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WDW Trip With Kids Planning Guide
Visiting the resort with your children
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Brian Bennett

Traveling With an Infant - Packing List

Here's a suggested list of things to bring along:

  • Bring lots of diapers (you'll use as many as 10 or more per day) and wipes.

  • Pack formula, bottled water, and feeding paraphernalia...the newer bottles that use disposable bags are more convenient for trips (and probably for at home, too).

  • Take extra clothes because changes will be frequent.

  • Throw in lots of receiving blankets (they are soft and comforting for the baby, but can also be used to protect the little one from sun...and the hands of other curious guests).

  • Bring at least one heavy blanket.

  • Pack a diaper bag with a changing pad (not all rest rooms in Walt Disney World have changing facilities, so the pad comes in very handy sometimes). Ours has a snap-up handle that allowed us to attach it to the stroller handle. That way, it was readily available, but not in the way.

  • Some medical/diaper bag items to pack include: Tylenol drops, Mylicon drops, nasal aspirator, diaper rash ointment, burp rags (cloth diapers work well), children's medical history (in case you need to visit a doctor on the trip), baby fingernail clippers, and a small can of Lysol.

  • Take a good baby carrier (again, we were given one as a shower gift), so we could easily carry the baby with us into attractions. This turned out to be a very useful piece of equipment, but it was comfortable for only an hour or so at a time. Don't plan on hauling a baby around in one of these things all morning or all day.

  • Bring along a stroller that can lay flat (so the baby can sleep comfortably), with breathable cloth and plenty of ventilation. Also pack a rain cover for the stroller.


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