Caribbean Beach

Caribbean Beach is a very large resort, the roughly circular path that ties the entire resort together is almost a mile and a half long. The resort consists of 33 two-story buildings circling a 45-acre lake. The buildings are divided into six "villages" named after Caribbean island nations. Though you can't swim in the lake, each village has its own sandy beach.

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  • Address: 900 Cayman Way, Lake Buena Vista, FL, 32830
  • Resort Phone #: 407-934-3400
  • Resort Fax #: 407-934-2736
  • Reservation #: 407-934-7639
  • Date Opened: 1988
  • Resort Category: Moderate
  • Room Information
  • # of Buildings: 33 guest room buildings plus one main building
  • # of Rooms: 2,112 rooms
  • Room Rates: There are two basic room types at Caribbean Beach Resort: standard (facing away from the central lake) and water view (facing towards the lake). See the official Disney page for Caribbean Beach for current room rates.
  • Services Information
  • Concierge Service: No
  • Valet Parking: No
  • Room Service:
  • Internet: Wired in-room ethernet port. $9.95 for 24-hours. Wi-Fi access is available in certain public common areas.
  • Laundry: There is a laundry building for each of the six villages, near the swimming pool.
  • Pools and swimming: Caribbean Beach Resort has nine swimming pools. Sixe are small quiet pools, one for each village. The larger themed pool is between the Trinidad North and Martinique villages and includes water slides and several swimming areas.
  • Gym and Exercise: No
  • Spa: No
  • Turndown service: No
  • Smoking:
  • Owner's Locker
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  • Transportation Information
  • On foot:
  • Bus: Direct busses are available at seven stops around the resort and go to each of the four parks and Downtown Disney. No other direct routes are offered so you'll need to go to one of those destinations and transfer.
  • Monorail: Not available
  • Ferries: None
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  • Other dining — The Old Port Royale Food Court has several stations with a variety of options and is open 6:00 a.m. to midnight. None of the pools have poolside bars.
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  • Goombay Games Arcade is a video arcade found in the Old Point Royale building. Each of the resorts six "villages" has its own beach on the lake. Three of the beaches have playgrounds. Watercraft can be rented for use on the lake, but swimming in the lake is not allowed.
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  • Calypso Trading Post— A large hotel sundries store, it also sells basic souvenirs and resort logowear.
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Average Reviewer Rating: 4.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 5
Number of Caribbean Beach Resort Reviews: 36
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   NOVEMBER 18, 1988
Reviewer: JEANYLASER34 MIAMI, FLORIDA     October 12, 2010
I love Caribbean Beach Resort and the shops and food courts looks great and the rooms in Aruba looks great and I can't wait to stay in this hotel for Dec 2010! This is great hotel! we love it! Disney castmembers is very nice and the arcade is awesome to play video games! That's why we will take the Caribbean Beach for Dec 2010!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   4/11/10-4/18/10
Reviewer: worldlover71 NY, NY     May 04, 2010
For my solo trip to the World, I chose to stay in a Standard room at the CBR. I was going to stay in a preferred or water view room but chose a standard room instead so I could apply the difference in price to the price of the Backstage Magic Tour. I got a 35% off discount (about $135 per night) from the Walt Disney Travel Company through which I had booked by trip to Disneyland two years ago. I had only stayed on property once before, many years ago at Fort Wilderness though we did stay at the Disneyland Hotel when we went to California in 2008.

The preferred rooms are closer to Old Port Royale, the resort's main building and pool which is important if you have small children or someone with trouble walking because the resort is very large. Walking a bit didnt really matter to me though so a standard room was fine. I also took a chance with the view since it could be of a parking lot but that was a chance I was willing to take. The rooms all have refrigerators which meant I could bring breakfast food to save money and time in the morning.

My trip began on Sunday and after a quick stop at Pop Century Resort The Magical Express bus was off to the CBR. We arrived at 1:15 and I went to the on-line check-in counter. The marketing materials all say that if you check in on-line before you leave home, everything will be ready for you when you arrive. That may be true but I still had to wait on line to get it and that took a while. I finally got to the counter and they did have all my information ready and to my surprise the room was ready too (check in time is normally 3pm.). I was given my Key to the World card and all my paperwork and maps and was told that I had a courtyard view which was far better than the parking lot I was expecting. The room was also on the second floor which I had wanted but not requested. I was going to be in the Barbados village and was told I could take the internal shuttle there but when I looked at the map, it looked like Customs House, where I was, was right across the street. The desk clerk looked at it and laughed and said I was right and it would be much quicker just to walk. I was glad of this because for some reason you cannot bring your bags on the internal shuttle. You have to leave them with bell services and let them bring them to you.

I was across the street in minutes to the bright pink building 16 in Barbados. I enjoyed looking at the bright, tropical architecture of the buildings as I made my way to my room. I found my room and was happy to find it was a corner room with two windows and a Finding Nemo theme. It was very spacious for me (and I think would be for a family of four as well) and vibrant so I started to settle into my temporary home. Everthing was neat and fresh though there was a bulb out above the sink. I called housekeeping and the next day when I got back from the park it was fixed.

After a while I headed over to Old Port Royale for lunch and some pool time. I was disappointed in the gift shop to find that there was nothing with the CBR logo. Apparently only the deluxe resorts carry merchandise with their logos. I was happy however, to see that they carried beverages including half gallons of milk. I got a salad at one of the food stands and ate it as I walked around the common areas. The food court itself is colorful and lively and the food selection is basic if a little above the standard food court. It does not have enough variety to eat here every meal every day, but how many people do that? I was surprised that the grab and go area did not carry sandwiches but otherewise they have a nice selection of fresh foods.

The pool area which looks like an old Spanish fort was very lively but it was a little too crazy for me. Lots of kids running around of course and even in Disney I was afraid of leaving my camera, phone and wallet unattended. Instead I headed over to the quiet pool near my room. Each village has a no-frills pool and this one was more my speed. The only problem with the quiet pools was there are no hot tubs. You have to go to the main pool to use the two there. There were still people at the quiet pool but far fewer and I could easily see my things and not worry.

On my third night (Tuesday) I went back to the main pool after the parks had closed and found only a few people there. I enjoyed the pool and hot tub and found it a relaxing way to end the day.

I went to the main pool one more time late Saturday night but this time when I got there, I was surprised to find it packed with people. That night, the pool bar was open and packed, both hot tubs were full of people and there were a ton of kids splashing around at the pool. It was Saturday night and I guess even when people are on vacation in a place where the day of the week is irrelevant, they want to party on Saturday night.

I found the park busses very efficient. I never waited more than 15 minutes for a bus (usually much less) and never needed anywhere near the hour and a half that I read it could take to get to the parks. It rarely took more than 20 minutes even with all the stops the busses make at each village. These stops can be annoying, especially when you are tired, but don't add more than a few minutes to your travel time. In the morning, the busses were full but not packed but in the evening you should be prepared to stand if you can. The only t
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   June 13-June 16, 2007
Reviewer: RockDoc07 Long Island, NY     June 23, 2007
2 people, room in Aruba. We were upgraded for free to a King size bed.

This was my first ever trip to Disneyworld and my Dw2b's third. She had never stayed on property before. I must say we were very glad we chose to stay here. We arrived with our rental car and checked in VERY quickly, which was a huge plus. We decided we were going to dump our bags since it was already after 5, go dump the car, and then head to MGM. This was where we hit our only snag. We dropped the bags off at roughly 5:30. We gave them our room number and they said they would not deliver the bags to our room until we were there. I said that was ok, they could deliver them now and she said they wouldn't and that they preferred to wait until the guests were in the room. So we went to the park, and returned to our room at 1 AM to find no bags. We then had to call and had to stay up waiting for these bags until 1:45.

The rest of our stay was very enjoyable. Everyone was helpful and friendly. We were doing some penny collecting for our trip scrap book and while we were at another hotel we saw a penny with the hotel logo on it. So we were hoping to get a CBR penny, but none of the machines had them. I asked the gentleman at the travel desk if he knew of any and he spent 5 minutes with me looking on the computer to see if there were any penny presses that could be of help. He was awesome!

The food area was very nicely stocked, and the gift shop people were very friendly and helpful.

Our room was cleaned and always nicely taken care of. Having the fridge was a huge help to hit the parks each day with cold bottles of water. The decor in the room was awesome. The clock radio was very nice and very good for what we needed (an alarm).

We never had to wait more than ten minutes for buses, but to be fair, we were trying to get buses first thing in the morning so I am sure that helped a little. We did wait a little in the middle of the day to get the internal resort bus.

We both enjoyed staying here very much and had an excellent time. We both agreed we would stay here again and maybe next time explore the resort a little more.

I will give a piece of advice, we larrived late in the afternoon on a weekday which we think contributed to our ease with checkin. When we left, it was the middle of the day on a Saturday and there were a lot of people checking ina nd leaving and the customs house looked like a zoo. So check in might not always happen with the simplest of ease.
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