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Fairy Tales
A closer look at those familiar yarns
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Kevin Yee
NEW! 12/17
Kevin Yee looks at what it takes to make a fairy tale
Kevin Yee sets the stage for future installments of this series

A sometimes academic look at the sources for Disney classic animated features, and fairy tales in particular.

You may not be aware what Disney has done to the source material, and what effect all this has had on world "culture"!

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Fairy Tales 101 - An Introduction to Disney Fairy Tales

Table of Contents

FAIRY TALE DEFINITIONS - December 12, 2001: Kevin takes a closer look at just what makes a story a fairy tale

THEORY & METHOD - November 6, 2001: Kevin gives the basics of his approach to future installments in this series

SLEEPING BEAUTY, PART II - October 17, 2001: Kevin completes his look at how the story of Sleeping Beauty changed on its way to becoming a Disney classic

SLEEPING BEAUTY, PART I - October 11, 2001: Kevin returns with the first part of a look at this Disney classic

CINDERELLA, PART II - July 18, 2001: Kevin continues his look at this stories history?

CINDERELLA, PART I - July 10, 2001: How has this classic tale changed over the years?

SNOW WHITE - June 22, 2001: What did Disney change when telling this classic story?

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, PART II - June 12, 2001: How the story changed to the version we know today...

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD - May 24, 2001: The original isn't such a walk in the woods...

COURSE INTRODUCTION - May 3, 2001: What you need to know about Disney, fairy tale author Charles Perrault, and the Grimms before taking this course.



Kev and pal
Paul Pressler (left) and author Kevin Yee, who spent time teaching as an Assistant Professor of German. His courses included ones on fairy tales, their sources, and interpretations.

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