Tom Sawyer Island

Make sure you read the classic "The Adventures of Tom Sawyers" by Mark Twain, or at least watch Disney's "Tom and Huck" before you head to the island. You'll enjoy Injun Joe's Cave, the bridges, and the other things on the island much more if you do. Just about any kid would enjoy the fort and the other details.

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  • Location: An island in Rivers of America, rafts to access the island are on the water next to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • Date Opened: 5/20/1973
  • # of Ride Units: Three rafts provide access to the island (two can be operated simultaneously.
  • Ride Capacity: Approximately 70 people per raft, hundreds can be on the islands at the same time.
  • Restraint Method: None
  • Ticket Rating: B Ticket
  • Ride Photo: No
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  • Open/Close: The rafts to Tom Sawyer Island frequently don't begin operating until an hour after the park opens. The island closes at dusk.
  • Wait Times: It is rare to have to wait for more than one raft, generally no more than 15 minutes to get to or from the island.
  • Length of Ride: 2 minutes for the raft to cross Rivers of America, after that it is self-paced.
  • FastPass: No
  • Single Rider: No
  • Queue Description: No queue, just a waiting corral for the rafts.
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  • Health Restriction: None that would prevent any access to the island. Some areas involve navigating small spaces with low ceilings, navigating uneven and unstable surfaces, and climbing stairs.
  • Ride Access: The rafts are wheelchair and ECV accessible and are wide portions of the island. Several areas, however, can not be navigated easily with any mobility impairments.
  • Wheelchair Transfer: Not necessary, but it means some areas of the island will be off limits.
  • Service Animals: Yes
  • Audio: There is none on this attraction.
  • Weight and Size Issues: Narrow and low ceiling caves may create discomfort.
Parenting Information - Hide Section
  • Height Restriction: None
  • Child Swap: No
  • Other Issues:
History and Trivia - Hide Section
  • At this location: Though Tom Sawyer Island was built into the Rivers of America area when the park opened in 1971, it was not fully completed until 1973.
  • The Attraction's History: For the most part the island remains unchanged since it opened in 1973, though minor tweaks and adjustments have been made.
  • Other Trivia:
    • Movie tie-in: For Sam Clemens was renamed Fort Langhorn in 1996 as part of the promotion of Disney's film Tom and Huck.
    • The rafts: Unlike authentic river rafts, Disney's use natural gas engines to get across the river. The three river rafts are named Tom Sawyer, Injun Joe, and Becky Thatcher.
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  • Photo Tour — Brian Bennett did a 2-part tour of the island. Part 1, Part 2.

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