Tomorrowland began as a place for looking into the future that might be. Over the years, though, it has turned from science speculation of rides like Mission to Mars to science fiction like Stitch's Great Escape. This transformation is somewhat understandable when you think that tomorrow has a way of becoming today and making a new tomorrow will cost a lot of money. Faced with this, rides have tended to become either more timeless or presented as interesting historical artifacts (such as with Carousel of Progress.

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  • Location: To the east of the Central Plaza. Can be accessed from Main Street, Fantasyland, and Mickey's Toontown Fair as well as the Walt Disney World Railroad.
  • Date Opened: 10/1/1971
  • # of Rides and Attractions: 8
  • # of Entertainment and Shows: 1
  • # of Dining Locations: 4
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Here you will find a list of selected rides, shows, or restaurants that have been removed fromTomorrowland, never to return.

  • Rides and Attractions
    • The Timekeeper— A 360-degree movie showcasing several historical periods. (November 21, 1994 - February 26, 2006)
    • Entertainment, Shows and Special Events
      • Dining

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  • At this location: Tomorrowland was one of the original lands when the park opened in 1971. It expanded slightly when Space Mountain opened in 1975 and then lost a little bit of space to Mickey's Toontown Fair in 1996.
  • The Land's History: Tomorrowland wasn't quite ready for primetime when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971. The only attractions ready for guests were the already outdated Flight to the Moon, Grand Prix Raceway, and a CircleVision movie called America the Beautiful. Things picked up by 1975 when Star Jets, WEDway PeopleMover, and Space Mountain opened up. In 1994 the Magic Kingdom got a "New Tomorrowland" in which many rides were replaced or updated and the general look of the area was updated.

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