Test Track

[Attraction is currently closed for an extended refurbishment/reconstruction.]

In Test Track, General Motors takes passengers on a trip through their automotive testing facilities. Each car (with you in it) will be put through a series of stress tests such as rapid breaking, rough surfaces, steep climbs, and perhaps even a front-impact test. Finally, your car will go outside and you'll see how quickly it can accelerate. As you leave the show you can purchase automotive souvenirs, or even a car from General Motors as several current models are on display.

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  • Location: On the left side of the park, to the right of Mission: SPACE.
  • Date Opened: March 16, 1999
  • # of Ride Units: 32 cars
  • Ride Capacity: 6 passengers per car
  • Restraint Method: Seatbelt
  • Ticket Rating: E Ticket
  • Ride Photo: Yes
  • Sponsor: General Motors
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  • Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park. This attraction is open during both morning and evening Extra Magic Hours.
  • Wait Times: Standby lines tend to be very long and using FastPass is strongly recommended. Standby wait times of 60 minutes or later are not uncommon.
  • Length of Ride: 10 minutes
  • FastPass: Yes
  • Single Rider: Yes
  • Queue Description: The interior queue is heavily themed and should not be missed (you may want to do the standby line just once to take everything in). The large room through which the queue winds, avoiding tightly wound switchbacks, demonstrates safety testing procedures used when designing new cars. Lots of interesting things in this queue.
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  • Health Restriction: Riders should be in good health, free of heart problems, back or neck injuries, or other issues that could be exacerbated by temperature extremes or jerky motions.
  • Ride Access: The queue is wheelchair and ECV accessible.
  • Wheelchair Transfer: Once you exit the briefing room (preshow) a cast member will provide instructions on loading to people in wheelchairs or ECVs. Transferring into the car units is necessary. There is an unused vehicle available in a private area if you wish to practice entering and exiting the car before doing it for the real ride.
  • Service Animals: No
  • Audio: Assistive listening devices are available for this attraction from Guest Relations.
  • Weight and Size Issues: Car may be cramped for the very large or very tall, but should accommodate people of all sizes.
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  • Height Restriction: 40" (102 cm.)
  • Child Swap: Yes
  • Other Issues:
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  • At this location: Prior to Test Track, General Motors sponsored the World of Motion pavilion in this location. World of Motion took passengers on a less-than-serious ride through the history of transportation, starting with just walking and working through modern automobiles. In all there were 22 scenes and at least 150 animatronic figures. The post show area displayed prototype automobile technology from General Motors. It also included an animatronic show called The Bird and the Robot, in which a wisecracking toucan demonstrated robotic technology used by GM to paint cars.
  • The Attraction's History: Test Track remains essentially unchanged since it opened.
  • Other Trivia:
    • Sponsors: General Motors has continuously sponsored this location since the park opened in 1982.
    • The Track: On the speed portion of the almost 1-mile long track, the car will go from 0-65 miles per hour in about 8.8 seconds.
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