This show is permanently closed. This page is retained here for historical interest.

This 18-minute show continues the "happily ever after" story of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Staged in from of Cinderella Castle, the show debuted May 5, 2005, as part of the Happiest Celebration on Earth and is scheduled to run 18 months. The musical show follows Cinderella to her coronation where some famous guests join the festivities. Snow White, Princess Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, and other Disney characters sing new songs in addition to classics. Cinderellabration was adapted from a show originally developed for Tokyo Disneyland in 2003.

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    This show is permanently closed. This page is retained here for historical interest.

  • Location: The show is performed in front of Cinderella Castle.
  • Date Opened: 3/17/2005
  • Date Closed: September 16, 2006
  • Capacity: Several thousand; viewing is from the Central Plaza area in front of Cinderella Castle.
  • # of Shows: Eight shows per day
  • Characters: Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, the Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, and others.
  • Photos and Autographs: Generally the show cast will return backstage once the show is over. An exception, though, is when the stage is wet from rain, then the cast may just come out and sign autographs for a while.
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  • Wait Times: For clear views or to be up front, arrive for the show 15-20 minutes early.
  • Length of Show: 19 minutes
  • FastPass: No
  • Queue Description: None
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  • Health Restriction:
  • Ride Access: The viewing area is just the space in front of Cinderella Castle, wheelchairs and ECVs can't go everywhere other people can, but there is plenty of space. There is no separate area for people who need to be seated during the show, so you'll have to rely on the politeness of those around you to not block your view. Arrive early to help ensure a clear view.
  • Wheelchair Transfer:
  • Service Animals: Yes
  • Audio: Assistive listening devices for this show are available from Guest Services. Sign language interpretation is provided at shows Monday through Thursday to the right of the stage. Arrive early to ensure a good view of the interpretation.
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  • Height Restriction:
  • Child Swap:
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  • At this location: Many shows and events have been held over the years in front of Cinderella Castle. The most recent is Cinderella's Surprise Celebration which was put in place to kick off Magic Kingdom's 30th anniversary celebrations. The show lasted well beyond that celebration and closed February 26, 2005. Officially it is supposed to return in 2006 when the "Happiest Celebration on Earth" for Disneyland's 50th anniversary is completed, but nothing is ever certain until it happens.
  • The Attraction's History: The show is imported from Tokyo Disneyland where it was developed to celebrate that parks 20th anniversary in 2003.
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