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WDW Trip With Kids Planning Guide
Visiting the resort with your children
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Brian Bennett

Traveling With Kids - Preparation for the Trip

I am a firm believer in preparation. I've never been a boy scout, but I've always thought their motto was a great way to deal with life. Therefore, here are a few things that might be beneficial for you to investigate or consider as you plan your trip with younger kids:

  • Become familiar with the layout of the parks before you get there. You especially want to know the locations of baby services (if you have a toddler or infant in your party) and rest room facilities. One tip, almost all of the full service restaurants in the parks have restrooms...they can be handy in an emergency.

  • Allow your kids to be involved as you plan your trip. That way you can be sure to include those attractions, and even restaurants, that are especially of interest to them.

  • Watch videos of the movies and animated features that have corresponding attractions in the parks. The Swiss Family Robinson tree house will be much more interesting and fun for your kids if they saw the movie within a few weeks of going down to WDW. "Walt Disney World with Kids" has a comprehensive list of such films...along with the attractions and points of interest with which they are associated in the parks.

  • Prepare your kids for moderation. They will not get to see every character that they would like to...they might not be allowed to ride some attractions (especially a problem for elementary-aged kids that are slight in stature)...they won't be able to eat every snack food that is sold by every vendor in the Magic Kingdom...and they certainly won't be able to buy every toy or gadget or gismo they see in the stores. On the other hand, they don't have to leave Walt Disney World disappointed as long as they have realistic expectations going in.


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