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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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Brian Bennett

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Blizzard Beach

I've never personally visited this park. It opened back in 1995, but we just haven't found time for it yet. By all reports, though, it's spectacular. As the story goes, a big winter storm dumped snow on central Florida for the first time in recent memory. Developers rushed to open the state's first ski resort. Unfortunately, as the resort was completed, the snow began to melt. Un-perplexed, the developers modified the facility into a water park...and Blizzard Beach was born. The park looks like a ski resort. White "snow" is all around. Skis and other winter sport equipment lays around the "warming hut" and the "ski lodge" buildings. The water slides are themed in the same way. What were originally intended to be ski and bobsled runs are now water slides. The biggest one looks like a ski jump run, but the wet bodies slip underneath the jump itself to continue down the watery path. Blizzard Beach is quite a bit bigger than Typhoon Lagoon. It's worth several hours...perhaps even the better part of a day. Keep in mind that crowds will be heavy in the summer months...so don't wait too long before going over. Disney will close the park if capacity crowds have entered.


Melt Away Bay

This is a very large swimming pool. Unlike Typhoon Lagoon, only light bobbing waves are made here.

Cross-Country Creek

This is a take off of Typhoon Lagoon's "Castaway Creek". It is a meandering stream that floats around the perimeter of the park. Inner tubes float in the river (or are stacked by the several entrance/exit stairs) which can be ridden around the circuit. Since there are several places to enter and exit the creek, it can be used as a slow, but pleasant, way to commute from one part of the park to another.

Summit Plummet

Winter's version of the Humunga Kowabunga...this is a six-story speed slide. Word has it that riders reach (or exceed) fifty miles per hour during the plunge.

Slush Gusher

This slide, even though a bit tamer than "Summit Plummet" is still a wild ride. It's a double-humped slide down Mt. Gushmore.

Ski Patrol Training Camp

This area features slides and various equipment. Ostensibly, this area is intended to be a training facility for potential ski patrol members. Very popular with teens.

White Water Tube Rides

These rides, are inner tube rides. On Mogal Mania "Snowmakers" are in operation throughout the run as the riders deal with mogals (small bumps or hills) as they ride down the hill. The multi-person raft ride, "Teamboat Springs", is one of the largest such rides in the world. "Runoff Rapids" is the tamest (if that says anything) of the three.

Toboggan Racer

Toboggan Racer consists of eight tracks. Riders use a mat and head downhill head first. The official idea is to get to the bottom first. My goal (when I'm able to visit this park) will be to get down and not drown...

Snow Stormers

These three runs are similar to the storm slides at Typhoon Lagoon. They are themed to look like a giant slalom ski course.

Tike's Peak

Like Ketchakiddie Creek, this children's area is intended for the younger set. It features a few small water slides (very small) and a shallow pool area. This is a nice place to allow the kids to get wet and have some fun.


  • $32.86 for adults, $26.50 for kids 3-9 years old.

  • Lockers cost $3, plus a $2 key deposit. Large lockers cost $5, plus a $2 key deposit.

  • Towels can be rented for $1, and life jackets can be used with a deposit.

Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide

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