Tortilla Jo's

Tortilla Jo's is Downtown Disney's second attempt at serving Mexican food at this location, having replaced the original occupant Y'Arriba Y'Arriba. Three different dining options are available. You can go with the full service dining room with more interesting dishes, eat in the cantina with a more limited menu, or sit outside and get counter service from the taqueria.

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  • Location: On the right as you approach the Disneyland Drive overpass in the direction of the Disneyland Hotel.
  • Date Opened:
  • Seating: Indoor tables and patio
  • Service Type: Table and counter service
  • Children's Meals: Yes
  • Vegetarian Options: Yes
  • Annual Pass Discount: Yes
  • Sponsor: Operated by the Patina Group.
  • Reservations:
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Cantina Menu as of August 28, 2007

Starters and Appetizers (Antojitos)

Holy Guacamole! - Guacamole prepared fresh with perfectly ripe avacados, lime juice, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. $7.50
Southwestern Crab Cakes - Sweet crab meat, lightly breaded and served with yellow mole sauce, roasted red pepper butter and crispy tortilla strips. $11.95
Grilled Shrimp and Corn Cakes - Smokey chipotle shrimp served on sweet corn cakes, with guacamole, salsa fresca and cilantro oil. $9.95
Tequila Barbecue Sauce Quesadilla - Crispy flour tortilla with shredded beef or chicken, BBQ sauce and jack cheese, served with guacamole, pico de gallom and sour cream. $7.95, With steak or chicken, $9.95
Jo's Favorites - A four compartment platter with beef or chicken flautas, tequila BBQ ribs, spicy mango-mustard shrimp and a carnitas tostada. $13.95
Tequila Barbecue Chicken Wings - Jo's chicken wings tossed in a sweet and spicy tequila barbecue sauce. $9.95
Flautas - Crispy rolled flour tortillas with your choice of shredded beef and potato or chicken and potato, served with guacamole, pickeled onions, and crema fresca. $9.95
Nachos - Crispy tortilla chips with Monterey jack cheese, beans, pico de gallo, gaucamole, and crema fresca. $7.95; with asada beef, $9.95; with shredded chicken, $9.95

Soups (Sopas)

Tortilla Soup - Roasted vegetable broth with diced vegetables topped with queso fresco and tortilla strips. $3.50/$6.95
Pozole Soup - Tender braised pork shoulder in a red chilie broth with hominy, cabbage, onion, oregano, and lime. $3.50/$6.95

Salads (Ensaladas)

House Salad - Baby mixed greens with tomato, crispy tortilla strips and cilantro ranch dressing. $6.95; with grilled shrimp, $8.45; with crispy shrimp, $11.95
TJ's Caesar Salad - Caesar salad with lime Caesar dressing and lime-chile croutons. $12.95; with grilled chicken, $14.95; with crispy shrimp, $16.95
Tostada Salad - Crispy tostada bowl filled with vegetarian black beans, green rice, iceberg lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream. $12.95; with grilled chicken, $13.95; with grilled steak, $14.95

House Specialties

Shrimp and Avacado Enchiladas - Three chipotle-marinated shrimp and avacado enchiladas topped with salsa verde, queso fresca, and roasted black bean salsa. $17.95
Mayan Spiced Salmon - Crispy plantain-crusted salmon, pan-roasted with pinapple-cilantro relish, coconut rice, vegetarian black beans and caramelized plantains. $16.95
Chipotle Red Currant Pork Chop - Porterhouse pork chop topped with red currant chipotle demi-glace, Yukon Gold mashed potatos with chives and sauteed spinach. $17.95
Yucatan Mango Chicken - Cumin and honey-glazed half chicken with mango-banana salsa, vegetarian black beans, green rice and plantain chips. $16.95
Tortilla Jo's Carne Asada - Grilled marinated skirt steak served with a sweet corn tamale, red and green chiles, chipotle-mashed sweet potatoes and avacado-pumpkin seed salsa. $18.95
Jo's Carnitas - Tender braised pork shoulder, vegetarian black beans, Mexican red rice, pickled onions, guacamole, and handmade corn tortillas. $16.95
Pan-seared Tequila Chicken - Chicken cutlets, lightly breaded and pan-seared, topped with citrus-tequila cream sauce, red and yellow chiles and Mexican green rice. $16.95
Fajitas - Sizzling fajitas with roasted peppers and onions, served with vegetarian black beans, Mexican red rice, and handmade corn tortillas. $14.95; with grilled chicken, $16.95; with grilled steak, $16.95; with shrimp, $18.95
Latin-Spiced Prime Rib - Served every Friday and Saturday evening. 10 ounce boneless prime rib of beef rubbed with savory Latin spices and served with dried cherry-ancho demi-glace, poblano chile gratin and seasonal vegetables. $22.95

Combination Plates (Combinacione Platos)

All combination plates are served with rice and beans or sauteed vegetables. Any two items, $15.95; any three items, $16.95

Crispy chicken and potato taco
Crispy beef and potato taco with lettuce
Vegetarian black bean and jack cheese soft taco
Cheese, beef, or chicken enchilada with salsa roja
Shredded chicken or beef tamale with salsa verde
Chile relleno with ranchero sauce

Soft Tacos

Two soft corn tortillas with onions, cilantro, and your choice of filling. Any two, $8.50

Marinated chicken
Grilled steak
Crispy cod fish
Crispy or grilled shrimp


Flour tortilla filled with beans, rice, onions, cilantro, and Monterey jack cheese, served with sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole.

Vegetarian Black Bean - With salsa verde. $10.95
Marinated Chicken - With salsa verde. $14.95
Grilled Steak - With salsa roja. $13.95

Mexican Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken and Honey Mustard Sandwich - Sliced chicken breast topped with Jo's homemade cilantro-honey mustard sauce on a traditional Mexican talera roll with lettuce, tomato, and red onion, served with sweet potato chips and chayote-apple salad. $10.95
Grilled Steak Sandwich - Sliced grilled asada, roasted garlic-jalapeno mayonnaise, with iceberg lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a tradtional Mexican talera roll, served with sweet potato chips and chayote-apple salad. $10.95

Side Dishes (Acompanamientos)

Caramelized Plaintains - $3.50
Mashed Sweet Potatoes - With pilancillo and vanilla-toasted pecans. $3.50
Vegetarian Black Beans - $3.50
Refried Beans - $3.50
Mexican Red Rice - $3.50
Vegetarian Green Rice - $3.50
Handmade Corn Tortillas - $3.50
Small Side of House Salad - $3.50

Taqueria Menu as of September 8, 2006


A cone shaped corn tortilla filled with refried beans, red rice, onions, cilantro, Monterey jack cheese, sour cream, and your choice of filling.

Grilled Chicken - $5.50
Grilled Steak - $6.50
Shredded Pork - $5.75
Vegetarian - Black beans and Monterey jack cheese. $3.50
Refried Beans and Monterey Jack Cheese - $3.50


Two double layer soft corn tortillas with onions and cilantro and your choice of filling.

Grilled Chicken - $3.50
Grilled Steak - $4.25
Shredded Pork - $4.00
Vegetarian - Black beans and Monterey jack cheese. $2.75
Refried Beans and Monterey Jack Cheese - $2.75


A flour tortilla filled with refried beans, red rice, onions, cilantro, Monterey jack cheese, and your choice of filling.

Grilled Chicken - $6.95
Grilled Steak - $7.95
Shredded Pork - $7.50
Vegetarian - Black beans and Monterey jack cheese. $5.50
Refried Beans and Monterey Jack Cheese - $5.50


With American cheese sauce, sour cream, quacamole, jalapenos, and pico de gallo.

Plain - $4.95
Grilled Chicken - $5.50
Grilled Steak - $5.95
Shredded Pork - $5.75

Mexican Sandwiches

Iceberg lettuce, tomato, guacamole, red onions, and sour cream on a traditional talera roll.

Grilled Chicken - $7.95
Grilled Steak - $8.75

Side Dishes

Mexican Red Rice - $1.75
Vegetarian Green Rice - $1.75
Refried Beans - $1.75
Vegetarian Black Beans - $1.75
Guacamole - $0.50
Sour Cream - $0.50
Monterey Jack Cheese - $0.50
Corn or Flour Tortillas - Two. $1.95
Chips & Salsa - $1.95


Classic Mexican Flan - A rich caramel custard. $4.25
Churro - With chocolate sauce and cinnamon sugar. $4.25
Mexican Chocolate Brownie - Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. $4.25


Soda - Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Hi-C Pink Lemonade, Barq's Root Beer, fruit punch, tropical iced tea. $2.50/$3.50
Arrowhead Bottled Water - $2.25

Traditional Mexican Drinks

Horchata - A refreshing cool drink from Mexico made with rice, almonds, cinnamon, and sugar. $3.50
Aqua de Jamaica - A non-alcoholic drink from Mexico made with hibiscus flower. $3.50
Agua de Tamarindo - A non-alcoholic drink from Mexico made with tamarind pods. $3.50
Whipped Orange Bang - Just like from the old "barrio." $3.50

If a menu is presented here it is for guidance purposes only. Menus can change without notice and at some restaurants daily. If you have specific dietary needs or questions it is best to contact the restaurant directly for information. If you'd like to notify us that a menu has changed, or you can provide the complete information, please let us know through our email form.

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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.6 out of 53.6 out of 53.6 out of 53.6 out of 53.6 out of 5
Number of Tortilla Jo's Taqueria Reviews: 9
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   03/21/06
Reviewer: Deepred Bakersfield, Ca.     March 22, 2006
Being vegetarian I was excited to eat here since they obviously had vegetarian fair including vegetarian rice and beans. I ordered vegetarian fajitas specified that I would like it with vegetarian rice and beans. My husband ordered vegetarian tacos and a cheese enchilada also specified with vegetarian rice and beans. One of our friends ordered fried shrimp tacos with a mojito and our other friend ordered nachos with a pina colada. Our chips and salsa were good and so were our drinks. It took over twenty minutes for our food to come. We were there on a Tuesday at 2:00pm it was not busy at all. When our food arrived my fajitas came without tortillas. My husbands came with the wrong rice and beans and the waiter asked if he could just eat around it and they would bring an extra side of vegetarian rice and beans. Ok thats not bad. The nachos came with out the pico de gallo so we had to ask for a side. In the mean time the Shrimp tacos were cold when they first came out and half of them were either dirty or raw. The guacamole tasted like it had cleaner in it. Well over 10 minutes had passed and they came with our tortillas, vegetarian rice and bean and pico de gallo. My fajitas were pretty good. Cold but good. My husbands food had no flavor and had the lard filled beans all over the bottom of the tacos so he didn't even get to eat them. Well of course we complained they took 15% off of our friends receipt but nothing off of our. We were very disappointed. Luckily we ate quite a bit of chips and salsa or we would have been hungry after paying over $80 for all four.
10 out of 12 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Monday October 17, 2005
Reviewer: tlovesdis ( Antioch, CA     October 25, 2005
We very much enjoyed our dinner here! There were 7 of us in the party and we all liked our food! A few of us had drinks and they were good too! The service is what keeps me from giving this place 5 planets! Our waitress was not the friendliest, but she did a decent job. We would definately eat here again!
5 out of 7 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   July 25 & 27
Reviewer: CA Screamin Northern CA     July 31, 2005
Tortilla Jo's Taqueria was a great find. For a family with kid's, the quick walk up counter saved alot of time compared to waiting in line to sit down in the main restaurant. All the food is made to order. The extra wait time was worth it. It's not like other counter service where the food is sitting under a hot light. The service was pleasant and the quality of food was very good. The price is very reasonable. There are a few tables in front of the Taqueria. But just a few steps away are seating areas along the middle strip of the Downtown Disney walk way. I highly recommend the "Grilled Chicken Nachos". Serving size is generous. Lots of sour cream, melted cheese, and fresh guacamole. My son's also enjoyed the Grilled Chicken Burrito and the Shredded Beef with Potato Burrito. Remember to ask for extra salsa on the side. The Tortilla Jo's Taqueria get my "No Leftover Rating".
8 out of 8 people found this review helpful
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