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Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide
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Downtown Disney - Marketplace

Formerly known as "The Disney Village Marketplace," this collection of shops and restaurants has grown significantly over the years.  The Marketplace is the area of Downtown Disney that is closest to the village resorts (the non-Disney owned and operated hotels that are located on site) and is right next to Pleasure Island (also part of Downtown Disney).

The Marketplace is a Disneyfied outdoor mall. Nice Disney touches abound such as the jumping water fountains for the kids to scamper in, the small scale railroad for the tots to ride, and the marina.  The stores are, for the most part, upscale yuppie marts selling only the premium brands.


Captain Jack's Marina

Boat rentals (sprites, canopy boats, pontoons) and fishing excursions (catch & release only) are available.

Dock Stage

This is the location for special events and performances.

Sand Street Station

Play area and miniature train ride for the younger set.


Art of Disney

Animation cels, art, and other collectibles are for sale here.  This shop isn't much different from a Disney Gallery store anywhere else in the nation, except that the selection is quite a bit greater.

Disney at Home

This is a housewares store for the Disney addicted.  Mickey phones, towels, toothbrush holders, chairs, and other such important items are on sale.

Disney's Days of Christmas

Days of Christmas is the ultimate holiday shop for the Disney-addicted. Christmast ornaments, decorations, and collectibles with a Disney twist are sold.


Full-sized Suits of armor and swords (no I am not kidding) along with fine crystal round out this upscale store's inventory.

Garden Center

The Garden Center, tucked in between Disney at Home and Pooh Corner, is the place to go to buy garden tools, plantings, topiary frames, and the like.

Gourmet Pantry

This "kitchen store" offers utensils and other items that are only appreciated by "the cook that has everything." (My wife loves the cookie jars and I get a kick out of the Mickey-shaped pasta, though.)

Lego Imagination Center

No self-respecting baby-boomer or generation Xer can skip this place!  If Lego makes it, you can probably buy it here...at a fairly reasonable price, surprisingly.   There are also several play set-ups for the kids to try out the classic lockable blocks.

Once Upon a Toy

Everything that a kid could want (much of the product line here is Mattel's, but other producers are represented, as well). Feel free to enjoy a photo tour of the store.

Pin Traders

Pin Traders, one of the newest additions to the Village Marketplace, is a shop that specializes in the pin trading craze that first hit Walt Disney World back during the Millennium Celebration of 1999-2000. If you like to buy and trade pins, this is a great place to shop.

Pooh Corner

Merchandise imported from the 100 acre wood.

Scrapbook Center

The Scrapbook Center, in the location of the former 2R's (Readin' and Ritin') Shop, sells albums, stickers, and other items for scrapbookers.

Studio M

Here's where you can have your picture taken with several of the characters.   Robotically painted t-shirts and other items can be purchased here, too.

Summer Sands

Summer Sands sells swimwear, hats, bags... basically whatever you need for a day at the beach.

Team Mickey's Athletic Club

If you want something sports-related, come here.  Unless, of course, you're into volleyball...in which case you're not likely to find much (this husband of a volleyball coach KNOWS this is a travesty of justice).

World of Disney

This is the world's largest Disney store.  The store's twelve rooms full of plush toys, clothing, collectibles, gourmet items, jewelry will keep you busy browsing (or buying) for quite some time.


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