The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror is the first E-Ticket attraction to be added since the park's opening in 2001. Though it may be the best-themed drop ride in the whole world, that is all it is, so if you're a person who will not do a drop ride, seeing the theming may be enough to give it one try. The story is that in 1939 the Hollywood Hotel was the site of a major disaster when a bolt of lightning hit the hotel causing much damage and slipping the occupants of the elevator into another dimentsion. The ride is introduced by Rod Serling in classic Twilight Zone style and then you get into your own elevator. In the process of lifting you up to dropping height, some special effects are used to hide what is happening and then wham…down you go. Since you are in an elevator shaft much of the drop is in the dark, though elevator doors open at points to give a view of how high up you are. The elevator car isn't simply dropped, but instead falls in jerks, including getting pulled back up at times.

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  • Location: At the far back right of Hollywood Pictures Backlot.
  • Date Opened: 5/5/2004
  • # of Ride Units: 3 elevator shafts with 2 elevators per shaft.
  • Ride Capacity: 21 people per elevator.
  • Restraint Method: Seatbelt
  • Ticket Rating: E Ticket
  • Ride Photo: Yes
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  • Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park.
  • Wait Times: Around 30-45 minutes but on busy days it can shoot well beyond an hour. FastPass is strongly recommended.
  • Length of Ride: 4 minutes
  • FastPass: Yes
  • Single Rider: No
  • Queue Description: The queue is strongly themed. The exterior queue is in the garden area of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and then goes inside into a 1930s luxury hotel lobby and other rooms.
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  • Health Restriction: The ride goes through sudden drops and changes of direction. Guests with heart, back, neck, or other conditions that could be exacerbated should not ride. Pregnant women should consider not riding. Guests with a fear of heights may want to consider not riding.
  • Ride Access: The queue is wheelchair accessible but the ride itself is not.
  • Wheelchair Transfer: It will be necessary to transfer from your wheelchair or ECV into one of the seats inside the elevator. Your wheelchair will be waiting for you at the exit from the elevator.
  • Service Animals: No
  • Audio: Audio is used through the ride. Assistive listening devices are available.
  • Weight and Size Issues: There is plenty of leg room between rows and the seats are good sized. Large guests, however, may find the seats a bit tight.
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  • Height Restriction: 40" (102 cm.)
  • Child Swap: Ask the cast member at the entrance to the queue for a rider switch pass. When the rest of your party exits the attraction, two people may return through the Fast Pass entrance.
  • Other Issues: The pre-ride show may get a little spooky for younger riders. The ride has several free-fall moments and you may experience stomach discomfort.
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