Mickey's PhilharMagic

Mickey's Philharmagic is an immense 3D film using the world's largest seamles projection screen (150 feet wide). The Fantasyland Theater was renamed Mickey's PhilharMagic Concert Hall for the 10 minute film, which opened in 2003. The refurbished lobby features scenes from classic Disney animated shorts and features, such as "Toot, Whistle, Plunk & Boom," "Melody Time," and "Fantasia." The star of the show is Donald Duck who makes his way, with disastrous results, through Disney movies in search of Mickey's sorcerer hat. The film marks the first time classic 2D characters were presesnted as 3D computer generated characters. Physical effects are also used during the film, such as water sprays and jets of air.

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  • Location: First attraction on the left as you enter Fantasyland through the castle.
  • Date Opened: 10/8/2003
  • # of Ride Units: 1 theater
  • Ride Capacity: 496 seats (including 10 wheelchair/ECV spaces)
  • Restraint Method: None
  • Ticket Rating: D Ticket
  • Ride Photo: No
  • Sponsor: Kodak
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  • Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park. The final show begins 20 minutes before the park closes. This attraction is open during both morning and evening Extra Magic Hours.
  • Wait Times: Crowding on high attendance days is sufficient that you may have to wait through two showings before finally getting in (more than 40 minutes). FastPass is available, but if the line looks short, it is a judgment call on which to use.
  • Length of Ride: 11 minutes
  • FastPass: Yes
  • Single Rider: No
  • Queue Description: Once you get beyond the outer-most portion of the queue, it is themed to be the lobby of a concert hall. Not too much of interest here, though there are some interesting murals and parody concert posters. It is air conditioned, however, and a nice escape from the heat.
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  • Health Restriction: None
  • Ride Access: ECVs and wheelchairs can navigate the queue and theater without issue; wheelchair/ECV seating is limited to 10 pre show, however.
  • Wheelchair Transfer: Not necessary.
  • Service Animals: Yes
  • Audio: Assistive listening and hand-held captioning devices are available from Guest Services for this attraction.
  • Weight and Size Issues: There is plenty of legroom between seat rows. While the seats themselves are larger than your normal theater seats, they may be uncomfortable for some.
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  • Height Restriction: None
  • Child Swap: No
  • Other Issues:
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  • At this location: This location has been like that storefront in your neighborhood that has been six different pizza parlors over the years. Mickey's Philharmgic is no less than the fourth show to be presented in this location.

    When the park opened in 1971 the theater housed Mickey Mouse Revue, a musical revue show starring animatronic versions of most of the classic Disney characters. This was one of the few completely unique attractions designed for the opening of the Magic Kingdom. The show closed in 1980 and was transported to Tokyo Disneyland in time for that park's opening in 1983. The show still plays there today.

    After the closing of Mickey Mouse Revue, the location was renamed Fantasyland Theater was frequently closed, but showed animated shorts when open. In 1986 Captain EO moved into Epcot and displaced an existing 3D film called Magic Journeys, which was moved into the Fantasyland Theater at Magic Kingdom. This 70mm 3D film looked at exotic locations through a child's eyes and didn't really fit with the Fantasyland theme. While at Magic Kingdom, it was preceded by a 3D Donald Duck short called Working for Peanuts. The run was relatively short, and the show closed in December 1993 to make room for a competely new show: Legend of the Lion King

    Opening July 8, 1994, Legend of the Lion King used complex puppets, precursors to the Broadway version of The Lion King to perform several of the musical numbers from the movie. Legend of the Lion King lasted until February 23, 2002, when it closed to make way for Mickey's Philharmagic.
  • The Attraction's History: No significant changes have been made since the show opened in 2003.
  • Other Trivia:
    • The screen: At 150 feet wide by 28 feet tall, the screen for Mickey's PhilharMagic is the largest seamless projection screen in the world.
    • Donald Duck: Most of Donald Duck's lines are pieced together from old film voiced by Clarence Nash rather than Tony Anselmo, the current voice of Donald.
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  • Mickey Mouse Revue — A detailed description of the show which first inhabited this location.

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