to know about the site, and some of them check in from time to time to see what's new.

Tracy, Tyger &amp; I left PI and they stopped by my car to see something I'd brought up. I took out my remaining contact lens and walked quickly over to the West Side hoping Bongo's window would be open. It was, so I got a beef empanada and ate it while walking back to the car. I'd called Leesa to let her know when I'd be there, and I think I got there around 11pm. We chatted for a while, then I went to write/post the trip report while she did stuff on the computer in her room. Tomorrow will be a pretty lazy day, but I'm looking forward to not having to wake up at any specific time since I don't have to be anywhere!

Today was a great day. The mail thing was a pain, but all that matters at this point is I got the stuff I needed. The weather tonight was beautiful - the rest of the nights will be quite a bit cooler, so this was really nice. The shows were pretty good, it was fun having Tracy &amp; then Tyger to see them with, and finally Jen decided to work when I was in town so I could stop carrying her gift bag back &amp; forth from home!


  • Who: Sue, DVC Member
  • Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular
  • Plan: Hang out w/Leesa, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: The phone in my room rang about 8am - nobody who knows her would ever call Leesa at that ungodly hour, lol, so tonight I'll unplug the ringer on this one (there's also a phone with an answering machine in the kitchen). I was awake but didn't get up until Chris called on the radio near 9am. The documents for the DVC member cruise have started to arrive, so he'll check to see if Fedex left them at the front door.

I showered, dressed, made some hot chocolate and set about reading the messages and mail I'd downloaded late last night. Sometime after 11:30 someone called Leesa on her cell phone and although she was awake she was unable to move to answer the phone. I washed up the dishes in the kitchen and then ran out to Publix to pick up an item I'd forgotten to pack (I should just keep 2 sets of all toiletries &amp; make up - one for home, one for travel). Leesa got up just before I left for Publix, but was back in bed when I returned. Hopefully she won't have trouble tomorrow, as we need to be on the road by 11:15 am! Dave (regular at CW) stopped by for some computer help, and visited briefly.

We watched a videotape of CW scenes I'd brought, and were out the door around 4 headed for Downtown Disney. After another stop at Publix for eyedrops and Subway for Leesa to get dinner, we arrived on Disney property (yay) and parked by Pleasure Island. We walked through the Marketplace to the Rainforest Caféé and were able to sit at the bar without any wait. The bartenders were all friendly &amp; efficient, providing very good service. I ordered the Jungle Mud but had it made with decaf cappuccino rather than coffee. It had Kahlua and Bailey's in it, and it was delicious! I'm not usually a fan of coffee drinks with alcohol, but liked this one. We got the caribe chicken tenders, which Leesa helped me eat. The check was $14.96 and since I had a $5 birthday certificate and an old $10 gift certificate it only cost the amount of the tip. The chicken was excellent, and plenty for 2 people to share - I'd come back and do it again!

We wandered around the Marketplace and West Side killing time before returning to PI. The Forty-Thirst Street place is closed and looks like it will reopen as a Wetzel's Pretzels place. I'm not sure when that will open, but it sounds like it'll be worth checking out! We stopped at Guest Services on the West Side to see if I could renew my PAP there, and went ahead &amp; did that. With the FL resident discount the renewal price was $377 or so. I thought the new pass would be good from now until the new expiration date (Feb 2004) but I have to continue using the old pass until it expires, then switch to the new one.

Once inside PI we chatted with Susan &amp; Jennifer outside the Comedy Warehouse while the line was forming. When it was time we joined the queue and were seated in tech row. The 7:20 cast was Krista, Todd, Mary, Jen &amp; Brian. Mary doesn't work Saturdays, but Joy was sick so Mary picked up the 6th night. It was a pleasant surprise to find her here! Jen rang the bell in Should Have Said, where Mary &amp; Krista were sorting m&amp;m's for a rock band. It was pretty funny, and then Mary said trampoline when she meant tamborine and things took a turn for the dirty so Jen ended it before they went too far <g>. Next they did the name rhyme, which is always fun. Jen was the winner, so she got to be tortured in Clichéé. She had to guess she was in a NYC subway station, and then the phrase "There's more than one way to skin a cat but he doesn't like any of them." She pretty quickly figured out the first part and thought she had it all - but the 2nd part took a little longer. Everyone did a great job though, and it was a very good first show.

After the show we talked to someone but I can't remember who - probably Jen or Todd. We went outside and found Greg's mom, brother (Butch) &amp; significant other (Matt). I'd been looking forward to meeting his mom and Matt, and they were every bit as nice as I'd expected them to be. We all spent the rest of the evening together, and I enjoyed sitting between Matt &amp; Greg's mom so I could talk to both of them.

The 8:15 cast was Greg, Mary, Jen, Brian &amp; Krista. Krista &amp; Greg did the Story Telling, which went ok but I was glad when it ended. The story was called The Sexy Envelope, and they were a married couple who had taken nude photos of Krista to "inspire" Greg but the envelope was opened by Krista's mother by mistake. They did Forgotten Songs next. Mary was Diana Ross singing "Nothing in moderation" while accompanied by a drunk Brian. Jen was folk singer Limber singing "I got a big head" about losing so much weight her head seemed too big. Krista sang a depressing song called "Our love is like cotton candy" (nothing but air, just empty calories, etc). The song was cute, but her beautiful voice was all that mattered!

They did Up Your Alley next, which was supposed to be Schmeopardy but the actor setting it up did the wrong setup <g> - just one of those things that can happen in a live show! The other actors just went with the flow, which is good (I'd seen Schmeopardy on the schedule, plus after this show the actor mentioned what had happened). The subject was Shelby Cobra Mustang cars and the host was Greg as Joseph Heatherton. Mary was Shelby, the kid whose dad invented the car. Brian was Anson Edsel, a member of the Ford family. Jen was Dr. Sara Bellum, a psychiatrist whose research into men &amp; their relationships has shown that men who drive fast cars are "quick" lovers <g>.

After the show we never did make it outside at all. The cast came over to see Matt, Greg's mom &amp; Butch. Leesa &amp; I moved downstairs and talked to Jen &amp; Mary for a while, then it was time to sit down again back in long row. The 9:15 cast was Greg, Todd, Krista, Jenn Br &amp; Jen. They did Song Cue with Todd &amp; Krista working in a pet shop. The action was interrupted for songs 3 times - first for a tango called "Stupid me". They also did a twist song called "You're freaking me out" and a techno song called "I thought I was". Next they did Schmeopardy - with Todd as host Alex Kotter Brady (dark curly hair wig, dark mustache). Jen was the hit of the show as a nun called Sister Mary VirginForTheRestOfMyLife, who teaches at the School of Perpetual No Sex! Jenn Br was Pearl, a contortionist, and Greg was a gas station owner named Lefty Bradley. It was a good show, with lots of laughs. Sometimes the funniest laughs are the little unexpected things an actor who's not part of the main scene will do. During Todd &amp; Krista's scene it came out that Todd was in a prison work release program - arrested after ripping a guy's hair off at a football game. Shortly after, Greg came in to the pet shop wearing a bald wig - took one look at Todd and ran out shrieking, lol!

After this show we had to go outside since there was such a long gap before the next one. We chatted with a few people and then went outside. I talked to Greg's mom some more and tried to stay warm! Todd came out and joined us, and Mary came out to talk to Matt. Nancy came out on her break to visit as well - it was a busy time at the back door! Inside we took our seats on long row and got ready for our final show of the night. The 10:30 cast was Greg, Todd, Mary, Brian &amp; Jenn Br. After the opening number (with some drunk on the phone - yuck) they did Conducted Story, which took up the rest of the show except for the closing song. Todd conducted the story, which was called "The kite flew over the cuckoo's nest". The 4 actors did so well Todd had to add the rule of not saying any words that start with the letter "s" in order to get a death to occur! Mary was first to die, and she did a soap opera death by piano. Greg died next, in an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical style death by pantyhose. His death was funny - he was a female impersonator unhappy with his thighs - Mary &amp; Jenn came out with the pink sequined dress for him to wear, and later killed him with the pantyhose. Jenn Br died by a purse, with the sound &amp; lighting techs creating any effects they wanted, which she had to incorporate into the scene. Brian then wrapped up the story in a Fill in the Blank style, picking Kelly from Ft Pierce to go up on stage to provide the "blanks". It was a good show - in fact the entire evening was fun from start to finish!

After the show we hung out in the club for a little bit - Mary asked if I'd known I'd be meeting Matt &amp; Greg's mom tonight, and I told her yes. We talked about some future plans with her, visited with Jenn Br, and let Greg ask when I'd be back again since he was off the next two nights. I told him next weekend <g>, got the usual goodbye hug, and he went off to get changed. We said our goodbyes to his family, and headed out. We drove back to Leesa's - on the way she quite seriously asked how I felt about stopping at WALMART! Omigod - I thought I'd run off the damn highway, lol! I was truthful - told her that did NOT appeal to me at all <g>. She does need to pick up something for tomorrow, but not at midnight tonight, and not at freakin' Walmart unless I stay in the car &amp; wait for her. Darla would never let me live it down if I went there <g>. We'll stop on our way out tomorrow and get what she needs - from some place decent.

Back at her condo I made a cup of cappuccino and finished the report while Leesa did laundry and played on her computer. We agreed if she wasn't up by 10 I should knock on her door - tomorrow is sure to be a VERY fun day!


Who: Sue, DVC Member
Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular

Plan: Greg's Surprise Party, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: I'd set the alarm for 8 and got up then, wanting to get myself ready and not be competing for the bathroom with Leesa when she got up. After showering &amp; dressing I made some hot chocolate and got online to pass the time.

As the "Plan" indicates, today's big special event is a surprise party for Greg from the Comedy Warehouse! It's kind of a dual-purpose party to honor his departure from the club next month to move to New York City, but also his 40th birthday is next week. He knows something is "up" but has no idea the scope of what's going on. The Parliament House near downtown donated the use of one of their theaters and we'll be having a brunch followed by a roast/show for Greg. Over 100 people are expected, including friends from out of state who Greg will be surprised to see. We're all supposed to dress like Greg --dark pants, sweater with sleeves that are too long, and tiny glasses. Matt has already raided Greg's closet to find himself a "Greg" costume, and brought some to Mary as well - it should be funny when he sees a room full of friends dressed like him! I'd planned to make him a video tape of some of his scenes at Comedy Warehouse as a going away gift, so I accelerated that plan and put together about 100 minutes of tape last weekend. I also created another collage of photos from CW (including everyone in the cast) and had it printed on a mousepad (thanks Adie &amp; Lisa) for him since a videotape didn't seem like much of a gift at a party. Leesa took a photo of him and sketched his portrait, then framed it - it looks really nice (she's very talented)!

So, we're both very excited &amp; looking forward to the party. I'm sure the entertainment is going to be great, and it's really nice to be included in Greg's special day. Leesa was up at 10 and we were out the door at 11. We stopped at Target to get a gift bag &amp; card to go with her gift for Greg, then headed down Orange Blossom Trail to the Parliament House. We parked right out front and headed into the same theater we had been in for Fairy Tales. Layden was standing at the door, and Brian was in the lobby. We said hi to Layden and went into the theater. Mary was inside, along with several other people. Bob &amp; Virginia had a table and invited us to join them, so we set our stuff down and each wandered around talking to different people. Steve had come out from Los Angeles - it was nice seeing &amp; talking to him again. The rest of the Comedy Warehouse staff was there, along with Jen Br and most of the actors from Adventurer's Club. The magician (the good one) over at Diamond Horseshoe was there, and Krista's husband Mark (who also works there) too. Several of Greg's friends had come in from out of town, including his best friend since childhood.

The food was basic brunch stuff - bagels, french toast sticks, hash browns, grits, eggs &amp; bacon. The waiters took care of getting drinks for everyone, and just like last time were very friendly &amp; efficient. It was fun talking to different people, and we ran into Patty after we got our food. Around 12:15 or 12:30 we got the word that Greg was arriving - Matt had blindfolded him and led him up the stairs &amp; into the theater. He spun him around a few times and then took off the blindfold as everyone yelled SURPRISE! Greg seemed really happy to see everyone there, and began making the rounds through the room greeting everyone. Leesa &amp; I got plates of food for Greg's family, since the food was going to be taken away soon &amp; Mary wanted to be sure they got to eat. The food was all paid for by Greg's Matt and Paul Vogt (the Paul who used to work at CW). There were over 100 people present, and everyone had a great time. I went over and sat with Greg's mom while he was making his rounds - she's such a sweetheart and she said she was sorry she didn't get to meet me until now when Greg was going to be leaving (awwww).

Soon the "show" started, with Steve Petersen (show director) saying some opening comments - some serious, some goofing around. Layden was up next, claiming he went into Greg's house and found the journal Greg had written in throughout his life. Layden then read several passages from that (imaginary) journal, starting back in the 1970's. When he got to 1989 Greg had been hired for Streetmosphere at MGM Studios, and Layden read the passage where Greg met a "really cute guy at work today" - his name starts with an "L". He then said the next several pages were variations of Greg Sadecky, Greg Triggs Sadecky, etc, as if Greg was fantasizing about marrying Layden. He also read a passage where Greg &amp; Layden broke up - saying the stallion must run free <g>. Some passages were poignant, but most were just plain funny. The final passage dealt with Greg's decision to leave - saying he couldn't wait to get out of Orlando and get away from these no-talent people he's surrounded by <g>. Layden did a great job - which is no surprise.

Next Steve was up as a very jewish man (Steve's jewish) giving Greg advice on how to understand the jewish people since he was moving to New York City and there are more of them up there than in Orlando. Steve is a scream - he's amazingly talented, and had the crowd in hysterics. He'd say what the person really meant when they said things. For example, in a restaurant when he says "that was a good meal" what he means is "you pick up the check". Some of the other stuff I can't repeat here - aol would send me a nasty-gram, so suffice to say it was a treat seeing Steve on a non-Disney stage <g>!

Greg's best friend Tom spoke, sharing many of their experiences over the years - some funny but many just really sweet. Some people were emotional - Greg is going to be missed by so many people, on so many different levels. Some people sang songs, including Carol Stein who sang something like "There'll Never Be Another You", with lyrics that were perfect for the occasion. She also towards the end played it as if Beethoven had composed it, and I think Mozart (like she does to open shows sometimes).

The ex-husband of a former actor got up and told a story about how he met Greg years ago (thru his wife) and each time Greg would whisper to him "I can change you", meaning Greg can change him from a heterosexual. This went on for quite a few years, then one day the guy had been drinking and decided to drop in on Greg - with a bottle of wine. Greg let him in, and the guy told him "this is your chance". He said he went into the bathroom to get ready, and came out wearing a giant diaper (to be "changed") but Greg wasn't able to "perform" so nothing happened <g>. It was funnier watching him tell the story, even though you know it's all goofing around.

Matt spoke at the end, telling Greg that he loved him &amp; was happy he was moving to join him in NY. Poor Matt was in an awkward spot - everyone in the room was sad to be losing Greg, except Matt - who was happy to be getting him full time, and he acknowledged that feeling of loss. Finally, Greg went up to speak, talking about how he'd miss people and how much he's gained from being here the past 12 years or so. They closed the show with the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore Show - which played a significant role in Greg's growing up years. Someone brought him the hat Mary was wearing, and he tossed it up in the air at the end like Mary Tyler Moore used to do with her beret - it was a cute way to end.

People started leaving - I talked to his mom some more, and will see her next weekend as well. I saw Greg &amp; got a big long hug from him &amp; talked briefly. He told me he was glad I'd gotten to meet his mom, and I told him how much I liked her. Last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer he wanted to have his mom call me or give me the # to call her because she'd been through it 5 years earlier - but I didn't want to bother some woman who didn't even know me. In retrospect, I shouldn't have passed up the chance to meet her earlier - and she agreed <g>. Leesa &amp; I said our goodbyes and headed out.

We stopped at Target to pick up a couple of items, then returned to Leesa's. I threw in some laundry, we checked the photos taken, and hung out while I updated the report so I'd be caught up before going to Comedy Warehouse. We left before 7, and drove to Downtown Disney. Parking was a nightmare - where do all these people come from on a Sunday night?? We got our PI wrist bands and then went to Ghiradelli for a chocolate sample before walking back to the West Side where I got a beef empanada from the window at Bongo's. We walked back and entered PI, arriving at the Comedy Warehouse by 8pm. To our shock &amp; horror, the entire chained queue area was filled in and the line outside the chain extended back past the bar and in front of the top of the stairs next to the stage! This was amazing for the first show. Luckily we were able to get passes for the backdoor, otherwise we wouldn't have seen the first show.

Once inside I saw Matt &amp; congratulated him on his daughter (born a week ago). He didn't have any pictures with him, but promised to bring one in. The 8:15 cast surprised me - before the show I was thinking to myself that this would be a perfect night for Layden to sub, and who comes out to open the show but Layden, lol! He was joined by Joy, Jen, Jenn Br &amp; Todd. I was thrilled to see both Layden &amp; Jenn Br working and the shows were so much better than I'd expected - partly due to them &amp; their influence and partly due to really good audiences. After the opening number Jen &amp; Jenn Br did Story Telling, called "The Flamboyant Bagel". They were 2 jewish ladies who own a bagel shop on Long Island, and developed a flamboyant one with pearls and multi-colors. It was a really cute story, and they played their characters very well. They did Up Your Alley about sculptures, hosted by Jen as Gladys. Todd was a 5-year old named William who sculpted in play-doh. Joy was a little old lady named Beatrice who holds the record for viewing naked sculptures. Layden was Rodan's (sp?) statue The Thinker, but really he was The Stinker because he was sitting on the toilet. Overall it was a good show.

After the show Layden came right out to greet guests as they left. A woman went over to him and I saw him point to me - she must have mentioned my name - and she came over to say hi. It was Mac from radp - I'd met her a couple of years ago in Epcot, and it was nice seeing her again. She was excited to finally see Layden in a show (for the first time). Another couple overheard my name being mentioned between Mac &amp; Layden, so when Mac left they asked if I was me, and it turns out they were Alex &amp; Lani from MousePlanet! I've been associated with that site for 2 years now, but since they're in California we'd never met. Lani is the editor and is the person I submit all of my articles to - it was so nice to put faces to their names, and I enjoyed talking to them. After Alex &amp; Lani left I stopped and talked with Layden about the party this afternoon. As it turns out he &amp; Steve wrote his act 5 minutes before going on stage - it was completely improvised <g>.

We went outside but thankfully only had a few minutes out there (it was really cold). We found out the big crowds were the marathon guests - evidently Disney gave them all a free ticket to PI for tonight, and they were bombarding the Warehouse. Talking with the manager Dave later we learned nobody told them to expect bigger crowds, so they were not prepared for them - not very good communication on Disney's part. He'd been running down to Jazz to help there, since they were overwhelmed as well.

The 9:15 cast was Jenn Br, Layden, Jen, Todd &amp; Matt. They opened with the poem "I think the cow ate a box of dynamite." It was a good poem <g>. Matt rang the bell in Should Have Said where Jen was shopping and Layden was the transsexual clerk in Victoria's Secret. Next Layden &amp; Jenn Br created a funny song called "Ouch" as a couple on their honeymoon. She got tangled in his chest hair and ripped it off, while he ripped out her armpit hair since she was his European bride! They also did Clichéé this show, torturing Matt at the bottom of the sea. He had to guess "A kernel of corn is always guilty in a courtroom full of chickens." The clues were excellent, and the clichéé was so long Matt had a tough time remembering all of it - especially since he had just sounds and not actual words for most of it! Finally he figured it out, and they had just enough time to do the closing number. It was a great show!

We dragged our feet leaving, since it was so cold outside and we knew it was a long time until the next show. I talked to Carol Stein - we were each cleaning up a row for the servers, and we talked about the song she sang at the party. I'd talked to her (&amp; her husband) at the party, but not after she did the song, so I hadn't yet told her how much I'd liked it. Finally Leesa &amp; I went outside - it was colder than ever, with the wind blowing towards the back door. We sat over by 8 Trax for a little while because it was somewhat sheltered, then returned to the back door when the wait got shorter.

The 10:30 cast was Todd, Layden, Brian, Matt &amp; Joy. Layden directed a 1-Act Play by pausing the action to get a suggestion from the audience from time to time. The audience was great - full of people raising their hands and giving really bizarre suggestions that challenged the actors. Joy &amp; Matt were working at Test Track. He was a deaf buddhist and she dreamed of them becoming pro wrestlers. They decided instead to charge Disney guests lots of money to be able to wrestle at the Wedding Pavilion at WDW, of course selling them the pictures afterwards. Todd &amp; Brian came in as 2 guests who paid to wrestle. Joy &amp; Matt made so much money in 6 months they went to the buddhist temple where Matt got a chest hair implant (not sure, but it may have cured his deafness). It was really great!

They did Forgotten Songs next. Matt &amp; Todd sang an acoustic rock song called "Purple Paint Rules" that was just ok. Layden was a lounge singer singing a love ballad called "Mile 22" comparing a relationship to a marathon. Brian &amp; Joy were vikings singing "Viagra", and that one was cute also. Next they did Letters to the Editor, which was just ok. The topic was bottlecap candy - not much to work with <g>. Brian wrote to Maxim, Layden was a kid writing to Boy's Life, and Todd wrote to Golf Digest.

We were not sticking around for another show (too cold, too late). I was about to say goodnight to Layden &amp; leave but he struck up a conversation about the show so we chatted briefly. I could tell he was enjoying the audience while he was directing the 1-Act Play, and he said he was amazed that they had so many great suggestions and none were sexual or any of the other inappropriate stuff they get so often. That is, until the guy during Forgotten Songs tried to suggest something about elephants &amp; gynecology (Matt refused to take it). We said our goodbyes and headed out to the car.

Back at Leesa's I made some cappuccino and finished the report. I've got to pack a bit, but that can wait until morning. Today was a GREAT day, even though all we did was attend a 2-hour party and see 3 CW shows. Somehow that took up the entire day/night but the time flew by. Greg's party was wonderful, and I was so glad to be invited - I had to juggle the on-call schedule at work and make an extra trip up, but there's no way I would have missed it. The shows tonight were great, and finding Layden working at the CW when I'm in town (as opposed to the day I leave) was a rare treat <g>.

Tomorrow I head to Tampa to fly to Tallahassee for a meeting, flying back to Tampa on Thursday. Originally I was due to fly back Friday, and would have driven straight to WDW at that point, but now I'll drive home and spend one night there so I can go to work on Friday. I'll leave early enough to get to CW in time to meet Tracy (&amp; Tyger?) for the 7:20 show. The trip report will resume on Friday - and if there's anything of interest about flying out of or into Tampa Airport I'll mention it then.


Who: Sue, DVC Member
Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular
Tracy &amp; Tyger, Comedy Warehouse regulars

Plan: Work, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: Last Monday I ended up working from Leesa's house, then headed to Animal Kingdom Lodge expecting to get a yogurt/granola thing for lunch. I checked to see what the soup of the day was, and was surprised to find the apple chicken! I haven't seen that soup in a very long time, and it's one of my favorites, so I ended up ordering that instead of the yogurt. I wished I had a way to get the yogurt to Tallahassee without it being a pain, though! Driving to Tampa there was little to no traffic but it still took 1.5 hours (&amp; I do tend to drive faster than the speed limit). Many motorcycle cops had pulled over motorists, so be careful once you get close to Tampa. It takes forever to park, ride to the terminal, check baggage, ride to the gate, go thru security, etc --but I arrived at the gate with 2 hours to spare. I had a conference call the 2nd hour, so I spent the 1st hour catching up on the downloaded messages.

Returning to Tampa on Thursday was uneventful. The security in little bitty Tallahassee seems more stringent than the bigger cities, for whatever reason. They follow every rule to the letter, which can be a pain when it's something that doesn't really seem to jeopardize anyone's safety. Arriving home I found the US Postal Service once again has screwed up and not delivered my mail on Wednesday (or Thursday) like instructed over the website. This time though, I'm NOT taking time from work or my trip to make the round trip to the post office during their open hours to pick it up - I'll just call and have the idiots deliver it today or tomorrow (Chris will be stopping by to get it, since he's working).

Leesa had contacted me to let me know she would be staying at Nancy's house tonight to work on some computer stuff, but I was still welcome to use her place. I've got a key, so she doesn't have to be present for me to get in and for 1 night I don't feel too funny being there without her being home. I thought if I have time, I may call CRO from work just to check on the off chance that All Star Movies is available tonight at the $49 rate - but then I remembered I'd left stuff at her house and would need to go there to pick it up anyway. The day at work passed quickly, which is usually the case after being gone for a while. I decided to leave around 3 in order to minimize driving after dark since I really hate driving at night. There's a management meeting at 3 on Tuesday that I'll be stopping in for, so leaving early today helped balance out some of that time.

The drive up was easy until I got near highway 27 and I-4 slowed to a crawl. Most of the problem was rubber-necking at an accident scene, but even beyond that it was very congested. I'd left at 3:15 and was at Animal Kingdom Lodge by 6:15. It was quite a bit chillier up here, especially now that it was getting dark! At Mara I was not surprised to see they were out of the yogurt/granola things (it was a long shot) so I went to the cm to find out what was being served as the soup of the day. It was chicken corn chowder so I got the tomato bisque <g>. It was delicious as always, and after I ate I drove over to Downtown Disney and parked at Pleasure Island.

Once on the Island I called Leesa and found her &amp; Jim Roberts (keyboard player) sitting at the back door. She'd already gotten the passes for tonight, and said it was quite a bit cooler at the top of the hill by the regular door. Jim mentioned Frankie &amp; the West End Boys (his wife A.J. is the sax player) will be on the Wonder playing during our DVC cruise! They've done the cruises before and were very popular with the cruise passengers. Jim went to see if there was going to be a first show, then came and let us in a little early. We took our seats in long row and waited for it to begin. Carl was our server and I don't think I'd ever ordered a drink other than water from him before. I gave him my CW cup and told him I wanted a Bye Bye Blues, which he'd never heard of. He told me later he went to the bar and gave the cup to the bartender and said "Sue" - and the bartender said "Oh yeah, Bye Bye Blues" <g>. I didn't recognize the bartender's name, either.

The 7:20 cast was Chris, Mary, Krista, Karl &amp; Brian. They did Song Cue with Mary &amp; Brian as 2 dweebs who collect misting fans. They were interrupted by Krista 3 times to create a song from what was just said. "Dweebs" was a funny Baroque song, "Barbie &amp; Ken Mist" was a ragtime song, and "A co-collector" was done in the style of goth. Next was Up Your Alley, hosted by Brian as Sideways Johnson. The topic was frozen hot chocolate, which I gave them after hearing of this and finding it on the website for a Manhattan restaurant called Serendipity (it looks SO good). Chris was Nanook, an eskimo. Krista was Vera Goldman, mother of 4 kids who doesn't have time to make hot chocolate so she buys it frozen and throws it in the microwave. Karl was wearing a blonde wig with braids, and wearing a dress as Heidi from the Swiss Miss company. The audience was great with lots of good questions, and I was glad it went well. Overall it was a good show, particularly for the first show of the night!

After the show Mary waited for us, and wanted to chat since things were so busy at Greg's party last weekend she wasn't able to spend much time with people. I think she pretty much planned/organized the whole thing, which was really nice of her but not a surprise at all <g>. Brian stopped by briefly, and then Christine's parents came in when the backdoor opened. Mary headed backstage and we went to our seats. Tracy came in and was seated directly behind us, which worked out perfectly! She was late because she was busy buying a new car, and her story of being frantic to get here in time for the show was really funny!

The 8:15 cast was Greg, Mary, Chris, Brian &amp; Karl. Karl rang the bell in Should Have Said. Brian was a customer in a Walmart in New York City, and Greg was a greeter with attitude. It was pretty funny - Greg had the obnoxious attitude down pat <g>. Next they created a musical in the style of Gigi, but it starred Mary as Riri and Greg as her dad Yoyo. They were coming to the USA so she could become Miss America, even though she was 37 years old, still wearing braids, and had dropped out of high school. On the way to America they met Karl as Richard Simmons on the ship, and he taught Riri a disco dance for the talent competition. It was a fun scene! They did the Scene Change/Transitions thing, where each actor has a subject and they rotate scenes. Karl had tupperware, Mary had food, Chris had shoes, and Brian had jock strap.

After the show Greg came over and said "I guess you didn't get my email today?" and I couldn't resist goofing with him a bit by saying "No, did you tell me not to come here tonight?" I knew what his reaction would be - and let him know I had gotten it. We talked with him for a while about some stuff, I chatted with Mary briefly (she wanted to know if her sister Patty had reached me), and then since Tyger had arrived I asked Joe if we could add her &amp; Tracy to the pass for the next show. Once again the doors opened so we returned to long row thankful that we'd been spared having to go outside in the cold!

The 9:15 cast was Mary, Matt, Greg, Krista &amp; Karl. Krista led Conducted Story, which was called Andover the Money. Mary died first, by a crystal ball. She was a fake pyschic tellng the fortune (for lots of money) of a young couple played by Krista &amp; Matt. Karl died by a pair of new Doc Martens in a funny scene where Greg was a very snooty salesman who felt Karl was too old to wear those shoes (and too middle-class). The lesson was not to shop outside of your demographics <g>. Matt died in the Garden of Eden, and had the others all assigned to a different role. That left Greg, and he wrapped the story up in a fairly long but entertaining poem.

Towards the end of the show my phone buzzed, and the call went to voicemail. I figured it was Patty, and Mary confirmed the Hawaii area code. Mary &amp; I talked for a few minutes - she was thinking she wouldn't see me again this trip, but we'll both be here Monday night. She and some of the others will be working a convention at Epcot tomorrow - Greg told us more about it later. Tracy &amp; Tyger went home, Nancy came out on break, and I checked the voicemail for Patty's message. I called her back and we talked about trying to get together sometime tomorrow. We were outside for a little while, but it wasn't too bad since we were sheltered somewhat and Joe opened the door up early.

The 10:30 cast was Krista, Greg, Brian, Chris &amp; Matt. They opened with a cute poem called "Leprechan Bowling". Next was This is Your Life, with Greg doing the interview. The volunteer was an 18-year old girl from Colorado and unfortunately she didn't really have much material for them to work with. One guy stood up and had a blow-up doll with him (life-size) and tried to make her/it the volunteer, but Greg wasn't having any of that! It didn't go badly considering the lack of material, but it would have been great if the girl had been older or had more life experiences to draw from. They also did Clichéé, and tortured Greg. He was in the castle in Central Park and had to guess "I smell what you're stepping in". He got it pretty quickly, and they all did a good job. He wanted to know who came up with that clichéé, and when the woman was pointed out he told her "you're a classy lady" lol!

Nancy came out after the show, ready to take Leesa home with her. Greg came over, knowing we never stay for the 12:05 show and wanting to say goodbye since he won't be working the rest of this trip or any of my next trip - bummer! He went through his travel schedule - and we talked about his last day coming up sometime in March. He said he'll definitely let us know when that will be, and wants us to be there - I just hope it's not while I'm in Hilton Head. I can drive 6 hours round trip from home, but 10-12 from Hilton Head is a bit much! I walked out with Nancy &amp; Leesa, then drove myself to her place. Sure enough, she'd left chocolate in my room - a very thoughtful touch!

I wrote up the report &amp; got it posted, and IM'd with Nancy &amp; Leesa briefly. Leesa was working on one of the computers there and needed me to check for something in her room - so it worked out well for everyone that I stayed here.

Today went according to plan, and was a great day. I'm sorry Greg won't be working tomorrow night, especially since his time here is so limited. Hopefully we'll get a decent sub, but you never know. In the morning I'll check in to All Star Movies (it'd be great if the room was ready, but with this being a holiday weekend I don't expect it) and head to Mara for breakfast before deciding which park to visit while I'm "homeless".


Who: Sue, DVC Member
Patty, friend new to Orlando
Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular
Lisa(Bride), Fortress &amp; DVC friend

Plan: Check in All Star Movies, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: I slept well and got up around 8 to shower and have some hot chocolate for breakfast. After responding to an email or 2 I was out the door by 9:45, headed for Disney property. Leesa - thanks for the use of Hotel Leesa <g>. At All Star Movies the check in line only had 1 person ahead of me, so the wait was not too bad. The resort was completely full last night, so I was shocked when she said my room was ready! I got Toy Story, top floor, in what looks like a very quiet location. Having all those big strong green army men directly above me doesn't hurt - hopefully they'll provide a presence so I'm not having to duct tape too many rambunctious kids <g>.

I put my stuff in the room, which appears to be just perfect, then drove over to Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The soup today was 3 bean gumbo, so there's no need to consider returning here for dinner tonight. I bought 2 of the yogurt/granola things and ate part of one while reading a magazine inside. The rest I brought back to All Star Movies and put away in the cooler I'd brought to serve as a free refrigerator. By now it must have been around 11:30 am or so - I hate how the time flies by so quickly!

Since it was still somewhat cool I figured a ride in on the tram from the parking lot wouldn't be much fun, so I went to the bus stop and took the bus to Animal Kingdom. Entry was quick &amp; easy, and I stopped to check the tip board. The waits were much shorter than last time (during New Year's), of course! The safari was posted at 15 minutes, Dinosaur &amp; Primeval Whirl at 20, and everything else was shorter. I walked back to Harambe and got a fastpass for the safari, with a return time of 12:40. I walked through Asia and into Dinoland to check out Dinosaur to see if the wait time really looked like 20 minutes, and it did. The line was just out the door, which is too long for me to wait. I walked back to Harambe again and did the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail - skipping everything but the gorillas.

Gus was sitting just outside his cave and cm Lisa told me the younger boys had been playing games trying to displace Gus but Gus was wisely just ignoring them. They kept watching him, hoping for a reaction but when they didn't get one they gave up and went to play elsewhere. I was very happy to hear the cm talking on the microphone down by the glass wall telling people to please be quiet when going to view the gorillas, as they don't like noise. On the bridge cm Lisa also kept telling people to stop whistling, stop making stupid noises, etc. I went over and told her I was glad to see the cm's doing that again. She told me to feel free to tell people as well, but I told her when I'm on the trail with a bunch of rude people and the cm is present but ignoring it, I am hesitant to say anything. After all, if I was doing something &amp; a cm wasn't saying anything about it but another guest told me I shouldn't be doing that I might be tempted to just blow the person off. I probably would say something if there wasn't a cm around though - informing the person that what they're doing is something the gorillas don't like.

I took a few pictures of Gus for Kathy, and then left to ride the safari. There ended up being no need for the fastpass at all - the standby side was a walk-on as well. The jeep was not full, which was nice. As we passed over the Nile crocodiles my phone rang, and thankfully without anyone really close to me I was able to take the call from Patty without disturbing the ride. It was kind of funny - Patty asked where I was and I replied I just crossed over some Nile crocodiles while on safari <g>. We made plans to meet in about an hour and after I hung up I realized we weren't very far into the safari yet and still had a ways to go! I figured there was a good chance I'd be late, but hoped for the best - I would call closer to our meeting time if that was going to be the case.

When the safari ended (it was a good one - lots of animals, good guide, nice bunch of fellow passengers) I quickly left the park and took the All Star bus back to Movies (it stops at all 3 resorts). Back in the room I grabbed my warmer shoes (aka lesbian boots) in case I didn't get back to the room before PI, then got the car and drove to Downtown Disney. Patty &amp; I were meeting at 2 at Guest Services, and I arrived at the location in the West Side just before 2! About 2:05 I called her - she was waiting for me at Guest Services at the Marketplace <g>, so we both began walking until we met near McDonald's. She'd been debating which version of park pass would be best for her - and ended up buying a regular (FL resident) AP at the West Side location. Once that was done we went to Wolfgang Puck's Caféé for a nice lunch!

We were seated promptly at a table by the window (view of the DVC construction across the lake), and once again service and the food were great. Patty got the butternut squash soup and a small caesar salad, while I got the tortilla soup and glass of a reisling from Oregon. She tried &amp; liked my soup, but I passed on the chance to try hers (butternut squash is too much like a vegetable <g>). Neither of us had room for dessert, and they're all so huge I can't imagine anyone ordering one after a meal here! We talked, ate, talked some more - it was a nice relaxing lunch. I got the 20% off with the DDE, but AP holders can get 10% off by showing their pass during lunch only.

When we finished we wandered around back to the Marketplace, planning to ride the boat to OKW. The boat was at the dock as we walked around, but it had left by the time we got there and the "closed" sign was out. It's possible with the cool weather they stopped running at 4pm I guess. We stopped in Ghiradelli, which was crowded with people getting chocolate samples! Back outside we saw a new store and went in to check it out. I forget the name, but it's 1 word and begins with the letter B. Inside it's all soaps, shampoos, bath stuff, candles, etc. They had some really cool stuff - all appropriately expensive of course <g>. Some of the stuff we had to ask the cm how it was used - like the bar of shampoo.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, and I was glad to see Patty again. She left to head home for a while, but might join us for the first show later. I got my car and drove back to All Star Movies, hoping to get the report caught up before going out again. The phone was blinking, and I was thrilled to have a message from Tom saying he &amp; Leanne were already here! I thought they were arriving tomorrow, but they must have added an All Star night for tonight (tomorrow they move to OKW). I called them back, but they were out so I left a message. I was going to take the morning off tomorrow, but that may change depending on what they want to do.

Around 6:40 I drove over to Downtown Disney and parked in the lot where I'd seen Nancy's car. As I was approaching the Comedy Warehouse Leesa called to see where I was - once again in a minute or 2 we were in sight of each other and hung up the phone <g>. Kelly &amp; Alan from Ft Pierce arrived, and I chatted with them while they waited in line outside of the chain area. Leesa had already gotten the passes for the shows so she headed down to the backdoor to sit. David and his friend Judy arrived and he offered to save me a seat, but I told him Leesa was already downstairs and I'd be joining them soon. I watched for Lisa/Bride from Fortress but never saw her before the first show so I'm assuming the cold weather kept her away.

The 7:20 cast was Matt, Jen, Karl, Todd &amp; Chris. Jen &amp; Todd told the "Hairy Book" in Story Telling that was just ok. It was brief, which was good. They had some funny moments, but overall it's a really tough way to start a show. Next they did Clichéé, torturing Chris. This really improved the show immensely! Leesa gave the clichéé - "Always remember a dirty raincoat will never let you down." It made no sense, so it was harder for Chris but they all did a great job with the clues and she was good at figuring them out. After the show we hung out talking with Todd and Jim (Roberts). Todd recalled the first time he was tortured the clichéé wasn't even all in English - they'll take a foreign language and if the actor doesn't speak it he has to guess it phonetically.

We went back to our seats and the 8:15 cast was Todd, Brian, Jen, Chris &amp; Karl. Todd rang the bell in Should Have Said, where Chris was drinking for the first time &amp; met Karl in a bar. Later her husband Matt &amp; his other wife Jen showed up, and both women ended up leaving Matt to become Karl's wives. Next was Song Cue, which I normally like a lot but tonight the song styles suggested were kind of strange. While the actors did a good job, I personally didn't like any of the songs. Jen &amp; Brian were in Walmart - she was shopping and he was her brother-in-law who'd just been released from jail for stalking her (his wife/her sister was in a coma). The story was entertaining, but the songs killed it for me. They did "This has got to stop" as a melancholy song, "Freaky is fun" as a mellow song, and "Lifelong Devotion" as a Moody Blues song.

The 9:15 cast was Matt, Jenn Br, Brian, Karl &amp; Chris. They opened with a poem called "I'm in a pickle", which was cute. Karl hosted This is Your Life and it was very funny. They acted out a guest's first kiss, a job experience, and her dream of going to Mars. Matt came out and created a song about traveling back &amp; forth between here and New York, and did a good job with that. They also did Actor's Nightmare, and it was Christine's nightmare. Everyone else read all of their lines from scripts of real plays, and Chris had to make it all make sense while improvising her lines. They closed the show with a western ballad about a guy who got drunk at his wedding and was sleep-walking to the bathroom the next morning and ended up going out the hotel room door rather than the bathroom door. He ended up wandering around the 45th floor of the Marriott naked and eventually took the elevator down to the lobby and told them "I'm drunk, I'm naked, and I can't find my wife", lol! There was also a convention going on at the hotel, but it was a convention of blind people - the cast did a great job on the song about this story <g>!

We chatted with Nancy between shows, and went back in when the door opened. The 10:30 cast was Jenn Br, Jen, Todd, Matt &amp; Karl. They did Emotions, which I always enjoy but haven't seen for a while. Karl &amp; Jenn Br created a scene about being in Africa on vacation, and had to stay in the style of whatever emotion had last been called for them. It causes lots of twists &amp; turns, and is a fast-moving structure.

They did Up Your Alley next, hosted by Karl as Zeigfried. The topic was handcuffs, and Jen came out wearing a pair as Kiki - I think she was on her honeymoon and wanted to live out her Eric Estrada fantasy from the Chips tv show. Todd was Skippy, a security guard at Walmart, and Matt stole the show as Zig Johnson, director of programming for ABC Primetime. He talked about a new reality show called Joe Handcuff, where 1 man would be handcuffed to 30 women and each week get rid of some by gnawing their wrist bone away. The whole show he was just nuts - lots of fun to watch since you never knew what he was going to say or do next!

Nancy came in after the show so we walked out together. Back at All Star Movies I finished up the report and got it posted before getting some sleep. It was a busy day, but a great one. I'm glad to be back on Disney property and very happy with my room here at the All Stars. The afternoon with Patty was great, and of course I always enjoy being at the Comedy Warehouse. Even the weather wasn't too bad - during the day the sun kept things comfortable, and it had only dropped to 37 by the time I got home, which is better than the low of 29 they're expecting by morning!

Tomorrow I'll catch up with Tom &amp; Leanne somewhere. They have a lunch planned at Norway, which definitely is not a place for me (hate fish)! I may head to LeCellier, though <g>. For now I'm safe &amp; warm under the green army men, looking forward to the rest of the trip!


Who: Sue, DVC Member
Tom &amp; Leanne, friends, DVC members

Plan: Park w/Tom &amp; Leanne, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: After sleeping very well I got up around 8. It's really nice not getting up at 6am in order to rush off to the theme parks! I showered and had breakfast (some of the yogurt/granola and a cappuccino), then called Tom &amp; Leanne to make plans for today. Since they're eating at Norway, I went ahead and called Disney Dining to book myself at Le Cellier for approximately the same time.

Around 10 I left All Star Movies and drove to Beach Club Villas. I enjoy the walk into Epcot that way, and had enough time before meeting Tom &amp; Leanne at 10:30 near Spaceship Earth. I regretted leaving my gloves in the room, as the wind made it pretty cold despite the bright sunshine. So, I walked around in Greg-style, with my sleeves pulled down over my hands <g>. I arrived a few minutes early and waited for Tom &amp; Leanne inside the Art of Disney store since it was so windy outside. It's always windy by the entrance to Spaceship Earth, though. They arrived and we decided to ride Spaceship Earth - actually, I suggested it and they were too polite to say "have you lost your freakin' mind - look at the line". The line did move very quickly though, and I don't think it took more than 5 minutes. The ride stopped for a while, but it was after we were seated. I felt bad for the people standing outside in the wind!

When we got off we headed for World Showcase. Tomorrow is Tom's birthday and we decided to celebrate it at Rose &amp; Crown. I've never eaten there, never wanted to eat there, but for Tom I'll give it a try <g>. We checked out the menu and I saw a few things I can choose from, and then noticed one of the desserts is a white &amp; dark chocolate mousse parfait with strawberry coulis - we hit the jackpot with that one! Leanne made the priority seating for tomorrow, then we continued walking.

We stopped in the USA and saw the American Adventure. Including the 3 of us, there were 13 people waiting for the show - although a few more may have come in after we were seated! I don't see this often, but I do like it a lot even though I cannot stand the Hall of Presidents at MK. We kept walking around and I finally realized what seemed weird - Tom was wearing long pants! He wore them when we'd be at meetings together, but at wdw he always wears shorts no matter how cold it is. In Norway we rode the Maelstrom and got off the boat when the theater doors were still open so we did not have to wait at all.

Leanne &amp; I checked out the buffet in Norway (Tom knew he'd eat anything) and she decided there was enough normal stuff for them to eat there. I knew I'd be happier (with the food) at Le Cellier! We made our plans to meet tomorrow, and I left them to eat their lunch. I stopped in Mexico for the boat ride, then got to Canada just in time for my 1pm priority seating.

I ordered my soup, and decided to skip the wine. My waitress from the last 2 visits recognized me &amp; came over to chat. She was excited because she says she never gets to recognize anyone here, and since they only work for a year it makes sense that most guests are not going to be here often enough during that year to be recognized. She laughed when I said I'd left my friends in Norway and came over here. They've got a couple new items on the menu, and she strongly praised the oven roasted potato salad. She left when my waiter brought my soup, which was excellent as always. I ordered the kids' chocolate mousse even though I could only eat a few bites. The waiter brought me a coffee cup &amp; lid to take the leftovers home with me for later. With the DDE the check was only $6.80 so I left $10 and headed out of there. I was so full my stomach hurt (even though I really didn't eat more than usual) so I decided to walk around. I walked the opposite way around World Showcase, exited through International Gateway, then walked around the Boardwalk to the Yacht Club and then Beach Club. I hoped to find some greeting cards in the shops, but there were none.

I got the car and drove (gasp!) off-property to a Walgreens on 192 in Kissimmee. I wanted to buy a couple greeting cards and once that was done I immediately returned to Disney property! There was a message from Leanne, reporting that lunch in Norway was not something they cared to repeat again. She said they were glad they tried it, but once was enough - it wasn't anything worth doing again.

I called Disney reservations to check on a discount code mentioned on a card hanging from my doorknob this morning. They've got a code for guests who are currently staying in a Disney resort. If I book another stay before I check out I can save 40% off the non-discounted rate from March 1, 2003 until December 31, 2003. I'm not going to give the code out, since it won't do anyone any good unless they are a Disney resort guest - when you call they verify that you're currently a registered guest so please don't waste their time. Anyway, I booked All Star Movies for a 3-night Thanksgiving weekend stay for under $52 including taxes per night! Even the $49 rate comes out to $55 with tax, so this is an unbelievable rate. All along I'd planned to not book a DVC trip for Thanksgiving but it the $49 rate came out I'd come up if I was able to get that for the weekend. After I booked I called Leanne to give her the information. They didn't have the card on their door, but since they don't check out until tomorrow (when they move to BW) they should be eligible.

I got the report caught up, read my email, and wrote back to a friend. While doing that I thought about Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge and called Disney back to see if that was available at the discount for next Thanksgiving. It was, but for $862 rather than the $155 at All Star Movies, lol! Knowing I can buy the Cape Indaba wine for $7.99/bottle at home, there's no way I could drink $700 worth over 3 nights <g>. So, unless I discover a money tree flourishing in my back yard or decide in the next 2 weeks that I really need to splurge and do this, the reservation will be canceled and I'll be back to All Stars <g>.

As the afternoon turned to evening, the thought of going out in the cold had me tempted to just forget about Comedy Warehouse tonight in favor of staying in! I procrastinated on leaving until after 7pm, but finally bundled up and hit the road. There's only a very slim chance I'll stick around through the long break before the 10:30 show, so most likely I'll only see 2 shows tonight and get home early. Also, knowing that both Greg &amp; Mary were not going to be there made me less excited about going - even though I enjoy the others Mary &amp; Greg are who come to mind first when I think about who I'd like to see working.

When I got to Pleasure Island there was a crowd blocking the only open turnstile, and the one next to it. Evidently a couple was trying to bring their teen plus a bunch of other teens who were not their children or wards. The cm was explaining that because they were under 18 they could not come in without their parent or guardian present (they could get onto the street since it was before 9pm, just not into any of the clubs). I stood back there - impatient but also curious (nosy). Eventually the dad saw me and suggested they move out of the way. I'm not sure how it got resolved, but the cm was not budging during the time I was there. I headed to the Marketplace and stopped at Ghiradelli first. After getting the chocolate sample I bought one of the chocolate covered toffee squares that Chris likes - they were all out last time he was here with me. At World of Disney I browsed around but didn't buy anything, then returned to PI and chatted with cm Susan outside of Comedy Warehouse until it was time to get in line.

I was seated in long row, but unfortunately ended up with the guests from hell next to me. They were a couple on their honeymoon, but were married last August. He was next to me, and was very friendly but then I realized he was either drunk or he had some mental challenges. It turned out he was drunk - I wouldn't hold a mental challenge against anyone. He was most interested in getting beer, and I assured him they did sell beer. He had his cigarettes &amp; lighter on the shelf in front of him, and he asked about smoking. I couldn't help it - I blurted out "OH MY GOD, NO - there's absolutely no smoking allowed in HERE" but did tell him most of the other clubs permitted smoking <g>. I ordered a hot chocolate and realized why Leesa always orders it with extra chocolate - it was like light brown water, lol! Next time I see Dave the manager I'll try to remember to suggest they either use 2 packets or get smaller cups <g>.

The 8:15 cast was Brian, Matt, Chris, Philip &amp; Joy. The opening phone call gave us a high school girl who's in her senior year and has no idea what she's doing next year (but is looking at colleges, just can't remember the names of them). She had a traumatic break-up with her boyfriend 2 weeks ago &amp; was trying to get over that, but when Joy asked how long they'd been together, her answer was 5 weeks! She said she was proud because that was one of her longer relationships - gheesh! The cast did a good job with the song, and a couple kind of slammed her for being such an idiot. In the meantime I had drunk weird guy next to me yelling out inappropriate things when no suggestions were being called for, except for when he spent his time burping out loud. Oy, it was shaping up to be a very long show.

The first structure was Story Telling (it figures <g>) with Matt &amp; Chris as son &amp; mom telling a story about Mickey Mouse watches. Matt had a fear of Mickey Mouse and Chris tried to get him over it by giving him a MM watch. He tried holding it under the faucet for an hour, but it kept on ticking like some demon being. She eventually signed him up for the college program at Disney, which he was not looking forward to. For Story Telling, it wasn't bad. It would have been better if weird drunk guy wasn't continuing to yell stuff out. They played Schmeopardy, hosted by Philip as Gene Shalit (the wig, thick mustache……he really looked like him). Matt was Chin Yo, a heat &amp; air conditioning tech who repairs paper chinese fans. Brian was Al Poman (Alpo Man), a veterinarian who specializes in cloning. Joy was Crease TheTops, who works at the Gap folding t-shirts. Weird drunk guy kept yelling out "condom" for no reason other than to hear himself speak, I guess. Finally when Philip asked for a suggestion in the topic of the American revolution, the guy yelled out "condom production". Philip wasn't sure what he said, and asked him to repeat it!! Argh - I wanted to crawl under the shelf, but they all know I wouldn't be with someone like that! When he repeated it again and Philip understood him, Philip refused to take it, saying it had nothing to do with the American revolution. So, the guy went back to burping. I was so glad when the show ended, lol! It wasn't a bad show, but the guy next to me was a huge distraction to people in my area, and I know the actors could hear it all too. I stopped to chat with Dee on the way out, then got in line for one more show.

I got long row again, and wouldn't you know the guy in the couple next to me starts talking to me saying he's on his honeymoon! I about died, but this couple was really nice. They couldn't stop looking at each other's wedding rings, and were so cute &amp; in love. He comes to CW often, but I didn't ask his name - they're big fans of Jen Kober who used to work here.

The 9:15 cast was Chris, Matt, Joy, Philip &amp; (surprise) Greg. I knew Jake had taken the night off, so Greg must be in for him. They did Fill in the Blank with 2 audience volunteers. One of them kept tapping on the microphone and Carol Stein was going nuts because it's a $1500 piece of equipment. Matt &amp; Joy created a scene about looking for a missing Trivial Pursuit piece, and it was both funny and a little on the sick side (eating dead rats' tails, which taste like licorice). Up Your Alley was next, with Matt as host James something. He spoke slowly, wore a cardigan and glasses &amp; had a pipe. The topic was race car driving, after the first suggestion was declined as being unacceptable. I'm not sure what it was, but even the sound tech buzzed it out, and Matt said no way. Philip was Bob, a nascar fan from Massachusetts with a 4-year degree in liberal arts (going against the stereotype). Greg was funny as Burke Birkenstock, house boy for Jeff Gordon. His duties include wearing a thong, applying sunblock, and keeping the refrigerator stocked with diet pepsi. I'm assuming he presented a Jeff Gordon quite different than what most nascar fans know <g>. Chris was Tammy Tomawanga, a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Indians. They're getting into race car driving instead of casinos. It was a good show, and it was so nice to not have anyone disrupting it like the first show!

After the show I talked to Carol and saw Greg waiting. It was comical - we were both saying variations on "what are YOU doing here??" We talked about a bunch of different things, and it was nice seeing him again so unexpectedly. I thought briefly about sticking around for another show, but stuck with the original plan to make it an early night. However, I did learn that a show he's putting together for Sanibel Island will fall during my planned trip to Manhattan next Christmas - and will include some of the other CW actors. There's no way I'm going to miss that, since I live less than 10 minutes from the Sanibel causeway - so Manhattan will be postponed to 2004 unless I can do it before Christmas. The person I leave in charge at work really likes having the days off leading up to Christmas, so unless I can work it out for us both to be gone at the same time I won't be in NY this year. I said goodnight to Greg and headed out to the car, arriving back at All Star Movies shortly after 10:30 or so.

I made a ½½ cup of cappuccino and finished the report while watching the news to catch the local weather. I set the alarm to be up early enough to do my favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow (hoping I don't freeze my butt off) before meeting Tom &amp; Leanne for Tom's birthday lunch.

Except for the weird drunk guy today was a great day, and I did everything on the (meager) plan. I always enjoy Tom &amp; Leanne's company, lunch was fabulous, and finding Greg at CW was a very pleasant bonus.


Who: Sue, DVC Member
Tom &amp; Leanne, friends, DVC members

Plan: Park w/Tom &amp; Leanne, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: I'd set the alarm for 7, and woke up following another good night's sleep. This is my 2nd All Star stay in a row that's been just perfect - no noise anywhere, and a very convenient location. After a shower and breakfast of cappuccino and yogurt/granola I was out the door just after 8:30 to catch the bus to MK. There were 2 MK buses sitting at the bus stop, so I got on one and arrived at MK before 9am. They've finally changed the awful security set-up here, which makes it better (but I still wish they would do away with it entirely). Rather than feeding people to a central security point they took down the ropes and just have security tables at each turnstile - like at the entrance to Epcot. It really seemed to speed things up, and it was nice not having to walk way out of the way when coming off the resort buses or ferry boat.

I got to the end of Main Street just as the park opened, and the cm's unsuccessfully tried to keep people from running to Space Mountain. Teens, parents, it didn't matter - they all disregarded the safety instructions and took off running. I walked - and once I got to Space Mountain all of the runners were being held outside in line until the door opened in a few minutes <g>. I picked up a fastpass for 9:40 but decided to also do standby since there were not many people ahead of me. I was off Space Mountain by 9:15, and walked onto the Pooh ride and then also didn't have to wait to ride Peter Pan's Flight. From there I went to Frontierland and walked right on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and got to stay on for a 2nd ride because nobody was waiting for my seat! It was fun, and luckily it was warming up nicely outside. On the way back I rode Haunted Mansion and then walked right onto Snow White's Adventures.

It was well into my fastpass time by now so I returned to Space Mountain, where lots of people holding future fastpasses were clogging up the entrance! They moved the cm who checks the passes to the doorway to the building, and he was struggling to get these people out of the damn way - but of course they weren't moving away very quickly despite his requests. Argh - it's frustrating when people do that. Anyway, once inside I enjoyed the ride! Afterwards I rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which actually had a wait! By this point it was almost 11am and the park was getting too crowded for me so I left. I just missed the AS Movies bus, but another one came in about 10 minutes or so. I was the only passenger, too. Sports &amp; Music were sharing a bus, but Movies had it's own.

Back in the room I changed into less "warm" clothing and drove over to Beach Club Villas. I walked into Epcot and since I had about an hour to kill I went over and rode Test Track via single rider line. There was no wait for me at all, and I was the only person in the pre-show. The ride broke down just after I was seated, and stopped briefly a couple more times, but we didn't have any interruptions once we got on the outside track! When I got out I walked a loop around World Showcase, starting with Mexico. In Morocco I got a glass of wine and took it with me to meet Tom &amp; Leanne outside the Rose &amp; Crown in United Kingdom.

They were there, and since Tom didn't wear his pants today he was easy to recognize <g>. We were seated right away, and had a really nice server. I gave Tom his birthday card, and he passed it around for Leanne to see, and then showed it to the waitress, too. She recommended 3 things on the menu, and we ordered all 3. I got the appetizer cheese/fruit for my meal. The fruit was just grapes &amp; 2 apple slices, but I realized people don't eat melon or berries with cheese generally! I liked 1 of the 2 cheeses, and left the other one. Tom &amp; Leanne ordered the cottage pie and the fish &amp; chips, and then shared both. Everything was very good, and although this isn't a place I'd come to again for myself, I could accompany someone who wanted to eat here &amp; be happy with the fruit/cheese.

All of a sudden there was a big commotion, and a bunch of servers came over to surround us. They made Tom stand up and had the whole restaurant sing Happy Birthday to him. They also brought us a strawberry trifle with 3 spoons, which they didn't charge us for. I also ordered the chocolate mousse parfait, since I'm not a big trifle fan, and we all tried it and liked it. I'm not sure I'd order it again though, unless I was sharing it with someone else. It was good, but pretty rich. After lunch we decided to head to Animal Kingdom, so we walked back to the Beach Club Villas and stopped at the models so Tom &amp; Leanne could see them and get their special pin. They also had a DVC temporary tattoo that I was amused by - I'll have to wear it when the weather allows me to be more scantily clad in public!

We drove to AK, and were not thrilled at the idea of parking way far away when we knew people close to the entrance had left by now. Tom mentioned that Larry from Scotland just drove around the cones, so I decided to do the same. We drove up and parked in one of the first couple of rows, and walked into the park easily.

This park was busier than we expected, perhaps due to the upcoming afternoon parade. We went back to Harambe and did the standby line for the safari. It was a 15-minute or so wait, but that was all we really wanted to do. We had a good guide, and a nice safari - even saw both the male &amp; female lion laying down with their heads up. After the safari we were ready to call it a day, so we left the park. They headed for the bus back to Boardwalk and I drove back to All Star Movies. I'm glad our trips overlapped again, as I enjoy their company and now that Tom's not a co-worker anymore this is the only place I see him!

I spent time in the room updating the report and catching up online, then headed to Downtown Disney around 7. Tomorrow I thought about having an early lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Caféé before going to work, but when I checked tonight I found out they don't open until 11:30. I need to be on the road by noon, and don't want the stress of trying to get my lunch and get out within 30 minutes! I walked over to the Marketplace and looked around Basin again. The prices are really comparable to Bath &amp; Body, except there is no discount for buying 3-4 items at one time. On the way over I ran into someone who called my name - in the dark I didn't notice him, but it was Philip from CW. I have yet to recognize him first outside of the club, lol! We chatted briefly and I continued on my way, soon running into Matt &amp; Todd. I recognized Todd - probably noticed him because he was waving his arm <g>.

I returned to PI and called Disney Dining to see which restaurants served lunch at 11am, and after the cm checked he came back &amp; told me "counter service", lol! That wasn't what I had in mind, so I thanked him and gave up the idea of having a nice lunch tomorrow. I thought about the Boma breakfast buffet, but I really am not a buffet person, and since I tend to be happy with ½½ a bagel, there's no need to spend $15 on breakfast! On my way to go upstairs to get in line I ran into David and another ladyfriend Maria at the back door. He invited me to join them, so I let Susan know (for the line count) and went back down to wait with them. David suggested that I should just get an apartment up here, but I told him I sort of have one through DVC <g>.

The 8:15 cast was Brian, Todd, Matt, Joy &amp; Philip. Before the show I met someone who reads the trip reports and other MousePlanet stuff - Rodney &amp; his wife. They were really nice, and interesting to talk to until the show started. Thanks for introducing yourself! The cast opened the show with a poem called "The green dog" about a dog who ate Taco Bell food and had gastric problems. It was pretty cute. Next Brian led the audience in writing a play that starred Joy &amp; Philip. Joy was his personal trainer, and Philip is always great playing the out-of-shape whiny type with all kinds of aches, pains &amp; allergies <g>. Philip needed to get into shape to audition for a role in Cats, and Matt &amp; Todd came in as the snooty chorus boys making fun of Philip. It was a funny play, and moved along really well.

They also did Clichéé, with Todd leading the torture of Matt. He had to guess he was in the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and had to do the entire structure in song. The clichéé was "He's not the mouse that roared, he's the mouth that bored." It was so long it took up the rest of the show, and Matt was hysterical struggling with it, while having to sing everything. It was great, and the entire show was excellent - a fantastic way to start the evening! On the way out I told Matt he'd done great, said hi to Joy, and went up to get back in line for the next show.

The 9:15 cast was Jake, Joy, Todd, Matt &amp; Brian. They did Fill in the Blanks with 2 audience volunteers. Jake &amp; Todd were working in a greenhouse and were sent to hell for an eternity of Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons for murdering the flowers (by cutting them). It was pretty good. They did Up Your Alley, and declined to take the suggested subject of diarrhea, and the next person suggested feet. Todd was the host Justin Guarini (the American Idol kid). Joy was Emily Jesse, a dance teacher. Brian was Sasquatch, and Matt was Nigel Pennyweather - a Brit in favor of meters rather than feet. We had a lady ask a question I won't print here, which the cast refused to take. I only mention it to warn parents that their kids do stand a fairly good chance of hearing stuff that is inappropriate if you bring them here. The closing song was about a woman who told everyone about the time she was in a Mexican restaurant for a friend's birthday and peed her pants (a lot). She said it happens all the time - which left many of the guests looking at each other as if to say "what the???" She seemed quite amused by the fact that she totally wet her pants, and even made a big deal of it at the restaurant with the waiters who were alledgedly flirting with her before this happened. When asked if she wrapped a napkin or tablecloth around herself to leave, she said no - she just walked out with her wet khaki pants after they were done eating. Very strange young woman! I think if that happened to me, I wouldn't be volunteering to tell a room full of people about it! Anyway, the show was just ok - but that first show was a tough one to follow! After the show I talked to Brian &amp; Joy, who both wanted to be added to the Ofoto invitation list for CW pictures, so I'll add their email addresses in the morning.

For the 10:30 show I was back in long row, and the cast was Mary, Philip, Jake, Todd &amp; Brian. They did Emotions, which I always enjoy. Brian &amp; Philip were wallpapering, and it was a funny scene with all the changes in emotion. They did Forgotten Songs next. Philip did a ballad about dogs from the trailer park getting run over by truck traffic, called "Where have all the dogs gone?" Jake &amp; Todd did a rap song called "Mad fat yo", and although I hate rap, they really did a great job! Mary &amp; Brian were a honeymoon couple in bed performing a song from the show "Not Tonight Honey", called "I was frozen today."

Letters to the Editor was next, and once again they had to ignore/decline the first suggestion. They ended up taking the movie SpaceBalls as the subject. Todd wrote to Field &amp; Stream, Mary was a dancer writing to Dance, and Jake was a kid writing to Wizard Comic. It was ok - not the best Letters to the Editor I've seen. After the show I talked to Mary for a while, then headed out to the car.

Back at All Star Movies I made a half cup of cappuccino and finished a cookie I'd bought earlier today in the food court here. I noticed a sign in the room about the refillable mugs, which listed the 3 locations (food court at each of the 3 All Stars). They're $10.99 (plus tax) now, and the sign/card says "Free unlimited refills available from the beverage islands until the end of your stay in which the mug was purchased." I don't know how they monitor it, and frankly don't care - I copied the information only because there's been debate &amp; disagreement over whether the mugs are a lifetime thing or not <g>.

Today was another great day. Who would have believed I'd visit 3 parks in a day, lol! I was glad to share Tom's birthday, the weather was perfect, and Comedy Warehouse was fun.


Who: Sue, DVC Member

Plan: Possible park, Drive home or to work

Actual: I was up by 8, showered &amp; made some cappuccino. Thanks to SoapNet I was able to be caught up with both General Hospital &amp; Port Charles, so tonight I only had today's episodes to watch! I got online to post the report, got caught up there, and finished packing up. A couple of issues from work came up, but they didn't take long to deal with. I ended up leaving the room just before 10, tired of sitting around <g>.

I drove to Animal Kingdom Lodge and went to Mara in search of yogurt/granola things to take home, but they were already sold out! The soup of the day was going to be chicken corn chowder, so I was finished here <g>. I went to the bus stop and got on the waiting Animal Kingdom bus. Dinosaur had a 0 minute wait posted so I decided to head there first. On the way I ran into Marti working at the DVC booth so I stopped to talk with her for while. She told me they've just changed the Magical Beginnings program, making it $15 at both Vero &amp; Hilton Head, and $10 at Beach Club &amp; Wilderness. We had fun catching up, but finally I needed to move on! At Dinosaur it was indeed a walk-on, so I rode that and then checked my time. I'd used most of my time chatting with Marti, so I decided to find something to eat before I had to hit the road.

After checking all of the counter service menus and finding absolutely nothing of interest, I left the park and sat in the bar area in Rainforest Caféé. I would have loved one of those coffee drinks <g> but not since I was about to drive for 3 hours! I ordered the caribe chicken tenders and they came out within 5 minutes. I ate what I could, and took the rest home. It came with a really delicious slaw this time. Using the Safari Club card I got 10% off, and I was out of there within 20-30 minutes of entering. The bus back to AKL came quickly and I was on the road by noon. I got to work with 15 minutes to spare for my meeting, and was immediately plunged into my work life - in retrospect having such an abrupt end to my Disney time really sucked <g>!

Once again this day went according to plan, and except for not being able to get a yogurt/granola thing it was a good day. I did find out after returning home that the change in security location at the MK is temporary. They are going to be building a permanent structure for security where the tents used to be, and once that's done (in a couple of months) they'll move the tables back over there.


This feels like it was a longer &amp; busier trip than it actually was, for some reason. The weather was miserable by Florida standards, but that's the only negative thing that comes to mind at this point.

I was very pleased with my stay at All Star Movies, and would gladly do it again. My room was clean, quiet, close to parking &amp; the bus stop, and at $49 plus tax was dirt cheap! The parks were not very crowded, and it was warm enough during the day to make it very pleasant. It was great having Tom &amp; Leanne there again, and I got to try a new restaurant while celebrating Tom's birthday! I also enjoyed old favorites at Le Cellier, Wolfgang Puck's Café, &amp; Rainforest Café. Patty &amp; I had a nice afternoon, and are looking forward to using her new AP the day before my DVC cruise. Staying at Leesa's house while she was away was a little strange, but I thank her for letting me use the place - and it was nice she was able to make it to Comedy Warehouse twice instead of the once originally planned. I never tire of going to the Comedy Warehouse, and enjoy seeing everyone there - actors, servers/line people, and other regulars. Some of them will be right next door to me on Sanibel Island next December during a time when I was planning to be in New York. However, that trip can wait until 2004 now - as Greg wrote to me "NY will always be there but when do you get to see your friends in Sanibel??" He's right, of course! And, it's possible I'll splurge on AKL concierge over Thanksgiving since I'm not going to New York - I'll put the deposit down on that plus the All Star Movies ressie for the same dates and cancel one when I make the final decision.

My next trip is the DVC Members' cruise on the Wonder. I'll meet Leesa at Comedy Warehouse on Friday 1/31, and spend 2 nights at her place. On Sunday 2/2 she &amp; I will head to the port and board the Wonder for 4 fun days with DVC friends. The next several wdw trips will most likely be only weekends (Fri/Sat), to catch more of Greg's shows before he leaves for New York. I don't expect to be back to wdw for more than a couple of days at a time until May.

The invitation to the album with pics from Greg's party and Comedy Warehouse should go out this coming weekend.

Until next time - thanks for reading.

Sue Holland


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