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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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MouseTips - The Unofficial Newsletter of WDW

MouseTips, Unofficial Newsletter of Walt Disney World, is a quarterly publication that Don and Amy Sullivan publish.  It is filled with articles that describe the newest WDW attractions, rumors about new things to be added or changes to be made to the parks and resorts, trivia questions, trip planning tips and hints, and other information.

A one year subscription to the newsletter costs $12.95.  However, the most recent issue (whichever one that is) is also available for $4.00, if you want to check on last minute details before your next trip.  Also, the brochure "Disney's Animal Kingdom Dos and Don'ts" is available free of charge from MouseTips by sending a self-addressed stamped business-sized envelope and requesting the brochure.

In a recent email to me, Don Sullivan wrote:

"...We are willing to offer visitors to your website a special discount. They can subscribe for $10.75 for the first year. Just tell them to mention your website."

Here's the content of the MouseTips press release:


MOUSE TIPS - The Unofficial Newsletter of Walt Disney World

Newsletter for Vacationers and "Disney Fanatics" Devoted Entirely to The Walt Disney World

There's a great newsletter available for Disney fanatics and the 16 million annual vacationers to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. With things always changing so rapidly at Disney World, Mouse Tips - The Unofficial Newsletter of Walt Disney World keeps you on the cutting edge. We've been providing hundreds of reviews and insider tips to our readers for more than three years.

Mouse Tips was started to provide vacationers and "Disney Junkies" with the most up-to-date and unbiased information on the Walt Disney World Resort. The editors of Mouse Tips are veterans of 1000's of hours at Walt Disney World and continue to travel there several times a year to research and review the resort. Mouse Tips tells you what the guidebooks do not.

Mouse Tips is an independent publication and is in no way associated with the Walt Disney Co. or any of its subsidiaries. Therefore, Mouse Tips is able to provide its readers with critical appraisals and uncensored evaluations. Mouse Tips also contains no advertising, just the facts. Mouse Tips has been quoted as a Walt Disney World expert in dozens publications like the Wall Street Journal, Best Fares Magazine, BottomLine, and USA Today just to name a few.

Each issue of Mouse Tips is packed with articles on upcoming events and activities, reviews and previews of new and coming attractions, critiques of restaurants, hotels, and rides, where the best values can be found, activities to skip and those not to miss, dozens of insider tips, and much, much more. Mouse Tips is a resource no vacationer or Disney fanatic should be without.

A one year subscription to Mouse Tips (4 quarterly issues) is available for $12.95. For individuals who would like to receive only the most current issue for their upcoming trip, the cost is only $4.00. To order Mouse Tips, send a check or money order for $12.95 to: Mouse Tips, P.O. Box 383, Columbus, OH 43216.

Review Summary:

Content: Each issue will vary, but over the course of a year you can expect to find information on trip planning, the resorts, attractions, restaurants, and minor parks.   Frankly, I didn't find anything in the newsletter that I didn't already know from personal experience or through the internet rumor mill.  Even so, Don and Amy have done a great job of compiling the information and making it readily available to those folks that don't have the time or inclination to do their own in-depth research.

Off Site Hotel Descriptions: none

Non-Disney Information: none

Overall: Fun to read, and especially so if you enjoy getting some new material to get you through a few months of Disney-itis (i.e. park withdrawal) before your next trip.

Editors, Don & Amy Sullivan

MouseTips, P.O. Box 383, Columbus, OH 43216.

$12.95 US / Year subscription


Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide

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