It probably needs not be said that ESPN Zone is focused on all things sport. From the moment the building comes within view you will note the large scultpures of athletes that adorn the side of the building. As you get closer, you can watch scores slide by on a ticker or ESPN clips on the large monitors. Once inside, there is not need to wait quietly (and nothing here is quiet) for a table, but can go up to the second floor which is dedicated to sports simulating video games.


When you get around to actually eating, which can take quite a while; on busy nights don't be surprised to wait more than an hour there are two options. You can eat in the studio, which is essentially a standard restaurant dining room, though a couple TVs are always within view. Periodically, ESPN may even tape a television show or segment in the studio found in this half of the restaurant. The other half is a sports bar (same food on both sides), and in addition to the regular televisions, one whole wall is dedicated to giant monitors showing sports. A lucky few can even dine in recliners set in front of these monitors.

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  • Location: The last building on the right in Downtown Disney as you approach the Disneyland Hotel.
  • Date Opened:
  • Seating: Indoor tables
  • Service Type: Table service
  • Children's Meals: Yes
  • Vegetarian Options: Yes
  • Annual Pass Discount: Yes
  • Reservations:
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When you consider that this is essentially a glorified sports bar, not a whole lot on the menu will suprise you. The entrees are very meat oriented with the variation being in what comes with the steak, chicken, ribs, or shrimp. A few things on the menu are more interesting, such as a decent apple and walnut salad. The menu is large, though, so almost everybody should be able to find something they'll like. Except for vegetarians who are going to have to stick to salads and the token vegetarian pasta dishes. A full bar is available (dining room) and a dozen beers are on draft. Wine is available, but if important to you there are better places for it.

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Number of ESPN Zone Reviews: 27
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   May 9th or 10th 2010
Reviewer: Cheryl051100 central california     July 14, 2010
First I just want to say before getting into what kind of experience I had. I'm just stating how disappointed I'm with this restaurant.

It was going to be dinner time soon. So around 5pm we headed over to ESPN Zone. There was a line forming outside my husband got a monitor, it was suppose to time us and go off to let know our table was ready. So 2 hours later we go to our table and the waitress kept taking off. She did this a couple of times and it took 30 minutes for her to come back. There were 6 people in our group but we were not counting on spending nearly $80 on dinner. I kick myself about choosing this place because ...
1) the service was lousy
2) there food was not that great
3) there food is over priced
All around this place makes fast food restaurants look good.I have ate here before this visit a few years ago and at that time. I was happy with everything service and food. With this visit it left me wondering what happened :(
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   April 2008, Dec 2008, Feb 2009
Reviewer: Jenasweetemotion Nor Cal in "The Friendly City"     August 27, 2009
I love the ESPN Zone. The food is really great and the portions are really big, in fact we almost always split the meal. We always start out with the Buffalo wings, they are really hot, but really great if you like spicy food. We have eaten here so many times and have tried quite a few things. The house salads are great, Fettuccini Alfredo is good, I have had it with chicken and did not like it as much, there burgers are all great.
What outweighs it to me is the fact that for lunch or Dinner I can get on the Monorail which is always great and take it where the stop is in Downtown Disney you are right there, this is a great get away. I have walked to it and it is a 10-15 minute walk if the Monorail is not running. I love sports and this was a must for me and my family. Just make sure one of the local teams is not playing if so it becomes a mad house. Another great thing is Disney Dinning now offers priority seating like they have for most of the other places.
If you love sports, this is a must on your trip!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   November 29, 2008
Reviewer: ralfrick By the SF Bay     December 03, 2008
This normally wouldn't interest me, but the only football team I care about, the Crimson Tide of Alabama, were playing the pure evil of Auburn University, and it seemed better to watch here than in the hotel room. It took a while to sort out our best viewing option. Contrary to what the website had stated, another game was on the big screen, while ours was on one of the smaller screens that surround it. However, we were able to get a booth which had it's own screen and audio feed. Any game on any of the screens could be tuned in at the booth.

Since we had had a late breakfast, it was after halftime before we wanted any food, but there was no problem with that. We had the tailgate platter, which is $40 and includes chicken strips, mini burgers, wings both BBQ and hot, and tortilla chips with various sauces and dips. Don't be fooled by the three small bowls containing red, white and yellow sauces; turns out those are NOT ketchup, mustard and mayo. The mustard and ketchup is in standard bottles, and my first burger was more interesting than I expected. You may want to have a fire extinguisher handy for the hot wings.

The boy's sour apple beverage was like a non-alcoholic whiskey sour, and my cola consumption rose drastically after said hot wings; fortunately, refills were free.

The arcade is upstairs, and we went there at halftime. The main interest was a small hockey rink with a full size goal, randomly moving goalie and actual sticks and pucks which come at you automatically. It must be really embarrassing for a hockey player in his fourth season to be beaten by his born-in-Alabama-and-never-played-the-game-father; good thing no skating was involved. A pinball machine or two would be a good idea, though. The machines don't take coins, you have to buy a pre-loaded card, the cheapest of which is $10 plus a $1 activation fee.

While this is by no means a quiet and relaxing place, it served it's purpose. There was way more food than the three of us needed; fortunately we were in a hotel with a fridge and microwave, so we took what remained when we departed. The bill came with discount cards for the arcade, which by that time was too little too late, so I had the boy take them up for anyone he found standing in line to buy a playing card.
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful
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