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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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Brian Bennett

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My Favorite Things at Walt Disney World

This is just a fun list I brainstormed one day when I was "homesick" for WDW. I posted the list in rec.arts.disney.parks and was amazed at the huge response as a lot of other people posted their own personal lists of favorite things. Since I don't have the permission of those folks, I'll stick with my original list here, but you might want to put your own together just for fun.

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...da da da da da (couldn't remember the words) and warm woolen mittens...brown paper packages tied up with string"...none of these can compare with my favorite things at WDW:

  • Oasis, a lush paradise
  • Purple road signs
  • Seeing the Tower of Terror when we drive in from 192
  • Turning right from Community Drive into Disney's Old Key West Resort
  • Checking in at the beginning of every trip
  • The Old Key West lighthouse
  • The first bus ride of the trip to the Magic Kingdom
  • Entering the turnstiles, walking under the train station, and viewing the castle for the first time every trip
  • The turn-of-the-century music in the town square of Main Street
  • The big dill pickles you can buy in the cul-de-sac east of Main Street
  • Smelling the bakery and the candy shop
  • The Tree of Life... evolution?  yeah, right.
  • Breakfast at the Crystal Palace (Puffed French Toast)
  • Watching Disney build something new almost every time we visit
  • An evening at the marketplace, browsing the stores -- the Gourmet Pantry, World of Disney, and those great suits of armor at EuroSpain
  • Pirates of the Caribbean...especially the dirty foot of the one buccaneer that sits on the bridge toward the end of the town scenes
  • Strolling past the lawns and gardens surrounding Cinderella's castle
  • Browsing in the Yankee Peddler
  • Tony's Town Square Cafe
  • Kilamanjaro Safaris
  • Slowly strolling the World Showcase Promenade... when everyone else is walking fast
  • Sitting in the lobby of the Grand Floridian...watching all the people that can afford to stay at this hotel and wondering if someday I'll be one of them
  • Soaking in the atmosphere at Port Orleans Resort Riverside (it will always be "Dixie Landings" for me)
  • Riding the mountains (Space, Splash, and Big Thunder)
  • Impressions De France
  • The impromptu plays and events in World Showcase (the Chinese Jugglers, skits in the United Kingdom)
  • Listening to the phone "conversations" in the Main Street Market House
  • The organ music as I walk by the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house
  • The jungle cruise at night
  • Fantasmic!
  • Spectromagic at the Magic Kingdom
  • The shops in the United Kingdom. I'm sad that the Royal Doulton stuff is gone.
  • Dinner at the Rose and Crown. The fish and chips, cottage pie, and prime rib (with Yorkshire pudding, of course) are particular favorites
  • The lobby at the Wilderness Lodge
  • An evening boat ride down the Sassagoula River
  • Having a French pastry at the Boulangerie Pattiserie
  • Star Tours
  • The shops of Main Street, Hollywood, Sunset, and World Showcase
  • The Walt Disney World Rail Road
  • The monorail traveling from anywhere to anywhere
  • The lush lobby of the Polynesian
  • Grand Canyon concourse
  • The "streets" of Port Orleans Resort's French Quarter
  • Ol' Man Island
  • Parrot Cay
  • Themed pools
  • Water sprites
  • Topiary
  • Victoria Gardens in Canada
  • The promenade-side pruned trees of Germany
  • The cypress trees of Italy
  • The African pavilion that never was
  • Chef's salad at the Plaza restaurant
  • The Fountain of Nations in front of Spaceship Earth when it's fountaining to music (especially the theme from "Rocketeer")
  • The Friendships
  • The rose garden in the MK
  • Flowers everywhere
  • The "burma shave" signs as you drive into Typhoon Lagoon
  • Mount Mayday and Miss Tilly
  • Streetmosphere at the Studios
  • The Wicked Witch of the West in the Great Movie Ride
  • Ben Franklin walking up the stairs in the American Adventure
  • The glow of the torch of the Statue of Liberty in the American Adventure
  • The Animation Tour
  • The showcase of work in progress that is on display in the Animation Tour lobby
  • The steel drum music at the Caribbean Beach Resort
  • The organ at 1900 Park Fair
  • The Tower of Terror on one extreme and Muppetvision 3-D on the other
  • Festival of the Lion King
  • Peter Pan and the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Harambe and Anandapur
  • The Volcano pool and Storm-along Bay
  • Boma and 'Ohana -- the best buffets in the world for protein lovers with huge appetites
  • The elephant hotel model in the Boardwalk lobby
  • Buzz Lightyear at the All Star Movies Resort
  • The Fantasia Gardens fairways course
Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide

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