America Gardens Theater

The American Gardens theater is a large stage on the water in the American Adventure pavilion. A variety of shows are held here over the course of the year, with the Candlelight Procession event being the most noteworthy.

General Information - Hide Section
  • Location: On the water side of the American Adventure pavilion.
  • Date Opened: 10/1/1982
  • Capacity: Exact number unknown, but somewhere around 1,000, with more standing room viewing from the walkway of World Showcase.
  • # of Shows: Varies quite a bit depending on what is going on.
  • Characters: None
  • Photos and Autographs: No
Time Commitment Information - Hide Section
  • Wait Times: Crowds don't generally form until the show starts, though this may not be the case for special events.
  • Length of Show: Depends on show
  • FastPass: No
  • Queue Description: None
Access Information - Hide Section
  • Health Restriction: None
  • Ride Access: The theater has designated spaces for wheelchairs and ECVs. The stage can also be seen from the walkway of World Showcase.
  • Wheelchair Transfer: Not necessary
  • Service Animals: Yes
  • Audio: Assistive listening devices are available from Guest Services.
  • Weight and Size Issues: Should be none
Parenting Information - Hide Section
  • Height Restriction: No
  • Child Swap: No
  • Other Issues: Should be none other than the normal ones involving children in any type of theater setting. The area is uncovered so an extra application of sunscreen might be a good idea before sitting down for a performance.

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