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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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Brian Bennett

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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Video

The Disney planning video is available directly from Disney. Call (407) 934-7639 to get your own copy (and it's free).  Alternatively, you can go to this page and order the video from Disney directly (that link is subject to change, so if you try it and it doesn't work please let me know!)

The phone is answered by an automated message system that asked you a series of questions including your address, phone number, etc.  After the inquisition, you'll get your copy of the tape within a few days.

Review Summary:

Trip Planning Helps: tidbits are scattered throughout, but all focuses on Disney Resorts, etc.

Resorts Descriptions: minimal...but a picture is worth a thousand words

Off Site Hotel Descriptions: none

Attractions Descriptions: again, very little...but the dramatic images are priceless

Restaurant Reviews: none

Minor Parks Reviews: none, but some footage is shown

Non-Disney Information: none

Overall: it's free, so why not?

Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide

Walt Disney World Update for a list of the latest WDW trip reports and WDW features by Mike Scopa and Sue Holland!

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When the Trip is Done
Information on scrapbooking album services and supplies

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