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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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Brian Bennett

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Anxiety, Complaints, and Bad Hair Days

I've received permission to quote a fellow rec.arts.disney.parks subscriber, paul@macatawa.com.  It's a classic:

There are two types of vacations. The first one goes something like this:

"I've made our ressies, I hope they don't screw them up. It will be just my luck when we get to the hotel, they won't have any rooms left!

"I hope the plane leaves on time, if it doesn't it will mess up an entire day's plans.

"We better get a rental car that's not a gas hog like last time. And I'll sue them if the A.C. doesn't work again!

"I wonder if our passes will be activated properly. Just our luck, our passes will be coded wrong or something.

"That darn Florida Humidity! I just know I'm going to have a bad hair day every day! Heaven help the poor sap who tries to get a picture of ME having a good time! Oh well it'll probably rain every day anyway and everyone's hair will be all wet.

"I bet those slackers STILL won't have TOT 2 back on line. If I have to wait more than 45 minutes I'll never come back! 'Course it would be like asking for a miracle to have Test Track open by then.

"As much as this trip is costing us, Disney World should come to us! Oh well, I can eat crackers and grape nuts out of my hip pack everyday.

"I tell ya, if one more kid bumps us while we're in line somewhere and the parents just smile back... bang! ZooM! To da Moon!

"And if one of them blasted wheelchair people who have a hangnail so they get a chair to get to the head of the line with passes me up again, I'm going to give 'em a piece of my mind!

"I just know something is going to go wrong on this trip, it always does. Maybe I should just stay at work. It costs less and I'll probably have more fun!"

I guess my point to this is, don't "over plan". Don't make yourself neurotic over your vacation. Remember, it should be a NON-WORKING time. Every single thing you planned should be a "take it as it comes"...or "doesn't come" kinda thing. From the minute you're parked at the airport, and checked in, you should sit back and relax, even and especially if something isn't perfect. The other 51 weeks out of the year is for worrying about everything that isn't perfect.  Have fun! Plan here but let life take you by the spirit and pull you thru your vacation. If you have to wait an extra 1/2 hour for your rental car, do some people watching! You're not on vacation to rent a car. You're renting a car because you're on vacation. Every day is a good hair day at WDW! (Emphasis added by the editor.)

Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide

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