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This is a tour for inexperienced Disneyland visitors. The tour shares basic trivia about the parks but also explains how priority seating arrangements work, the inner details of Fastpass, and other tips for getting the most out of a Disneyland visit. Anybody very experienced with Disneyland will probably find it too basic but it can be a great help for anybody a bit overwhelmed by the immensity of options at Disneyland.

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  • Making reservations: Reservations for this tour can be made up to one month in advance by calling (714) 781-4400.
  • Price: $25 for all participants.
  • Discounts: A 20% discount is offered for Deluxe and Premium Annual Pass holders.
  • Admission: Separate theme park admission is required.
  • Transportation: The entire tour is on foot. Participants must transport themselves to and from the park.
  • Rain Policy: Tours are held rain or shine.
  • Photography Policy: Photography is allowed when the tour is in "on stage" locations normally accessible to park guests and any other times indicated by the tour guide.
  • After the tour: At the conclusion of the tour participants will receive two FastPass tickets.
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  • Tour length: Approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Day and Time: The tour is offered daily at around 10:00 a.m. Tour Guide Gardens, next to City Hall, is the starting point. Group size is limited to 20 and there must be at least 2 for the tour to be held. Private tours can be arranged with advance notice.
  • Basic Itinerary: Information about Disneyland and a trip to one or two attractions in the park. Rides selected will vary.

    Information about Disney's California Adventure and one or two attractions in the park. Rides selected will vary.
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  • Access issues: A radio receiver with headphones is provided to each tour participant so that the guide can be heard without effort. The tours should be generally wheelchair and ECV accessible though rides done during the tour may have issues.
  • Walking required: This tour is held entirely on foot and will require walking at least a couple miles.
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  • Age restrictions: There is no minimum age for this tour but keep in mind that it is more than two hours of walking and listening to trivia and information on how to best take in the parks. Know your child's ability to experience this type of activity without becoming distractingly bored.
  • Other issues:
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