Cranium Command

This attraction is permanently closed. This page is retained here for historical interest.

Part of the Wonders of Life Pavilion, Cranium Command combines filmed elements with audio-animatronics to tell the story of Buzzy's first day controlling the brain of a 12-year-old boy. From the control room (the theater) Buzzy interacts with other characters in distant parts of the body as the boy goes through his day. Recognizable actors such as George Wendt (Cheers), Dana Carvey, Charles Grodin, and Kevin Nealon (Saturday Night Live). A 5-minute pre-show video is also entertaining and sets up the story for what is to come.

Cranium and the other attractions in the Wonders of Life Pavilion just kind of faded away. For a long time the pavilion was only open during peak periods and then eventually only open during some peak periods. By early 2006 the pavilion was no longer mentioned on the official park map and the individual attractions had disappeared from the Walt Disney World Web site. Though there has not been an official announcement all of this has moved the attractions to In the Past...

General Information - Hide Section

    This attraction is permanently closed. This page is retained here for historical interest.

  • Location: To the left as you enter the park through the main gate, between Universe of Energy and Mission: SPACE.
  • Date Opened: October 19, 1989
  • Date Closed: January 1, 2007
  • # of Ride Units: One theater
  • Ride Capacity:
  • Restraint Method: None
  • Ticket Rating: C Ticket
  • Ride Photo: No
Time Commitment Information - Hide Section
  • Open/Close: Open and close with the park. The entire Wonders of Life pavilion is only open seasonally during peak attendance periods. Check with current schedules when visiting the park.
  • Wait Times: The show runs every 30 minutes, but it generally it isn't necessary to queue up more then 10 minutes before the indicated showtime.
  • Length of Ride: 18 minutes
  • FastPass: No
  • Single Rider: No
  • Queue Description: Not particularly themed, just a queue before being instructed to enter the theater.
Access Information - Hide Section
  • Health Restriction: None
  • Ride Access: The queue and theater is wheelchair and ECV accessible.
  • Wheelchair Transfer: It is not necessary to transfer from wheelchairs and ECVs, designated spaces are available.
  • Service Animals: Yes
  • Audio: Assistive listening devices and reflective captioning devices are available for this show from Guest Services. Video captioning is available in the pre-show area.
  • Weight and Size Issues: Should be none.
Parenting Information - Hide Section
  • Height Restriction:
  • Child Swap:
  • Other Issues:
History and Trivia - Hide Section
  • At this location: Though not opened until 1989, the Wonders of Life Pavilion is the first resident of this location, and Cranium Command has been in place since then.
  • The Attraction's History: A health and fitness pavilion was always in the plan for Epcot, but it was several years before a corporate sponsor could be found to finance construction. Eventually Metropolitan Life Insurance Company signed on and the pavilion was quickly built and opened October 19, 1989. MetLife ended their sponsorship in 2001 and since then the pavilion has been more of an afterthought and in early 2004 began to only open on peak attendance days. Cranium Command itself remains unchanged since it opened.
  • Other Trivia:
    • Sponsors: Metropolitan Life Insurance Company sponsored Body Wars and the entire Wonders of Life pavilion from October 19, 1989, to June 10, 2001.

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