Five and Dime

Fice and Dime is a jazz group that performs outside the Carthay Circle Theatre from the back of a vintage car. Their set includes a mix of jazz standards and period songs, and features an audience participation moment as children dance to "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf."
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  • Location: Performance occurs outside Carthay Circle Theatre
  • Date Opened: June 15, 2012
  • Capacity: No specific limit; whatever the area can comfortably hold
  • # of Shows: Eight times per day
  • Characters: Goofy
  • Photos and Autographs: None
Time Commitment Information - Hide Section
  • Wait Times: Not necessary to arrive early unless you want a front row spot
  • Length of Show:
  • FastPass: N/A
  • Queue Description: N/A
Access Information - Hide Section
  • Health Restriction: N/A
  • Ride Access: N/A
  • Wheelchair Transfer: N/A
  • Service Animals: N/A
  • Audio: The show involves song and dance
  • Weight and Size Issues: N/A
Parenting Information - Hide Section
  • Height Restriction: N/A
  • Child Swap: N/A
  • Other Issues: Children are encouraged to sing and dance along during one portion of the show
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