World Showcase - American Adventure

Imagineers decided to use the American Pavilion as the centerpiece and host pavilion for World Showcase. The pavilion was built in the form of a Georgian mansion, built with 110,000 handmade Georgia clay bricks. The Voices of Liberty entertain guests with patriotic and spiritual songs in the best a cappella tradition at the great rotunda on the first floor, while the American Adventure attraction tells the story of the spirit of America through two famous Americans, Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin. The attraction's signature song and film," Golden Dream" depicts great moments in American history. "Golden Dream" continues to evolve. Over the years revisions to the film have kept it's flavor of keeping track with American history both the past and contemporary.

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  • Location: Sixth pavilion to the left as you enter World Showcase from Future World, directly opposite from that entrance.
  • Date Opened: 10/1/1982
  • # of Rides and Attractions: 1
  • # of Entertainment and Shows: 4
  • # of Dining Locations: 3
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