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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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Brian Bennett

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Morocco - Photo Tour

Photos by Brian Bennett

Welcome to Epcot's Morocco Pavilion!  The pictures of this photo tour came from my own most recent visits to Epcot.

The Nation of Morocco is located on the North-West coast of Africa, just South of Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar. The land marks the Western-most spread of the Islamic empire, and the architecture and culture of Morocco has certainly been influenced by that fact.

The pavilion in Epcot is a lovely one.  it is located toward the back of World Showcase, between France and Japan.  The view below is what you'll see as you approach the pavilion from the France side.


The architecture appears to be very authentic.  When I took a "Gardens of the World" tour several years ago, the tour guide made a specific point that the King of Morocco sent several artisans to Epcot to work on the pavilion in the months prior to it's completion.  The wonderful tile work, which you can see throughout the pavilion, is one example.  The intricately carved minarets (and other architectural details), are another.

As you turn the corner, you can see the incredible details of the central courtyard of this pavilion.  In the following views, Tangierine Cafe, the pavilion's relatively new counter service restaurant, is to the right.  Marrakesh, the full-service restaurant is in the very back of the pavilion -- through the archway and back beyond the marketplace.


The fountain is beautiful, with lovely tile work.  This is a great example of the artistry that went into this pavilion.

Occasionally, a troupe of Moroccan gymnasts perform in the courtyard.  The picture below was taken from the inside of the archway, looking out toward the courtyard and the lagoon beyond.

Inside the gallery, more examples of Moroccan architecture and artistry abound.  Here's one of my patented views of the gallery ceiling.

And here's one of the main floor of the gallery, with more of that wonderful tile and mosaic work on the lower level.  The wall fountain is another great detail... and the noise of the trickling water makes for a very soothing atmosphere.

Restaurant Marrakesh, as I said, is located in the far reaches of the pavilion.

The restaurant serves some fairly exotic fare, so beware.  Lamb, beef, and chicken dishes abound.  Couscous, Morocco's national dish, is served in several different versions including a vegetable couscous main dish and as a side dish for several entrees.

Of course, I can let this ceiling go without a photo.  The details here are just incredible.  I can't imagine how many man-hours of labor went into the decoration of this intricately-detailed room.

Personally, I stay away from the belly-dancer when she's on the floor.  I don't want to have the "opportunity" of joining her performance for all of the restaurant's patrons enjoyment.  That's the reason why this girl's photo is so blurry... I'm a looooong way away taking this one.  In any case, you can see that the entertainment is spirited, but it's not anywhere near as risqué as one might believe without having seen it.

Tangierine Cafe is a relatively new addition to the pavilion.  The service is awkward, all guests come into the center area and stand around waiting for service.  The food is also very non-descript, compared with the wonderful meals that are available at Marrakesh.

On the other hand, the desserts are very similar in each location.  If you have a hankering for baklava, here's a place to buy some of the flaky pastry laced with honey.  Good stuff!

The Morocco pavilion is also a fun place to shop.  The Brass Bazaar sells lots of imported pieces.

Including this lovely glassware.

Pottery and traditional fez's (Moroccan hats) are on sale, too.

Tangier Traders sells traditional Moroccan clothing.

Casablanca Carpets is one of my favorite shops in the pavilion.  The shop is filled with colorful area and throw rugs, all made in Morocco of course.

As we end our tour, I'll show you some pictures of the Souk al Magreb shop.  It's the one that's located in the smaller building across from the courtyard and on the lagoon side of the promenade.

If you'd like some more information on the restaurants in this area, check out MousePlanet's Walt Disney World Restaurant Resource page on the Morocco Pavilion!

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