O Canada!

O, Canada! is a CircleVision 360 film that presents scenes of the wide ranging geography and culture of Canada. The film is projected onto nine large screens that form a circle around the audience. Every region of Canada is represented in the movie's nearly 60 scenes.

On August 31, 2007, a new 14-minute Circlevision film opened, replacing the 17-minute original. The new film is designed to disspell many myths about Canada and to show a more modern look at Canada than the 25-year-old original.

While the original O Canada! showed beautiful landscapes and and diverse cultures of Canada, it didn't give a complete picture of the country and its people. Aiming to remedy that, the new film features Canadian actor Martin Short as a narrator taking guests on a tour of the country that not only features stunning landscapes but also performances by Cirque du Soleil (based in Montreal), the Calgary Stampede and more. 2006 "Canadian Idol" winner Eva Avila sings on the soundtrack. The new O Canada! contains 65 percent new footage.

General Information - Hide Section
  • Location: In the back of the Canada pavilion.
  • Date Opened: 10/1/1982
  • Capacity: Several hundred
  • # of Shows: Continuous throughout the day, with a new show starting every 20 minutes.
  • Characters: None
  • Photos and Autographs: No
Time Commitment Information - Hide Section
  • Wait Times: Lines don't generally form to fill more than one theater at a time, and it would be very unusual to have to wait more than two shows to get in.
  • Length of Show: 14 minutes
  • FastPass: No
  • Queue Description: No special theming, though the queue is in the area designed to look like a scene from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.
Access Information - Hide Section
  • Health Restriction:
  • Ride Access: The theater is wheelchair accessible, the queue is not. To gain access to the theater, take the path through Victoria Gardens (by Le Cellier Steakhouse) and a cast member will be able to provide instruction. The theater is a flat room, so wheelchairs and ECVs can stop anywhere inside, though it may be difficult to turn around and see different parts of the screen. Those not in wheelchairs or ECVs are required to stand through the entire presentation, though there are railings against which one can lean.
  • Wheelchair Transfer:
  • Service Animals: Yes
  • Audio: Reflective captioning and assistive listening devices are available for this attraction from Guest Services.
  • Weight and Size Issues:
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  • Height Restriction:
  • Child Swap:
  • Other Issues:
History and Trivia - Hide Section
  • At this location: O, Canada! has been part of the Canda pavilion since it opened in 1982.
  • The Attraction's History: To the chagrin of many the film has not been updated since it premiered in 1982, even though this leaves people with dated impression of Canada (some of the film was shot as early as 1978). Rumors periodically pop up that it is being updated but until Disney and Canada can come to terms on who will pay for an update this will not happen.

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