Reflections of China

Reflections of China is a CircleVision 360 film that presents scenes from around the varied geography and cultures of China. The film is projected on nine large screens that surround the audience.

General Information - Hide Section
  • Location: Inside of the circular Hall of Prayer in the middle of the China pavilion.
  • Date Opened: May 2003
  • Capacity: A couple hundred people can see each show.
  • # of Shows: Continuously through the day, ever 25 minutes.
  • Characters: None
  • Photos and Autographs: No
Time Commitment Information - Hide Section
  • Wait Times: The theater does not generally fill, though the waiting room is an air conditioned and attractive place to get out of the sun.
  • Length of Show: 20 minutes
  • FastPass: No
  • Queue Description: Benches in the anteroom of the Hall of Prayer structure. Delicately designed and replicates the real structure in Beijing, China.
Access Information - Hide Section
  • Health Restriction:
  • Ride Access: The theater is wheelchair accessible, the queue is not. The theater is a flat room, so wheelchairs and ECVs can stop anywhere inside, though it may be difficult to turn around and see different parts of the screen. Those not in wheelchairs or ECVs are required to stand through the entire presentation, though there are railings against which one can lean.
  • Wheelchair Transfer:
  • Service Animals: Yes
  • Audio: Reflective captioning and assistive listening devices are available for this attraction from Guest Services.
  • Weight and Size Issues:
Parenting Information - Hide Section
  • Height Restriction: No
  • Child Swap: No
  • Other Issues: The setup of the theater with its lack of seats and guests standing to watch the film tends to create an environment where kids like to run around so make sure you're keeping an eye on them while looking up for the movie.
History and Trivia - Hide Section
  • At this location: The original film shown in this theater was another CircleVision 360 film called Wonders of China which opened with the pavilion in 1982. It was much the same as this current film which was made to update the imagery that was well out of date in Wonders of China.
  • The Attraction's History: The film has not been changed since it opened in 2003.

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