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Alex Stroup, editor

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Sue Holland — June 2004 — Walt Disney World (OKWR)

Note: As Sue spent time at Pleasure Island and in other adult venues on this trip, this report has some information that may not be appropriate for young readers.



  • Sue (me - 45), DVC member
  • Dad (73), visiting from Boston

Dates: June 2-4, 2004
Travel Method: Personal car
Resort: Disney's Old Key West Resort

This will be another of those short trips I've been taking lately - basically trying to minimize time away from work while at the same time not going too long between Comedy Warehouse visits. This time my Dad will be joining me, which itself is a significant thing! Mom passed away suddenly after I bought into DVC, and sometime after that I mentioned to Dad that if he was interested in joining us for any Disney trips I would provide the lodging and his park admission (prior to 2000). He didn't even hesitate before saying no thanks - he has zero interest in WDW and hates the Florida heat. He took our family once in 1972, and then came back for one more trip in 1988 when my son Chris was about to turn 2 years old - without the grandchild for enticement I doubt he would have come at all, lol! He does come visit us once a year, and last year during his visit Jen Bascom was returning to the Comedy Warehouse. I really wanted to see her, so I suggested to Dad that we go up for 1 night and see the shows - he agreed. He ended up loving Comedy Warehouse, and the fact that some of the attractive women there were hugging him and paying him attention didn't hurt my cause! On the way home I suggested we do it again on his next visit, and he thought that was a great idea (yes!!!) so here we are again.

This time I booked 2 nights. Leaving work one afternoon, and returning the next is just too much driving in too short a period of time. I booked a 1-bedroom villa this time since we'd have the whole day between the 2 nights, and I wasn't sure what we'd be doing. June is too hot for much outdoor stuff, especially for a guy who thinks 60 is getting a little too warm <g>, and I liked the idea of having my own bedroom so I don't disturb Dad by being online late into the night. Plus, I thought the 1-bedroom would impress him - growing up we were a Holiday Inn family, and I want him to see there's more to life than that! We'll get to see Angelo if he's working, which will be nice - it's been a long time since I stayed at OKW after booking so many short stays at non-dvc resorts.

One annoying thing about Dad - he looks too damn young. A little hair work took years off his appearance <g> and trust me, it's not a good feeling when people refer to him as my "husband". No offense to him, but that's NOT what I want to hear! So, if anyone sees us - I'm not with a slightly older man, it's really my freakin' father! <g> He's also in perfect health, and at one point was walking 20 miles a day - so he doesn't act "old" either. He's easy to travel with because he doesn't have any limitations, and he's very easy going as well.

Wednesday I'll go to work, and have Dad pick me up there at 1pm. That'll give me as much time as possible at work (since work has become a bigger part of my life lately) yet still get us there in time to check in at 4. I'm thinking we'll ride the Trumbo Ferry over to Downtown Disney after we get into the villa, since I'm pretty sure Dad will love Earl of Sandwich. That night we're meeting Leesa for a night at the Comedy Warehouse! Thursday we're having lunch with Nancy at LeCellier, and she'll be getting Dad into Epcot. He has no idea, but he'll go along with just about anything. I don't imagine we'll spend any real Epcot time after lunch, since it'll be so hot - but we'll see what he feels like doing. It's been a while since Nancy & I had lunch together, so I'm looking forward to seeing her again! That night we meet Leesa again for our final Comedy Warehouse night. Friday morning hopefully we'll be on the road by 9 so I can be at work by noon.

My son Chris is not coming with us, as he is scheduled to work both nights. Once Dad & I get back to Ft Myers though, they'll have time to spend together while I'm working or doing other stuff. So, this trip is very short but it should be a nice getaway and a chance to spend time with dad in places I really enjoy.

The plans (subject to change) so far...

Wed 6/2: Work until 1, Drive to WDW, Comedy Warehouse
Thu 6/3: LeCellier w/Nancy, Comedy Warehouse
Fri 6/4: Arrive at work by noon


Who: Sue (me - 45), DVC member

Dad (73), visiting from Boston

Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular

Plan: Work until 1, Drive to WDW, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: I spent the first part of the day at work, with Dad arriving to pick me up at 1pm. This way I could leave my car parked at work and get dropped back off here on Friday to get some stuff done before the weekend. Since traffic/construction has been so MISERABLE on 75 and I-4 lately, this trip we're headed up the middle of the state. I normally hate this route, as it's possible to be stuck behind a slow-moving citrus truck, but one of my staff assures me the road is now 4-lanes. Besides, the citrus trucks can't be driving any slower than Dad does (heaven help me <g>)! Fortunately the drive wasn't bad, and Dad surprised me by driving faster than I expected. We arrived at OKW just before 4, which was just under 3 hours.

We were greeted by Randy & Casey at bell services, and Randy told me I'd just miss Angelo but he'd be back working tomorrow. We'll have to get back to see him at some point tomorrow, as I'm not really "home" until I see him! We had no wait at all to check in, and since I'd called from the road they were ready for us. I'd originally requested top floor as usual, but since Leesa was meeting us here I needed to get on the ground floor. We were quickly given a 1-bedroom villa on the first floor in building 36 in the Turtle Pond area - perfect!

We drove over, and before we went inside I told Dad this room wasn't like the one we had last time - I got something nicer. When we got inside he was surprised at all the space (1016 square feet), but I figured since I've got the dvc points I might as well enjoy them. When I travel solo I can't see booking a 1br, but it made sense for this trip. For anyone who hasn't seen one, upon entering you're in the big room that consists of a full kitchen, dining area and living room. There's a queen size sleep sofa, love seat, chair with ottoman, dining table with 4 chairs, and lots of glorious space! The porch is large, with another table & 4 chairs, plus we got the railings with the Mickey heads cut out of them - cute! I took Dad down the hall and led him through the 3-room bathroom area. First is the room with a full sized washer and dryer. Next is the vanity sink, shower stall and toilet. After that in a separate room is another sink and the big 2-person Jacuzzi tub, which unfortunately won't be of any use to us. Beyond the Jacuzzi room is the master bedroom, with a king bed, chair & ottoman, bench, and a door leading to the porch. It's a great floorplan, and I love these villas!

I called Leesa to give her the room number, and found her ride was due there in 30 minutes. Thinking she'd get here before we got back, I left one of the keys under the doormat for her, and we decided to drive over to Downtown Disney rather than take the time for the boat. It's a short drive, and we parked down at the Marketplace end since we were headed to Earl of Sandwich for an early dinner. I figured Dad would love this place, and I was right - and best of all it wasn't crowded since it was barely 5pm at this point! I got the caprese sandwich and ate about ¾ of it. He got the chicken Florentine (chicken, mushrooms & spinach) and said it was excellent. The price is right too - only $4.95 per sandwich.

After eating the sandwiches Dad was in the mood for dessert, but there wasn't anything of interest here. We went next door to the candy/bakery shop, but now the only bakery goods are cookies and brownies. We ended up at Wolfgang Puck's Express, where Dad got a tiramisu to take back to OKW. The people working in there were having a good time, and were really friendly & talkative to us, which was nice. After that we stopped at Ghiradelli for a sample (chocolate caramel square). Dad offered to buy me a package of those chocolate squares, but I said "no thank" - I like them, but don't need any chocolate since I know Leesa is bringing me some tonight! Sometimes it's better to not have all the temptation!

We drove back to OKW, arriving before 6, and found Leesa hadn't arrived yet. We went inside and watched the local news while I updated the report. It's so nice being in a villa instead of sitting in a hotel bedroom! Shortly after 6 Leesa called - she was in OKW and wanted to confirm my location. I met her at the door and brought her inside - she liked the villa also. She brought me a giant chocolate bar from Seattle (one of my favorites) and a pound of cinnamon/sugar coated almonds which Dad & I will both enjoy! Yummmy! She opened her birthday gifts, then we loaded a couple of things on the laptop. She also put a LOT of Comedy Warehouse and other photos on the cd, so I'll have fun going through them all later. Some I've already seen, but others will be new.

The 3 of us hung out in the villa for a while, until it was time to head for Downtown Disney. We walked right into Pleasure Island now that they're experimenting with not using the turnstiles for a 90-day period this summer. Instead, you have to show your pass to gain admission to each club, which slows things down there instead. We went first to the Comedy Warehouse, where Joe was working outside. My last trip had been on his nights off, so he hadn't seen me in quite a while (maybe 2 months). He gave me a huge hug - the kind where you're rocking back & forth, and squeezed really tight for a while. I introduced him to Dad, who immediately said "you're not going to hug me, are you?" LOL We chatted with Joe for a while, then went to the Adventurer's Club once the band on the West End Stage started playing.

Adventurer's Club wasn't very busy, but all of the actors were out & about. We went into the Mask Room for that show, since Dad had never seen it, then returned to the main salon to be inducted as new members into the club. Dad was impressed with the creativity in that club, and enjoyed his short visit. We headed back to Comedy Warehouse about 8:10 and met up with Bob & Virginia at the back door. The 8:20 cast was Robby, Jake, Joy, Mary & Matt. After an opening number they did Fill in the Blank using 2 young girls from the audience to assist. Mary & Jake were a couple, with her being annoyed by his constant whistling. Next Matt came out as a drummer in a rock band and sang a love ballad to a respiratory therapist from Canada seated in the front row. They also did Scene Freeze, where each actor creates a scene based on 1 word, then they rotate from scene to scene as a group. Robby had fruit, Mary had vacuum cleaner, Joy had goat and Matt had Mardi Gras beads. They closed the show with a song about the pet peeve of leaving the toilet seat up. Overall the show was just ok - nothing really struck me as great, but it wasn't bad either.

Mary came over and we all went outside to chat between shows. It was great seeing her, as always. Soon we were back inside for the next show! The 9:15 cast was Mary, Jenn Br, Joy, Matt & Jake. They got off to a great start with a good opening song, and then went into Storytelling. However, it was very good this time, with Matt & Joy as a couple of veterinarians describing the care they'd given to someone's hedgehog in a story called "The hedgehog's xray". Next Jake came out as an alien, wearing a big ball under a net on the top of his head. He took the subject of schoolbus, and did a weird talking thing that was funny.

They did Letters to the Editor, with the subject of family scrapbooking. Mary was a lady named Pity Full writing to Life magazine about how she'd taken the magazine as her life since she had none. Her character was truly pathetic, lol - but Mary did it well. Jake was Bubba, writing to Scientific America from the swamp he lives in. Jenn Br was the shining star in this structure though, as a harried mother of 7 writing to Parenting magazine who at the end found out her pregnancy test was positive. Overall it was a very good show, and everything worked really well. I talked to Mary again after the show, then after she went inside Dad & I went to 8-Trax to let him see what that club looks like. We had to wait in line to swipe our passes to get inside, but it didn't take too long. Basically now that there's no line at the turnstiles there are lines at the club entrances. We met back up with Leesa at the back door in time for the 10:30 show, and chatted with former CW Lisa who's now a manager at 8-Trax.

The 10:30 cast was Mary, Robby, John, Jenn & Jake. They opened with the name rhyming game, which got the show off to a good start & was won by Jake. He rang the bell in Should Have Said next, with Mary as a stripper who strips from a straightjacket in a gay bar full of blind men. It was a short scene but very funny, and I'm sure my friend Adie's fantasy about Mary stripping will last much, much longer <g>. Forgotten Songs was next, which I always enjoy! Mary sang "Story of Eggs" in the style of a French cabaret, simply by reading from the dictionary and adding a few sounds - it might not sound funny here, but it worked on stage. Another song title was "Zing zang a walla walla sheet shack king of the noggins" - which meant nothing to anyone but the person who gave it! John & Jake came out dressed as Vikings and mumbled a bunch of stuff to do this song, and it was very funny! Jenn was Beulah the Bumblebee and Robby was Fred the Flower, singing "Insect Dreams" about pollinating flowers - this was also good.

Schmeopardy was up next, hosted wonderfully by Jenn. John was Luigi Peganelli, a guy who stamps M&Ms with his feet. Robby was Matt (the one who works here), an improv comedian - basically overplaying the real Matt's style on stage. Jake was Roy, a high beam scraper. Jake had one clever response after another, and the game just flew by - great fun! After the closing song we said goodnight to Mary, and chatted briefly with Jenn before heading out to the car. We'd left Leesa's birthday gifts in the trunk, so she picked them up and headed back for the final show, while Dad & I returned to OKW.

I called the front desk to see what time the new Trumbo Ferry began, but it's not until 11:15 am. I'd thought we could take the boat over to Saratoga Springs, but we'll be going over much earlier than that. Dad ate some of his tiramasu & watched tv in his room (the living room), while I finished up the report and got online for a while in my terrific bedroom.

Today was a very good day - the drive up wasn't horrible, dinner was a hit, and the Comedy Warehouse shows were fun with Leesa & Dad. It's so great to be back at OKW after such a long absence, too - I just love being here!


Who: Sue (me - 45), DVC member

Dad (73), visiting from Boston

Nancy, Cast Member friend (Pop Century)

Leesa, Comedy Warehouse regular

Plan: LeCellier w/Nancy, Comedy Warehouse

Actual: I slept well, as I always do in a dvc or Disney bed! Dad said the sleep sofa was fine too, and I know it's better than the one he sleeps on at my house. I was up around 7, took my shower, and then Dad was up shortly after 8 for his shower. It's a bright sunny day, but it'll be very hot & humid (60% chance of rain later) by afternoon, so we're going to do as much as possible as early as possible and then just chill in the villa this afternoon. Breakfast for me was orange mocha cappuccino and biscotti, while Dad waited until we got to Saratoga Springs for some coffee and something to eat.

I told Dad I was going to need some dna test results to prove his paternity to Mary - she questioned whether he was really old enough <g>. He insists he is though, so I won't let his suspicious refusal to provide proof change our relationship! We all have secrets, lol!

We left the villa around 8:45 and drove to Saratoga Springs to look around. We parked at the check-in area and went inside to the front desk, where we met a nice cm who looked just like Janet Reno! I told her she looked familiar, thinking she came from one of the other DVC resorts, and she's the one who mentioned the Janet Reno similarity - she gets it all the time. She gave me a map of the resort, and the newsletter full of information. The resort is very attractive - we both liked the color scheme and décor. First stop was the food outlet for breakfast for Dad. It wasn't busy, and all of the cm's were very friendly towards us. They had a great looking yogurt/granola parfait, so I may get that when I stay here next month instead of having my biscotti some morning. Dad got some eggs and potatoes, along with his coffee. My Disney Dining Experience card is good here for 20% off, which is nice. I browsed in the shop while he was waiting for his food, and found a couple of cute t-shirts in the smaller style I like - it's always nice to see something besides the big baggy (ugly on someone my size) shirts! I sat with Dad while he ate, then we began wandering around to see the public areas.

The pool is nice, and I didn't think it looked too small - but then, we're a long way from having 700 units open here! It has zero entry at one end, and a separate small slide for people who use wheelchairs (in addition to the regular longer water slide). The arcade wasn't overly large, but I imagine someone who likes that stuff could amuse themselves here. There are bike rentals available, but right now with all the construction still going on I'm not sure I'd bother! We passed the spa/fitness center and decided to go check that out. Wow - what a big, complete fitness center! They had all kinds of equipment, and was really nice. They have a sign requesting all cell phones & pagers be turned off in this area, but I didn't bother since I was sure nobody would call me during the 5 minutes we were there. So, of course someone did, lol - but it was someone I wanted to talk to, calling from a boat that was taking him on a fishing trip. I did exit immediately, to take the call in privacy so as not to disturb anyone working out.

We ended up at the preview center, and found my dvc friend Barb's daughter Jackie working behind the desk. She hung out with us while we waited for the models to open, so it was nice chatting with her. Shortly before 10 we walked over to the buildings where the models are located and checked out the quiet pool before going in to see the models. Initially I got the room number wrong, and called the front desk after I mistakenly asked a man if we could go in and see his room! He said no, because his wife was in the shower, lol! The models were actually 1 floor up from where we were - oops!

We started with the grand villa, which is really pretty. However, for the # of points it takes, I'll stick with Old Key West. I'll be doing a photo tour for MousePlanet, so the photos will be posted there soon. The studio is cute, and that's what I've booked for 4 nights over the July 4th weekend. Actually all of the villas are attractive here - they're just not as large as the ones at OKW.

We walked back to get the car and drove to Old Key West to see Angelo. He was at the bell services stand and came around to give me a big hug - I'll sure miss him when he's gone (year from September)! We talked for a while, until we needed to go meet Nancy. Dad took a picture of us, so if anyone doesn't know Angelo I'll put the photo in the Comedy Warehouse album. We headed out to meet Nancy but halfway there I realized her chocolate (from Leesa) was still sitting in the kitchen, so we had to return to OKW. As we left a 2nd time Nancy called and she was less than ½ mile behind us on the same road. We agreed to meet in the parking lot at Beach Club Villas and headed over there.

After the introductions we walked through BCV and the old Beach Club, then into Epcot via International Gateway. Nancy got Dad in on her maingate pass, which was really nice! We went right to LeCellier in Canada, arriving early but able to be seated right away. We had a great server and everything was delicious! I got my Riesling and the cheese soup. Nancy got a smoothie and the dagwood sandwhich, while Dad got the sirloin strip steak. Nobody had room for dessert! We had a great time, but the time passed too quickly. With my recent trips being so short it's been hard for us to get together, so Nancy was suggesting I needed a different boss. However, to be fair, he's not the problem - it's just tough to make time to get away while I'm working in 2 locations for the next year or so. Besides, I'm lucky to have a boss I really enjoy, who treats me well in return!

We left Epcot together, and while Nancy went to work Dad & I went to Animal Kingdom. This is one of the parks he's never seen, but he's seen the Kilamanjaro Safari on Animal Planet. The park was pretty busy, and the tip board showed 20-minute waits at both the safari and Dinosaur. I wanted Dad to see both - the safari because it's such a great attraction, and Dinosaur for the air conditioning! We decided to get fastpasses for Dinosaur, which had a 2:20 return time (it was 1:45 then). From there we walked to Harambe and found a 5-minute standby wait for the safari! It was great - we pretty much walked right on! Some of the animals weren't out, but most species had at least a couple milling around where they were visible. Overall it was a better safari than I expected, considering the time of day.

After the safari we walked back to Dino-Land and walked right into Dinosaur. Dad enjoyed this as well, especially the cool air! We decided to head back to the resort at this point, since it was so hot outside. Plus, it was 3pm by now, and I'm never gone from the resort this long during the day, lol! It was great touring the park with him, as he walks as fast as I do and I never felt like I needed to slow down for him. He's not your typical 73-year old, and hopefully I've inherited his health and energy! We drove back, and while I watched my soap and updated the report Dad decided to go see a movie at Pleasure Island. He found one that would end about 6, so I told him to have a great time and relaxed online for a while.

Dad got back to the villa around 6:30, so I got ready for the evening and we were out the door by 7. After parking in the usual place at Pleasure Island we went to World of Disney in the Marketplace to look for a baby gift for some friends of his. The Disney baby stuff is so cute! We ended up getting a little outfit and a toy (baby boy, 1 month old). From there we went to Basin, where I had decided to buy one of the bath bombs for use in the Jacuzzi in the bathroom at OKW. I figured what the hell - might as well give it a try since I've got that giant tub. I ended up buying a bomb that has Mickey confetti inside. If it makes a mess, I'll clean it up after I drain the water! We made a quick stop in Ghiradelli for a sample, then brought our purchases to the car and entered Pleasure Island.

We stopped at the outdoor bar where Clinta (Nancy's husband) was working and talked to him for a while, then stopped at Missing Link for Dad to get a hot dog. From there our next stop was outside Comedy Warehouse to chat with Joe, then over to Adventurer's Club to find Leesa. We hung out in the main salon for a short while, and posed for some pictures with the statue of Zeus. The first one accidentally had the leaf on his crotch looking like it was coming out of my head, lol, and the for the second one I reached up and grabbed his butt (rock hard buns on that guy <g>). We didn't want to sit through the new member induction ceremony again, and since there were people waiting for seats we decided to continue our wait over at the Comedy Warehouse.

Tonight Carol Stein was on the keys, and she did a terrific job. The 8:20 cast was Robby, Brian, John, Matt & Jenn. I was glad to see Brian in, since he was off last night. John & Matt did Story Telling, with the story titled "Smelly Car". It was funny, and somewhat cruel - John was a guy who smelled really bad & had put an add in the paper to hire someone to be his friend. Matt answered the ad & signed a contract, but now wanted out because he wasn't told John stunk! Next Jenn & Robby were lounge singers performing their version of "She'll be coming around the mountain" - the lyrics were totally improvised and not at all like the real song by that title.

They did Actor's Nightmare, with it being Brian's nightmare. He had to improvise his lines and make sense of the lines read from different plays by the other actors. Brian was a dry cleaner, with Jenn as his drunk wife, Robby as a customer who had left his wife and stabbed his gay lover, Matt was the gay lover, and John was the cop who really wasn't interested in the crime. The different plays chosen by the actors actually all made more sense together than usual, and it was an entertaining scene - quite funny! After the show I chatted briefly with Carol, Brian & Jenn. Brian commented that he hadn't seen me in a long while, which for me a month IS a long while! It's nice for him to notice I'm missing, although I'd rather not be gone long enough for anyone to miss me!

The 9:15 cast was Matt, Jenn, Christine, Brian & John. They opened with the name rhyme game, with Christine being the winner tonight. John rang the bell in Should Have Said, where Christine was working in a classy slaughterhouse. Matt was on the stairs as a goat begging not to be killed like his parents who were now pieces of meat on a piece of Styrofoam. Brian came in wearing the cow suit and pointing a gun at Christine, while Jenn accompanied him as some other animal (lamb possibly). It was a funny scene!

They did 2 Forgotten Songs next. John & Matt were a break-dancing act performing "Activated Sludge". They were doing all kinds of flips and other physical moves on stage, and it was pretty hilarious! It was very good, but got overshadowed by Brian & Jenn's rendition of "Send the cowboy back to Texas". He was Junior and she was his wife Lerlean, living in a double wide trailer and singing a song full of insults about the Bush family. It might not have been respectful, but it was damn funny! The audience loved it, too.

They also did Cliché, with John having to guess his location of Gasaway, West Virginia and then the cliché "Stiff as a bloody poker". They purposely gave him clues so that when he got it all he still had no idea what it was. The words didn't sound right, and required some additional fine-tuning, which adds to the fun. They all did a great job with it, and it was a lot of fun to watch! Dad enjoyed it too, and couldn't believe they could come up with the clues and that John could actually figure it out like he did.

During the end of Cliché a call came in from Tim, but I let it go to voicemail. During the closing number I checked the message and learned Chris (our son) had been in a car accident and was on his way to the hospital! I called Tim and upon further explanation found out Chris wasn't hurt at all, but had gone to the hospital because his friend Chad had been taken there with neck pain - some guy in a Lexus lost control of his car in the rain and plowed into 3 other cars - some stranger's, Chad's and Chris'. Fortunately the guy has insurance and the damage to Chris' car was not enough to render it undrivable, so he'll be able to get to work tomorrow. A car accident is still news no parent wants to hear, though! After the show I talked to Jenn briefly, then we went back to our seats early for the next show due to the rain outside.

The 10:30 cast was Christine, Jenn, Lisa, Robby & Matt. They did Emotions, with Chris & Matt creating a scene about the bus being late. They each had to change emotions that were called out by Lisa & Robby, which made the scene move quickly and be quite funny. Next they created a musical set at the Woodbridge Mall in NJ, in the food court. Robby was the guy selling potatoes, Christine was looking for a sale in JC Penney, and Lisa & Jenn were both looking for men. Matt directed the musical, and in the end came in as the man for Jenn. Lisa was "too pretty" and Jenn was concerned she was too ugly, but after a JC Penney makeover by Chris, Jenn found the man of her dreams (Matt). Lisa ended up with the wealthy potato guy (Robby).

Robby rang the bell for a Should Have Said scene where Matt & Lisa were competing market owners. He gave her a skin problem (psoriasis), and overall it was a cute little scene - unfortunately my notes didn't have any more detail than that <g>! We said our goodbyes to Leesa and then Dad & I headed back to OKW. Pleasure Island was MOBBED - due to the combination of it being Thursday (cast night) and Gaydays weekend. There were lots & lots of men on the island, and it seemed like a really nice crowd of people having a good time.

Back at OKW Dad watched a little tv before turning in, while I went to my room and finished up the report & uploaded the rest of the photos. Since it's so late I'll save the bath bomb/Jacuzzi for the morning. We agreed to hit the road around 8:30, so I can set the alarm early enough to enjoy my cappuccino from the Jacuzzi tub with the bath bomb thingy. I should be at work just before noon, so a co-worker can take the rest of the day off while I cover for him.

Today was a terrific day, and although when I made the room reservation I figured we'd just be hanging around all day it actually turned out that we were quite busy instead! I enjoyed seeing Saratoga Springs, especially once I got the model room numbers right <g>! We had a nice visit with Angelo, a great lunch with Nancy, and more fun at the Comedy Warehouse. Plus, Dad got to see some of Animal Kingdom for the first time.


This was a great trip, even though it was painfully short at less than 48 hours including the driving time. Comedy Warehouse was terrific as always, and I enjoyed being able to spend time with so many friends during such a brief trip. Dad enjoyed himself, and it's a pleasure traveling with him since he has no trouble keeping up with me and pretty much goes with the flow. Hopefully we can do it again next year, depending on when he comes down. If we do, I'll definitely get the 1-bedroom villa again, as it was so nice having the extra space & living in a bit more luxury than a studio!

My next trip here will be 4th of July weekend, joining my friends Larry Wilmot & family, and Tom & Leanne & family. We'll be joined by fortress friend Shan & her son for the Holland/Wilmot/Burroughs traditional "start-of-the-trip" lunch at LeCellier on July 3rd. It'll be brutally hot, and far too crowded in the parks for my taste, but the company will be great and I'm looking forward to staying at Saratoga Springs and spending some time at the Comedy Warehouse.

Originally I had a conference scheduled in Orlando next week, so I was looking forward to another 3 nights at Comedy Warehouse. However, with work being so busy these days I decided to send one of my staff to the conference in my place since I really couldn't spare the time away. My friend Mike in Tallahassee was sure he had an imposter on the phone when I told him the news - I'd gone to great lengths to attend this conference with him this year, and I was looking forward to it. However, sometimes things work out in the end, and this time they did. We've got a series of meetings in Orlando in mid-July, which will put me there for 5 nights! I'm leaning strongly towards staying at OKW if a studio is available, rather than at the hotel Mike's setting the meeting in (at the Florida Mall). I can't be reimbursed for any lodging if I do stay at OKW, but I'm thinking for my Comedy Warehouse convenience it is probably worth it to me (besides - it's only money - my new motto for when I want something that may not be the most practical thing)! So, I'll have 4 nights at Saratoga Springs over the 4th of July, and then come back for 5 nights at (hopefully) OKW 5 days later!

I've got the photos already up, thanks to a new laptop and deciding to upload them as I slept each night! The url is http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=34p4jkm.2aj8zl2v&x=1&y=euiihm. The OKW shots are at the beginning, with the Comedy Warehouse photos following.

Until next time - thanks for reading.

Sue Holland


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