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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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Brian Bennett

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Adventureland - Photo Tour

Photos by Brian Bennett and Ian Parkinson

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland!  The pictures of this photo tour came from my own most recent visit to WDW, but I've also tossed in some pictures by fellow MousePlaneteer Ian Parkinson.

This land hasn't changed much over the years since the park opened back in 1971.  Pirates of the Caribbean was added to the park in the first few years of Walt Disney World's existence, Tropical Serenade is now "under new management," with Iago and Zazu joining the original cast of the venerable Tiki Room show, and cosmetic things have been done over the years.

One thing that's been around for a long time is Aloha Isle.  This little counter-service stand has been serving up Dole whips and juices for several years now.  If you're hot and thirsty, stop by here.  You won't regret it!  Aloha Isle is located pretty much near the entrance to Adventureland, to the right as you come in from the hub.

Just to be mean, I'll show you a picture of this delicacy.  It really is better than it looks.  This one is a pineapple vanilla swirl.  You can get Dole whips swirled with chocolate, too, if that sounds like it would be more to your liking.

One other Adventureland change that occurred a few years ago (in the very early '90s) was the closing of the Adventureland Verandah closed.  Personally, I think closing that restaurant was merciful, the chicken teriyaki sandwiches were less than awe-inspiring, but I wish the Disney folks would add a new restaurant to the park.  A full service, Adventure themed restaurant would be a really welcome addition!

One change that is already started in the land is the make over of the Island Supply shopping area into a new Agrabah (from Aladdin) marketplace.  Here's a picture of the old Island Supply as it looked back in October.


Here's the sign announcing the new attraction (expected to be a rethemed Dumbo-like spinning attraction.

Construction is going on right now, and the new attraction is expected to be open in the March / April timeframe.  I suspect they'll be trying to get it opened in time for the Easter school break rush.

Probably the most venerable of all of the attractions in Adventureland is the Jungle Cruise.  This attraction debuted at Disneyland back in 1955.  The Magic Kingdom version here in Florida is a bit more detailed, with the run through the Thai / Vietnamese / Cambodian temple and more animatronics.  Otherwise, it's much the same as the original.


Since Disneyland redid the queue and boats, though, those aspects of the Jungle Cruise are much better in California.  The themeing here at WDW just isn't as good.

Here's a view of the boat interior.  Note  that I'm taking a picture of that guy taking a video of me taking his picture.

Of course, it's only been in the last few years that females have been hired on as Jungle Cruise skippers.  I suppose women are much better prepared to handle the dangers of these water ways in the 21st century than they were back before women's liberation.  ;)

Here's the big bull elephant.

All of these elephants have their trunks on...

And the hippos wiggle their ears...just like their cousins do in California.

Here's a picture with just a hint of that temple that you drive through.  The inside the temple pics didn't come out well at all.

Just looking at this picture, I can hear Rosie singing "Trashing the Camp."

Here's the front- side of water... Schweitzer Falls.

One attraction at WDW that has remained true to it's heritage is the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  The treehouse in California, of course, was sublet to Tarzan a couple of years ago.  Here in Florida, the Swiss Flag still flies proudly.

Here's a view of the entrance to the tree, just beyond the rope bridge.

Part way up, the South Pacific Power & Light waterwheel spins faithfully.  Perhaps they'll sell some much needed kilowatts to California residents, huh?

The parlor, with the Swisskapolka playing on the organ.

Midway through the tree, the view is looking over the the Fritz and Ernst's room.

Looking down.  By the way, this is a good time to mention heart conditions.  If you have one, you should enjoy the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse from the ground.  It's quite a hike (up and down)!

The kitchen is down on the ground level.

Across from the tree house area, the Sunshine Tree Terrace serves up great juices and snacks in the summertime heat.


While down at the Western end of Adventureland, the buccaneers (not the football team) hold the fort (and the town).

Here's a classic example of Disney's great detailing.  I love this chandelier that hangs in the pirate queue building.  I wouldn't want it in my own house, but it really fits in in this "Spanish Main" setting, doesn't it?

Here's a few of the pirates taking a brief timeout from pillage and theft to sing a little trio for passers-by.

While just around the corner, a professional haberdasher delivers some stock to the local Wal-Mart.  This scene, by the way, is featured in some old "Wonderful World of Disney" footage.  It's part of the original design for the attraction.

Those guys have been trying to get that dog to give them the keys for a long time now...

And here's the loot...all ready to be hauled off to the ship.  The guards are tied, but none-the-worse for wear.

Here in Florida, guests that finish their trip are dumped into the Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar.  The open courtyard, with the small fountain, are nice details. 

And this "hidden" courtyard off Caribbean Plaza is another one.  Places like this are an oasis in the hot summer months when you just want to sit in the shade for a few minutes.

And the Fountain of fortune caps the Caribbean Plaza's themeing.  This is a relatively quiet area in the mornings during the Fall and Winter when the crowds are small...

But the Mapapa Tumblers can develop a crowd anytime.  These guys really do the stunts and acrobatics, all to African rhythms and percussion.

El Pirata Y El Perico, the Pirate and the Parrot, is a great place to grab an inexpensive lunch.  Taco salad and hot dogs are the mainstays, but it's not too expensive.

And before we leave Adventureland, I had to point out yet one more out-of-the-way courtyard.  This one is actually in the seating area of El Pirata Y El Perico.

Well, that's it for now.  I'll try to add some Tropical Serenade pictures in the Spring.

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