World Showcase - United Kingdom

The United Kingdom pavilion brings various periods and architectural styles into a single area. Designers managed to seamlessly build facades that include a Shakeaperean-era thatched-roof cottage, a Hyde Park style outdoor area, as well as Victorian, Tudor, London, and Yorkshire Manor styles. Small touches, from the cobblestone streets and red phone booths to traditional ale and fish and chips, immerse visitors in all that is British.

Although there is no ride attraction here, you can enjoy entertainers such as the British Invasion (which performs Beatles tunes), and the hilarious streetmosphere World Showcase Players, who provide improv comedy in the open area of the pavilion.

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  • Location: The second national pavilion to the right as you enter World Showcase from Future World.
  • Date Opened: 10/1/1982
  • # of Rides and Attractions: 0
  • # of Entertainment and Shows: 2
  • # of Dining Locations: 2
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