Hollywood Land

Holllywood Land is themed to California's most famous industry: Hollywood. The main street is replicates Hollywood Boulevard with its swanky stores and movie theaters. To the left as you walk down the street is the actual studio backlot where you'll find the Muppets and Monsters, Inc., (as well as some soundstages not being used for much). Off in the other direction is the Hollywood Tower Hotel where things just never go right.


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  • Location: To the left as you enter the park.
  • Date Opened: February 8, 2001
  • # of Rides and Attractions: 4
  • # of Entertainment and Shows: 3
  • # of Dining Locations: 4
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  • Gone Hollywood— Hollywood and movie related souvenirs.
  • Off the Page— Disney movies and animated film artwork.
  • Studio Store— Muppets and Monsters, Inc., toys as well as general small souvenirs.
  • Tower Hotel Gifts— Twilight Zone, Hollywood Tower Hotel, and Nightmare Before Christmas souvenirs, also purchase ride photos.

In the Past... - Hide Section
Here you will find a list of selected rides, shows, or restaurants that have been removed fromHollywood Land, never to return.

  • Rides and Attractions
    • Entertainment, Shows and Special Events
      • Disney Dance Crew— Two dance crews compete until a surprise guests brings them together.
      • Drawn to the Magic— A musical show for children culminating in a three character meet and greet.
      • Mad T Party— A nighttime music and dance party themed to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
      • Dining

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